Thieves strike as man walks around Silver Lake reservoirs

A man walking around the Silver Lake reservoirs last night said he was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground by three men who demanded his phone. The  Silver Lake man refused, and the thieves made off with his headphones instead.  Now, the man, who was robbed at West Silver Lake Drive and Hawick Street at about  8 p.m., wants to alert others who take evening walks around the reservoir:

Warn people to be careful at the reservoir in Silver Lake. Tonight at around 8pm, I was walking with my headphones on when I was grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground by three young guys. They started yelling at me to give up my cell phone but I held onto it. They ended up grabbing my headphones and ran. I was fortunate because I was only left with some bloody scrapes on my knees and a cut on my neck – most likely from when they grabbed my headphones.

A person who witnessed the incident drove after the guys but they quickly got into a silver/gray car, possibly a Honda, and drove away. Another two women who witnessed it stayed behind. They said the men were either in their teens or early 20’s and Latino. They wore dark clothes and hoodies. This has been reported to the police.


  1. Chase them down. Robbery should carry the death penalty.

  2. Good for you for not giving your phone up. What these punks don’t realize is that some of us are armed. Bring it on thieves, you’ll get whats coming to ya.

    • At the risk of drawing Keyless Chuck’s disdain, I’m going to respectfully offer an alternate point of view. I understand and respect the victim’s impulse to stand up against these thugs, but I’ll draw the line at applauding it. In refusing to surrender his phone he put himself at risk for greater injuries or worse. I’m certainly relieved it didn’t come to that and the victim only endured minor injuries from the initial assault and battery, but from where I stand knowing people who’ve been shot for refusing to give up their wallet no personal property is worth what could potentially be so a high price to pay.

      • Agreed. No phone, wallet, car or other property is worth losing your life over. If some punks are willing to rob someone at 8pm, who knows what else they’re capable of doing or what they’re carrying.

        Scary that this is happening is such a popular area and so close to when the sun barely goes down. There are parts of the reservoir that are super dark though, they should look into installing solar panels to light up the darkest parts of the track.

        • Some people surrender and some people fight back, it’s a personal choice, not saying one way or the other is right for everyone.

    • Yeah okay… armed while taking a jog around the reservoir. LOL you douche!

      • Rick, Come and find out when and with what I am armed before you start sharing your douche with everyone.

        These guys are just punk kids, he knew that and knew not to pussy out like you guys would have. Not to say they these punks wouldn’t try the same tactic again but I think they’ll rather go back to spraying walls then get dissed again!

  3. Sound like it was just spontaneous kids. If you were seriously getting mugged they would’ve took that phone right out of your hands and ignored the headphones. Not trying to downplay the incident but I don’t think there needs to be an alert or warning.

    • It’s the second one in two weeks running around the path at 8pm. not 2am. kind of brazen. Maybe an increased police presence during peak after work hours would help deter.

    • Wow no alert needed until someone is raped or killed I suppose, maybe if this happens to you you’ll change your mind.

      • exactly! why wait? let’s prevent situations such as this by doing the bare minimum (issuing alerts and warnings).

        with the amount of security cameras and camera phones in the area, identifying criminals shouldn’t be that tricky. others will think twice when news like this is followed up with an arrest.

    • Spontaneous kids? Yuk.

  4. michael castro

    If you walk at night DON’T wear headphones they make you an easy target because you’re not aware of you surrondings use common sense.

    • I ride my bike all over town and only wear one ear bud. I’ve tried reaching people wearing both ear buds and they are unreachable. I think you put yourself at an unnecessary risk w both earbuds in in a busy city.

  5. I had my car window smashed in about a month ago (I was parked by the reservoir along silver lake blvd) some time between 7:30 and 9:00. Nothing was taken (nothing to take was in my car), but it was pretty brazen given the time. I think an increased police presence is needed there.

  6. Why didn’t you just out run them?

  7. So us middle-aged women with late work hours have to give up our workouts. Ugh, I’ve been running this reservoir for 20 years now but will have to stop, I guess. Even if I could afford a gym membership, I prefer the company of all the dogs and the herons and the open air, to CNN and sweaty bodies six inches away from me. Thanks to LAPD for the heads-up yesterday.

  8. This perks up every year or two but there are far more targets of opportunity since they were stupid enough to open up the meadow and make the walking path attractive to low lifes that can’t afford to live in Silver Lake. I am careful when I take my walks. I also won’t fell sorry for the scum I will instantly DROP if I am accosted.

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