The mean streets of Silver Lake

Pity the  Priuses and Audi wagons of Silver Lake.  An L.A. Times story on the poor condition of the city’s streets proved what many Silver Lake motorists already know: the neighborhood’s streets are among the worst in the city. In fact,  more than half of  Silver Lake’s streets earned an “F” grade (the lowest possible) by the city’s Bureau of Street Services. The definition of an “F” street: “Major or unsafe cracking, 36% to more than 50% of street base failure. Resurfacing or reconstruction required.”

The story points out that a combination of old concrete streets and the city’s system of road repair, which puts streets in need of the most extensive and costly repairs at the bottom of the list, helps explain Silver Lake’s poor road conditions.

An interactive map that accompanies story allow residents to check out the grades attached to their streets. Other poorly performing neighborhoods:

  • Mt. Washington: 50% of streets earned an “F” grade
  • Atwater Village: 44% of streets earned an “F grade
  • Echo Park: 36% of streets earned an “F” grade


  1. One can believe it, trundling over the tree-root-buckled, earthquake-cracked, offroad experience that is Descanso. 🙂

  2. Just take a cruise up Benton Way. They replaced the sewer lines months ago and left the street tore up. Still today. It’s awesome. And it’s totally not the worst street! I Love LA??

  3. Stay the course LA. Keep electing union puppets who give those juicy benefits incongruent with private sector benefits! No money for street services but the union has plenty money to fund political campaigns! Really want to get pissed off? Look into the “DROP” program the police and fire unions have. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!


  4. I’m not sure how accurate this data is. My street got an F, and it’s not that bad. There are no potholes and I can drive through it normally. Whereas many the F streets in Silver Lake really are bad, and it’s like the Indiana Jones Disneyland ride. Also it says some of the streets were last inspected over 10 years ago, and I know that some of them have been repaved since then.

  5. Pushing highway speeds upon a lot of these neighborhood streets over the years hasn’t helped either. Silver Lake Blvd. south of Sunset is the worst… the city should repave and extend the road diet / bike lanes south a ways (at least to the red line stop at Beverly/Vermont per the bike plan.)

  6. It appears this map was drawn with the assumption that any concrete paving immediately gets an F. Some of our concrete streets are fine, some are not, but not all are an F. I was surprised to see Glendale Blvd south of Silverlake Blvd gets a C. The mixed pavements, patches, and the concrete strip of repair are some of the worst in the area.

  7. I live on Griffith Park Blvd. and its certainly not F worthy. Not great but no F. Then my poor friend has to travel up Delongpre from Hyperion every day, and as she says, it’s a Z(ed). Sometimes I think my car might get lost in those pot holes!

    • So your car has to bottom out in a pot hole to receive an “F”? This isn’t supposed to be on the Mexico grading scale.

  8. Isn’t it nice that Eric Garcetti,s part of Hidalgo Ave where he lives is an “A” while the rest is an “F”

  9. Shocker!!!

    Its amazing when the city repaved Glendale but stopped at Riverside when that corner has been jacked up for years!

    Someone mentioned buckled streets. Yea. how about going up Angus?

    I have seen Los Feliz get new asphalt twice. In fact around King Middle school the streets are getting done again.

    I have been in Silver Lake for 10+ years and the streets I have lived on have never been touched. Easterly Terrace, Tracy Terrace, India. None!

    Guess the city is in cahoots with the local shock mechanics.

  10. While I certainly dislike driving over the broken concrete streets in Silver Lake, one positive effect might be that it slows down traffic. I have to slow to well below the speed limit in some sections (like on Glendale near the Red Lion). As a frequent walker/jogger/hiker in such a walkable neighborhood filled with Very Important People in extreme haste executing critical tasks in expensive cars equipped with distracting communication equipment, I sometimes wish the potholes were BIGGER.

  11. Yeah, I routinely ride my bike from my home in SL into either Los Feliz or Echo Park and there is a vast improvement in those areas respective streets. Silver Lake streets are positively bone jarring when riding a bike, it’s so frustrating

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