The Big Parade marches up and over Echo Park & Silver Lake

A stream of urban hikers and walkers passed through Echo Park and Silver Lake on Saturday on Day 1 of The Big Parade, a walk-hike that covers 40 miles and 80 public stairways from downtown to Griffith Park.  About 500 walkers and hikers are expected  join all or parts of two-day The Big Parade, which also includes some welcome rest stops with speakers, music and other events along the way.  If you missed Saturday’s leg of The Big Parade,  Day 2 of the parade is already in progress this morning as it winds its way through Silver Lake this morning as it heads to its final destination in Griffith Park.

Below are some scenes from Saturday’s Big Parade.


  1. Saw them going strong along Bellevue past the Rampart offramp from the 101 yesterday in the late afternoon.

    • Wow, and did this make you feel good to see all of these happy foreigners invading your space? I missed them, but I do see the trash they left behind on my stairs.

      • Sorry to read that a few inconsiderate participants left your stairs sullied, scholaris. Certainly I enjoyed seeing them, and don’t see them as invasive. Any unfortunate litterbugs aside, as someone who over the years has organized and led group walking and biking events to explore the LA River bridges, South Los Angeles, and East Los Angeles — including walks involving the complete lengths of Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue– it’s as easy for me to appreciate this event as it is for you to disparage it.

        • As organizer of the Big Parade, I can absolutely guarantee that we didn’t leave a single speck of trash on any staircase. We have monitors in our line and two at the end to prevent that. Are stairways dirty? Yes, sometimes. We leave them in better shape than we found them and have helped organize or participate in two stairway cleanups this year, with another planned for National Trails Day this summer.

          Unfortunately, the one thing we can’t clean up are negative trolls and other general jackanapes and ninnies.

          And by the way, we live in your neighborhood – so next time, neighbor, instead of hating us, come out from under your bridge and join us. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

          • Dan is right. The group was a very considerate and civilized bunch who made sure that they didn’t leave anything behind. Thanks to Dan and the other organizers who made this such an interesting and successful event. I’m sure everyone ended up sunburned and sore, but it was well worth it. Looking forward to the next Big Parade!

  2. The term “urban hiker” makes me want to vomit.

    • In this case, it’s appropriate. It is urban, and way more than just a “walk” — 40 miles over two days, up and down a bunch of stairs, up to Griffith Observatory. I think anything that gets people out to see the city at the ground level is good for LA.

      This is nothing like the phony “Urban Taco Fabricators” that turned a lot of stomachs in a long-ago post. There’s no pretense in “urban hiker” (provided you’re really doing a substantial portion of the overall route).

  3. are you people really complaining that some people went out and enjoyed the neighborhood? this blog should be called the Grinch-Sider.

  4. Michael, I was being sarcastic with clueless.

  5. Did you happen to visit the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Tract?

    • Unfortunately, I can’t stomach going by the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Tract these days – not knowing how beautiful it used to be; Landacre’s “Sultry Day” has given way to “Condo Days.” Yuck.

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