City Attorney seeks court injunction against six Echo Park area gangs

Approximate boundaries of area that would be covered by proposed gang injunction.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said today his office is seeking a court injunction designed to limit the activities of six rival gangs across much of Echo Park, Elysian Valley as well as a portion of Silver Lake .

The injunction, if approved, would prohibit about 300 gang members from associating with each other in public, possessing firearms and narcotics as well as intimidating or harassing residents within a nearly four-square-mile “safety zone, which would stretch roughly from Coronado Street and Silver Lake Boulevard on the west, the Los Angeles River on the north,  Elysian Park and Dodger Stadium on the east and First Street and Beverly Boulevard on the south.

“This injunction will be an important too in curbing the escalating activity of these six rival gangs and bringing peace to our neighborhoods,” Trutanich said in a statement.

The gangs targeted in the injunction include Big Top Locos, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frogtown and Headhunters.

Similar injunctions against gang activities already apply to areas south, west and north of  Echo Park, according to the city attorney.  In December 2008, a judge approved an injunction against the Temple Street gang that has been active across the southern portions of Echo Park and Silver Lake.

An August 21 court hearing has been scheduled for the injunction.

Click here for a copy of the proposed injunction.

Crime, including gang-related shootings,  in Echo Park  and surrounding neighborhoods has fallen over the years as it has across the city. But many trouble spots remain and gangs members remain entrenched in certain areas.

“I will say, there has been an uptick in gang activity, graffiti and violent crime by the criminal street gang known as the Crazys,” said Capt. Jeffrey Bert of the LAPD Northeast Division. ” They hang out on Benton Way.  I have been saturating that area with cops lately resulting in a couple arrests for vandalism and a recovery of a handgun from a gangster off of Mohawk in the last two weeks.”

Another problem area is Elysian Valley, where gang members are suspected of several recent robberies and assaults on the L.A. River pathway.  The most recent incident took place on Saturday, June 15 when an 18-year-old male was robbed near Shoredale Avenue, said Bert.

“He was walking listening to his headphones at about 1 am,when three or four possible Frog Town Gang Members jumped him, punched him, and took his stuff,” Bert said via email.  “I will continue to put uniformed and non-uniformed resources down on the river walk, but I am really concerned that folks are just unaware of the criminal element down there, gangsters, drug sales, and thugs.”


  1. like, totally. thumbs up for trutanich!

  2. Wait so without the injunction it’s okay for the gang members to possess firearms and narcotics as well as intimidating or harassing residents? Totally for it, just seems like some of that should already be illegal, right?

    • An injunction will mean harsher penalties for those associated, the legality of each offense prior to the injunction is not in question.

    • My sister( we are old time latino residents) rented our old family home to some nice yuppie hipster ladies, and the scumbag gang lady and her husband next door have started threatening them. I feel like going over an pummeling the dude, but I have to keep it legal. But what can I do legally?



    • New owner of Mohawk & reservoir

      Awww. Someone with bad grammar and a broken caps lock key sounds scared. Bye bye scummy.

      • Ahhhh a new owner of something… .go back!!!

        • New owner of Mohawk & reservoir

          fat chance johnny! you’re the one moving out! If you don’t the LAPD will soon do it for you.

      • Kissy el Oso Beso

        @New owner of Mohawk & reservoir

        How wonderfully condescending. Your secret is safe with us. Do you call all brown people “scummy,” or do you reserve such bigotry for anonymous posts on websites?

        • New owner of Mohawk & reservoir

          Nice try making this about race. “Scummy” is short for scumbag which is not a racial term. This is about gang behavior. No one cares whether a gang member is brown, white or purple. We care that they are vandalizing, assaulting, and shooting. We want the actions stopped not the people. I am proud to to live in a multi-ethnic community that is full of hardworking responsible people from different backgrounds and economic classes, and am glad we are banding together to remove the cancer of gang violence from our beautiful neighborhood. Do you not feel the same?

    • You’re wrong. Just like so many before you who have been gentrified out of their neighborhood before you. You think poverty corrupts a system? Just wait and see what money does to it. It’s hard to beat a bunch of rich, white ladies who have nothing better to do than call the cops every time they see something they don’t like, or call parking enforcement every time a car stays parked in front of their house for too long or call health and human services when you leave trash in your yard or call the humane society when your dog won’t stop barking. You will slowly be priced out of the neighborhood as will all of the rest of the gangs. Until then, feel free to keep scribbling on the walls like it changes anything and we’ll continue to treat you like children who need to be taught a lesson.

      • Taggers are cowards

        Haha! I live near Mohawk & Reservoir and have been a “victim” of the Crazy’s “tagging” for some time. Once they started tagging trees — seriously, who tags a TREE!? — I made it a point to find out exactly who these punks were.

        I bet no one would be surprised to find out these taggers are pimple-faced teenage boys barely finished with puberty. I finally “caught” two of the taggers on a Wednesday afternoon when I came home early from work and found them nervously glancing around, spray paint in hand. I got out of my car and told them I’d call the cops if they didn’t beat it. Unsurprisingly, they bolted.

        Keep in mind I’m a 100lb, 20-something woman no taller than 5’1″. I’m probably the least intimidating person in the neighborhood.

    • You have nothing to offer society besides your absence. It will be soon, and most welcome.

    • Wait, is this for real? A gangster making an experience on a blog? Talk about street cred..

      • Those chodes are always on here commenting when there’s a post about the gangs. And they always say the same BS … “we were here first and we aint going nowhere so get used to it”. I’m embarrassed for them, the fools.

    • Echo Park resident

      Oh lovely! You must be the little asshole who tagged the trees in front of my house and repeatedly tag my neighbor’s fence! I’ll be glad when you all are gone. We are normal people just trying to live our lives. Keep us, and our property, out of your little turf wars. Go back to school. Do something useful with yours

    • Then I guess I’m “against you” and your terrible spelling. You little idiots are so tough until you are somebody’s b*tch in prison. What, your daddy didn’t pay enough attention to you? Do you think he snuck over the border for you to be a tool? You guys can’t even shoot straight or confront someone one to one. You need 4 guys just to rob someone on a jogging path.

    • diamond st cop killas

  4. Along with the harsher penalties it allows LAPD to stop and questions any group of 2 or more, or 3 or more I can’t be sure right now, within the parameters set by the gang injunction if they suspect they are gang members. This opens up the entire community, not just gang members, to unnecessary stop and frisks.

    I figured we had seen the last of gang injunctions as I just saw flyers posted throughout Hollywood a few weeks back stating that a class action lawsuit had been filed against the city over violations of rights in several different gang injunctions.

  5. We don’t give a fuck….CRAZYS!!!!

    • Before you kill yourself, please take a few of your fellow gang members with you

    • you know whats funny? If you really didn’t give a fuck why don’t you write what ever you write on the walls on to your face?

      you guys remind me of my dog when I go out for walks and he marks his spot for other dogs to come and smell and mark theirs. Anyone see the diffrence?

      Looser’s come wash my car.

    • “Crazys”? That’s the best name you could think of? You are one step away from being in a Sondheim musical.

  6. an injunction is useless unless someone actually enforces it!

  7. Interesting to note that a different City Attorney will be representing the city by the time of the hearing. Trutanich has what, 2 weeks left?

  8. Can live with “…This opens up the entire community, not just gang members, to unnecessary stop and frisks…”.

    Have nothing to hide, like my old ‘hood safe and quiet. Locos, vatos, cholos, cholitos y cholitas may exit.

    • El Dandy makes a very good and important point for the entire community to consider but I would change “unnecessary” stops and frisks to “unconstitutional.”

      Under the proposed injunction, some residents are apparently all too ready to submit to such detentions and searches, and I can appreciate that. While I, too, have nothing to hide (and unless old and white are characteristics of gang membership I’ll never be mistaken for one), it can be only all too easy under such an actionable mandate for peace officers to push the boundaries and and encroach upon rights.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll always be a bit less willing and more uncomfortable whenever it comes to surrendering the protections from unreasonable search and seizure guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

      • I got nothing to hide either. But that still doesn’t mean I want to stop and explain myself to a cop who has no business asking me what the hell me and a friend are doing walking the down street.

      • Based on your profile photo and those awesome wraparound cycling shades, I doubt you’re in danger of being stopped for looking like a gang member. Just sayin.

      • I have to agree here. I too acknowledge I wouldn’t be stopped for suspected gang activity due to my looks, but concerns me that promising young men from families in the neighborhood (vs gangbangers) might be stopped and subjected to potentially aggressive searches & questioning simply for walking around with a couple friends – it will breed a fear of the police in them which isn’t a good thing. As much as I am glad the city is stepping up their approach to gangs in Echo Park – nobody likes being afraid to walk outside of their apartment because of the people who are loitering outside of it – I really hope this is carried out fairly. This is one step shy of heading down a slippery slope.

  9. the gentrification ban-hammer is about to be swung.

    bye bye banditos.

  10. Does this include ExP?

    Or have they just sold their brand to a hipster clothing/lifestyle company which is omg such a good idea.

    Why be in a gang when you can sell out for $$$?

    Where is the private equity when you need it?

  11. not sure how I feel about this. in one respect, I don’t like the idea that innocent men could be harassed; or the notion of racial profiling. this goes against my principals.

    but on the other hand I am extremely tired of the gang presence. I have lived here for longer than some of those guys have been alive, and I can remember when it was really bad. being messed with on the street, having guns and drugs stashed in my yard, being mad dogged, violence on my property, the oppressive presence of gang tags everywhere, murders on my street,… but I have kids and maybe this will be the straw that breaks the camels back. guess we’ll see.

  12. :This is our hood,we come here regardless of we live here or not,we meet here during the week and weekends,it doesn’t matter if we are pushed out by snoby racist,we’re going to keep up the violence and gragr

    • Echo Park resident

      Not wanting our neighborhood overrun with gang violence doesn’t mean we’re racist — itj ust mean we’re civilized and solve our problems with words instead of guns. There’s a lot of young families in Echo Park. I don’t blame people for wanting to make sure their streets are safe and free from scum.

      Got get an education. You’ll have a better life ahead of you if you do.

      • Echo park has always been gangs… stupid people that move in and demand change… Obviousally craime free is better and desired, but only people like you move to the ghetto and expect it to be safe. Try the palasades.

        • New owner of Mohawk & reservoir

          Try learning to spell.

        • Crime in LA is way down; everywhere. In the last 20 years, murder has fallen by 2/3s. The city, and its neighborhoods, do change. Crime is down in echo park too.
          Echo Park did not used to be gangs. It used to be the location of the first film studios. Then, it fell on hard times, as did a lot of LA, with a corresponding increase in gang activity and general violence. And things are now shifting the other way.
          Look around, Johnny. Gentrification has already happened. A major drop in crime has already happened. It’s the bangers who are living in the past. People are going to keep moving in and are going to ask “why shouldn’t there be less crime?” And they are going to demand it of City Hall, and they’ll get it. Change doesn’t happen without demanding it. The residents of the neighborhood wont’ passively accept crime and gang activity any more.

        • Echo Park resident

          So the Latino families who aren’t involved in gangs who have been living here for years should move away because they’re demanding safety?

          My family lived in Echo Park since the 60s. They are Hispanic and NOT involved in gangs. Why should we have to put up with this crap any longer because you and your thug friends demand it?

          Asking for safety isn’t racism.

  13. As an original California Youth Authority baby, this one is really putting the icing on the cake! Since when is mad dogging a crime, or a harden look! During slavery they would put iron mask on slaves,but couldn’t take the look out of the eyes. I have a hardened look due to years of incarceration.To me this injunction is really to rid of certain types of people or make it hard for us, as certain types parade around here like its the thing to do. This injunction makes me feel uncomfortable when I go down to the laundromat, and I see a person trying to figure me out! Now I feel obligated to give him a friendly gesture or smile although I don’t feel like it, so therefore he or she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Wow, how the system accommodates certain types! This 2013 stuff is a trip! Hey, but as long as the system can get others to discriminate against their undesirable foes, then once they are gone your type maybe subjected to the same persecution. Furthermore Internet bangers, knocking your own raza in front of the whole world. Every side of town got this injunction to accommodate others who feel we are not desirable to their kind and think its funny! This is a sad situation, but yet we claim 13:/ … Some big dogs definitely need to step in and clean up this mess! And if know one give a crap, they should not be on this site and should be doing berpies in the SHU somewhere in Pelican Bay, or Corcoran 4/A1 right! Lets get real! EXP

    • Scholaris, surely you can’t believe that this gang injunction arose due to racism. There are plenty of law-abiding Latino residents of Echo Park who are fearful of gangs and tired of the violence, tagging, and all the other ills that come with gangs. What do you propose as a solution to the issue? What do you feel can be done so that gangs don’t intimidate and victimize all of the law-abiding, peace-loving residents of the 90026? I’ll take for granted that you believe education and increased job opportunities are important, as well as programs for the area’s youth; what else do you recommend?

      • Parents to do their jobs!

      • James, it took me a couple of days to brain storm and come up with an answer of what else can be done other than education, jobs, and programs for youth…
        How getting gang intervention programs, that are funded by the city to do their jobs and get involved. Maybe set up some charitable sports event among rivals, or start targeting this area for their intervention programs, instead of only the real Eastside . Or even hiring people from our area to get involved, instead of the money or the positions they have not to go to waste. I mean if they don’t fill those position then I suppose they loose the money or may not get funded again, they might even loose their program as a whole right. I don’t know one guy from EXP that works for any of these programs.
        It seems the easier outlet is for the community to throw my type under the bus as opposed to trying to help. Lets face it gang injunction is not going to fix the problem but yet, gang prevention may subdue the situation and may help change of attitude from optimism

    • Scholaris: I understand what you’re saying. I have no judgments against you or anyone else who has a “history.” it must be really hard to have to deal with that on a daily basis. this is one of the reasons that I have reservations about the whole thing. I honestly believe that everyone deserves a chance and that everyone has good in them (well, most everyone).

      at the same time, you can imagine the frustration when you have to explain to your 5 year old why we just saw 3 guys shooting at another guy. or why that ambulance is picking up the bloody man. it makes me sad that people get trapped in a vicious cycle that ultimately brings them negative outcomes; but it also makes me sad about my kids being exposed to violence. ultimately, this isn’t a good situation for anyone. I wish all parties involved nothing but the best.

    • Maybe as you start giving smiles and friendly gestures more often, you won’t mind it so much. And you’ll get more smiles and friendly gestures back. If everyone in the neighborhood gave each other more smiles or friendly gestures, would that really be so bad?

    • Oh the sacrifice! I cant imagine how hard it is to now feel obligated to smile at your fellow neighbors. How dare people expect civility from their neighbors. The thing is That’s how we create a community with less problems- We get to know each other, we become friendly. You should wipe that cholo-sin-barrio/i’m smelling caca/bitter at life look off your face. Try smiling at people, it does wonders.

      • how ironic! you are asking someone to be nice by ridiculing them in a rather ruthless and unfriendly tone. perhaps you should take some of your own advice. and relax a little…

    • … “Now I feel obligated to give him a friendly gesture or smile although I don’t feel like it, so therefore he or she doesn’t feel uncomfortable”…

      I have to do it to you as I pass you in public. If I fail, you assume I have a problem with you. Then you’re offended. Then you feel disrespected. Now there’s a problem, and I’m somehow the asshole that caused it.

      Y’know what..? I don’t feel like it. That’s not an excuse for being rude. Life is just better when people in public are nice. Even when they don’t feel like it. Isn’t this obvious?

      Be well.

  14. micheal salizar

    I’ve watched the city do anything desperate to stop the Echo Park Locos (EXP) Gang. About 6 different squad cars would roll around the block by my home every damn day trying to catch one of these guys try to get from one destination to another.

  15. Those particular gangs have been around for decades. (Except for Crazys, that started about 25 years ago when I was at King Jr. High.) Grew up with a lot of friends in those gangs. A few of those friends have grown up and moved on, others — as cliche as it sounds — dead or in jail. It leads nowhere. Squandered life. But the people living it can’t see anything beyond the present and their little neighborhood. Such a narrow world view. Such a pity. Not sure how to break the cycle but it’s definitely one cycle that needs to be broken; the community loses, the city loses, and even though they don’t see it when they’re in the moment, the gangbangers lose too.

    • The best thing you can do for those people is to literally force them to move out by raising the rent. They’ll be dispersed so somewhere else where they will be forced to adapt and use their brains in the process. Step on the their necks with gang injunctions. It is the best thing for them.

  16. Why don’t they include the parents in the injunction who raise their children to be gang members.
    This injunction is the best think to come to Echo Park in years.

  17. I read the 16 pages of the injunction and was impressed. This is the proper way to deal with gangs, rather than waiting until they hurt, disable, destroy and/or murder one another. The gang rivalries have terrible consequences. This will be a chance for all of us–the community and gang members alike–to enjoy a safer community.

  18. Big Top Locos, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frogtown and Headhunters—–

    Probably the most homo-erotic boys clubs names I have ever heard. Whoever came up with these names definitely aren’t straight! I guess they call them “gang bangers” for a reason!

  19. Well it is another symptom of urban colonization. The more “enlightened” branch of the entitled ownership class rolls into a previously marginalized working class neighborhood on the heels of struggling artists and musicians, The owners start opening restaurants, buying up vintage craftsman homes and using LAPD to cleanse the area of all those who don’t share Starfleet values or demographics. Starfleet values, Borg practices.

    It has been happening in one form or another throughout history. It’s just that now the Conquerors wear Tom’s and practice Yoga on the broken backs of the “savages.”

    • Don’t you have a Trail of Tears you can go cry on? Nobody cares, crybaby. It’s 2013, We The People of Progress do not wish to live in a 3rd world place. It’s time for you to leave along with your gang sympathizers and crime enablers.

    • New owner of Mohawk & reservoir

      Pattern, I generally agree with Shteeve and disagree with you.

      But I do have to give you a hand on a terrific Star Trek: TNG analogy. Well done.

    • Heaven forbid we should want less crime! Oh and small businesses moving in creating jobs and stimulating the economy! nooooooooooo!

    • Pattern, I think you should go back to being a full-time trekky and leave these issues for the adults to solve.

  20. Sandra Figueroa

    No need for gang injunction in Echo Park! An informational meeting is being organized.

    • When is this taking place and where? I would like to be there, I am on the injunction list. Please, advise me Sandra. Thank you,

  21. echo park area has always had a junction you fuckin idiots,cops have been enforcing it but there is new gang members daily in all the gangs named above, junction does not stop anyone from commiting a crime they just cant be seen in groups of 3,i see everyone talking about junction but aint aware of the rules and regulations,trutanich and garccetti talk about they helped remove crime from echo park to silver lake but I never saw them walking around my niehborhood so they are no one to judge if they are not born and raised in the nieborhoods,but in conclusion FUCK HIPSTERS because of them trying to move in on everyones nieborhood it happened,we are natives and we aint about to give up our property to build another coffee shop or vintage store

    • Your days are numbered. Enjoy your soy latte.

    • @ DontWory,

      It’s an INjunction not a junction. The junction is in Silver Lake at sunset and santa monica.

      And I think you are meaning to say “don’t worry” in your moniker… notice the spelling sweetie?

      You would know all of these handy little secrets had you stayed in school rather than spraying a wall.

    • You’re not really a native if you’ve only been here but one generation. You can leave to go elsewhere just like previous generations.

  22. Anybody hear the 5 gunshots yesterday morning around 3:45am near oak glen bridge and Allesandro? Call those in ASAP – diall 911 and they will transfer you to the North Central Police Dept. These people couldn’t care less if a stray bullet came into your home and killed you or your children, we must do everything we can to get rid of these lowlifes.

  23. Try to lock us all up for nothing and our children as well, here come the henchmen paid by societies elite classes. Pathetic way of a selfishly governed society! Come take the EXP out of Echo Park, water it down and take all the seasoning out the hood and your problems will still remain. It still isn’t going to bring you happiness, you’ll start looking for shadows where isn’t even trees! Who next? The hippies and hipsters ?I thought hipsters were cool, what’s happening here? I oppose gang injunction …West Side ECHO X PARQUE

    • Seasoning is culture, different people living together in PEACE. Nobody would miss you if you were gone, we would rejoice at not having to be woken up at 4am at the sound of your gunshots or waste our time and money painting over your PISS that you call your gang tag. YOU are selfish in that you think everyone needs to SEE you or KNOW that you are here by tagging your name on someone’s fence or wall. YOU are the pathetic one so insecure that you have to carry on some fight that your grandfather started only hating someone because you were brought up being told to hate them. My tax dollars pay for these cops and I’m am not an elite. Stopping the gangs has NOTHING to do with people’s personal happiness but everything to do with our RIGHT to be safe in our persons. The Hipsters don’t go around vandalizing property and shooting up the place, these things are ILLEGAL and if they started to do these things YES WE WOULD EXILE THEM AS WELL. Bu Byeeeee.

  24. scholaris, it’s not the people that we all hate, it’s the behavior. The tagging, intimidation, fighting and shooting. It’s that behavior we want to stop. If you think echo park needs that stuff to have a good ‘seasoning’ then you are simply wrong. And sooner or later that point of view will get you incarcerated, killed or displaced. You’ve lived your life by exp rules, and where the heck has it gotten you?

    Its true that an injunction does not create the jobs and opportunities that need to be available to gang members so they can try and turn their lives around. and those oportunities need to happen if we are going to make a real dent in the gang cycle for the city at large. but it is a needed measure to improve the safety and quality of our neighborhood.

  25. If you guys really feel intimidated go for it, after all this is a free country right? Just don’t have those cops pulling me over when I am with my kids, for profiling me as an ese! You are entitled to your own opinions;although,this is what us Americans for! I mean freedom without profiling, right? Well, I have my grandfathers metals in my box from world war two

    • OOOH NOOO! It’s been revealed. He reproduced. 🙁

    • but Scholaris, it’s not random profiling, you have admitted and are proud of being EXP.

      • Did I say I was proud? Well, maybe the way I was schooled in my mind, I feel I am from a half ass decent neighborhood. Not classless nor anything of the sort.
        After all it did stem from pachuccos’ that had some kind of stylo! I still iron my clothes and remain clean with some kind of dignity.

  26. Where were these injunctions back in the 90’s when it was nothing but brown people and much higher crime in E.P. ? …. I’m no gang sympathizer but I’m also not a big pussy who assumes everyone just because a certain way they look is out to Get me….. Don’t move to a known “hood” and expect it to be like your sheltered Midwest/Eastern towns.

    • If you have a problem with change, progress, and safety, there is a 3rd world country pretty close to LA that I can refer you to if you want to keep living out your wild west fantasy.


    All you bunch of white cry babys need to shutup and deal eith it a gang injunction aint gonna do shit but 10 days in the county jail you pricks ill do 10 days upside down dorks hahaha you guys think you scare us call the cops its all good we careless dont be surprised when you all wake up and cant go to work dur to flat tires punks my neighborhood and i aint going no where hahahahahaha either you with us or against us and against us aint nice bye……….

    • Latina Homeowner

      Why would you assume all of us are white? This is Echo Park. There are plenty of latinos and that hate you fools too. Enjoy those 10 day sentences, I’m sure you have lots of them coming. 😀

    • MOHAWK&RESERVOIR and all you other sad-ass so-called “gangsters”,

      Go take your anger out on your dead beat dad. It’s not our fault he didn’t hang around to raise you properly.

      By the way, you don’t scare us with your hollow threats. We can replace our tires. You, on the other hand, have already fucked your life up beyond repair. pathetic!

      • This is something an entitled yuppie jerk would say. ^

        • Why actually no, Kelly. I’m not an entitled yuppie as you say. I am a person who lives in and is heavily invested in Echo Park. Being an owner of several rental properties, I would prefer see gangs be filtered out of our neighborhood so it is a safer, more pleasant place to live. Call me crazy, but I’m not a huge fan of being abruptly awakened by gun fire. And if calling out a coward gangster makes me a jerk, well okay. But it is me who wins in the end. Jerk tittle and all!

    • Hahaha! these pussy ass foos don’t drive that’s bad for the environment. we’re gonna have to Jack their bikes

  28. I don’t love the gangs but you yuppies arguing here with them are absolutely the worse.
    And to the douche that brought up Sodheim – go frak yourself.
    The gangs suck but you entitled yuppies are actually more annoying.
    The gangs kept to themselves before you jerk offs got here. Now I am stuck with a bunch of annoying entitled whiteys cluttering up the streets.
    I moved here to avoid you turds.
    Now Westwood has come to me.
    Yes, you think you are just wonderful but you are just generic and awful.

    • @Kelly

      The gangs kept to themselves?

      Ask anybody that’s ever been hit by a stray bullet if they agree with you. Ask any business owner who’s been extorted if the gangs kept to themselves. Ask anyone who’s had to repaint their property over and over if the gangs kept to themselves. Ask the family of any innocent killed by a gang if the gangs kept to themselves.

      Sorry, you’re the one that’s bland and generic. As well as a boring and predictable simple minded racist. You want to live in a whitey-free ghetto? San Bernardino awaits.

      • Scholaris @ blame game ep

        Windowpane, throw that shit out the window! Is windowpane the stuff you are on. I would ask you to help make a bigger difference around here, but I don’t think your brain span is large enough to deal with the problems we have in this community. If you don’t have any positive suggestions, keep your simplicity to yourself you narrow minded person! Old school wisdom, straight off the fifth tier level 4 Folsom state penitentiary on mine,for the lifers doing all day on a petty strike! V EXP

      • How long have you lived here? Because I have never heard of anyone getting killed by a stray bullet? Our gang violence has always been pretty accurate. Also the city pays to clean up the graffiti, not the home owners.
        What you just wrote wasn’t even based in reality.
        I have lived here long enough to see how white people act when it comes to being around the mexicans. You all are scared for no reason. You automatically assume that they are out to getcha’! Not true.
        But yes, from what I can tell now a lot of the Mexicans do hate you. Because a lot of white people moved into this neighborhood and acted like idiots and racists. I have seen it for myself since this grand gentrification started back in ’99.
        You want to live in the inner city? Then be prepared for all that comes with living in the inner city. In any inner city.
        This is not the white suburbs you are used to, I understand, but wise up, get street smart and respect people who are different than you.
        You all act entitled because you don’t even try to understand where your neighborhood has come from, you just try to stomp all over it and “improve” it. These “improvements” aren’t all that great. This neighborhood was awesome before you got here, believe it or not. We all liked it. No one was moving out- everyone has been moving in for over a decade.
        You yuppies did not improve this neighborhood. It was pretty great all along.

        • SquiggleySpooch

          I don’t know if anyone has been killed by a stray bulled, but there was a shooting in broad daylight back in December and a man was shot in the ass with his wife and son in the car … here is the Eastsider article


          and the guy that was shot commented:

          Hello my name is Tyler, I’m the victim that was shot last night at Berkeley and Mohawk. I wasn’t the only one in the car, it was my wife and my 10 month year old son. He had just left my cousins birthday party and walked out onto the street where my car was parked. While I was putting my son in his car seat, I noticed a Hispanic male in a grey sweater walking around us just starting, walking up and down sidewalk. As my son was put in the car seat I told my wife to get in the car and I walked over to the drivers side to get in, before I got in the car I saw a black sedan car rolling up on us on the side of us. 5 or 6 people were in the car and as they passed us they were driving very slow and were all looking at us shouting something. They passed us then did a U-turn, right then I knew something was wrong, I jumped in the car, turned on the engine, put the gear to drive, and then looked at my drivers side window to see a man pulled up in a car right at rosa from me putting a gun directly at me! I doved to the right side near the passenger seat To take cover and slammed on the gas pedal. I drove a couple feet but hit a car in front of me and my car stalled and engine shut down. I heard multiple shots from all directions. One of those bullets came from the back almost hitting my son and wife, but hit me in the right buttocks. The shots stopped after about 10 to 15 shots and my wife took my son and jumped out of vehicle and ran to neighbors house. I finally got the car to start And I drove off real fast called the police on my cell phone and turned around to drive back to the house that me and my wife were at, and fell on the ground bleeding, I was screaming for help. The police and fire dept arrived in seconds.

          This behavior is NOT acceptable, I don’t care how long it’s been going on the people of this neighborhood don’t approve and it’s regardless of anyone’s race. Before the gangs were here this was a thriving movie era town, at some point the riff raff took over just like the gentrification will push out the gangs. Boo Hoo. Stop with your racists comments and get over it.

        • @kelly

          “the city pays to clean up the graffiti not the home owners”

          What a dumb misinformed racist tax sponge would say^


          • hey fyi… the 311 city graffiti cleanup is not very prompt. The whole reason for painting over these things is to get rid of them before the gang sees them and retaliates with more paint. Thus, waiting a few days is a bad idea. Also, the city paints with whatever color they want. So unless you want your house looking like some kid’s art project, you’re going to be painting it yourself every morning.

            How dare someone belittle the headache of having to paint a f*cking wall every morning when you’re already dressed and ready to go to work. It sucks.

        • here’s a story about a 4 year old killed by a stray bullet. there are a few of these stories.


        • A little girl was killed a few years back on East Kensington by a clown across the street shooting at another clown doing a drive by in “self defense”. The bullet went through her wall and killed her in her kitchen.

          The shooter couidn’t be prosecuted because he was “just protecting himself”.

          Didn’t get prosecuted but he and his whole big family was evicted soon after.

        • Ted The Exterminator

          I’m sure living in s**t feels great if you’ve never climbed out of the toilet.

          Gentrification is slowly killing everything that is ugly about this part of town. The graffiti and the shootings are signs of fear for everyone to see.

          Tick, tick, tick and hear the sounds of the late model year Suburbans heading East, heading South out of town.

    • So repeatedly tagging on homeowners fences and walls = “leeping to themselves”? What world do you live in? Homeowners are absolutely entitled to live without property damage. What world do you live in that feel gangs are okay? Grow up or get educated, seriously.

      • Scholaris @ blame game ep

        I suppose you have a masters degree, or may have not gone to the same schools as us street people. While we educate ourselves, what should we take? Social behavior or something, to tend to the needy or deprived! Or teach everyone how to respect those who don’t give a shit about them. Lady, you have a lot to learn yourself!

  29. What about the Big Tap Locos? These guys are the worst. Those guys come out at night , like roaches, and then tap dance all over the place. You can hear them, all night long, tap tap tapitty-tap. Sometimes they tap for half an hour, right outside my window. It scares the crap out of me. Heel to toe, syncopation, beatcount, Broadway style, rhythm tap….all night long. These pinche cabrones are driving me crazy!!!!

  30. I am aware that tax dollars pay for the clean up, you dolts. I was just pointing out that the homeowners can call a handy number and the graffiti gets cleaned up pretty quickly with no out of pocket cost.

    Anyway I am just here to keep your real estate prices down and I will do my best 😉

    • Good luck with that, my house is up over 100k since 2011. BOOM! 😉

    • Focus on something positive in your life, kelly. You will find it’s much better to be happy than negative and destructive.

      • I have a right to be angry. My neighborhood is ruined! My friends have been forced out. When I check the neighborhood news I see the commenters that make the Yahoo commenters seem sane.

        I moved here to get away from the rat race and now the Sunset Strip has moved here.
        So yeah, I’m pissed off.

        • Well, you could keep on moving. It’s not just “your” neighborhood, you know…especially since it seems you moved here recently to escape “your” last neighborhood. Do something else with all your righteous anger.

          • You sure assume a lot. I never escaped from anywhere. I just liked Echo Park better before morons like you got here. Go back to the west side!

          • SquiggleySpooch

            Kelly, you have called everyone who opposes gang violence ‘yuppies’ and took this whole gang injunction thing to “white people being afraid of mexicans” … talk about assumptions. If pushing back against the blight on society that is the gangs also gets rid of ridiculous whiny racist chodes like yourself then all the better!

          • @Kelly, I’ve never lived on the Westside. You assume and generalize as much as any commenter on here. I just don’t get the sense of ownership you have over Echo Park…what makes it more yours than anyone else’s? Talk about entitlement.

          • Well kelly, you are clearly out numbered here and totally called out on the carpet with your hypocrisy. Bring me your torch, the tribe has spoken.

            Bu Byeeee!

          • You’ll never get my torches, Chuckles. And I still hate yuppies, which actually puts me in the majority.
            Have fun at your day jobs, suckers.
            Or enjoy your parent’s money.
            Or whatever it is your tribe does.
            Anyway I will see you all on the blvd and I promise to tell you to your audi’s face exactly ow I feel.

          • SquiggleySpooch

            Kelly, when I see you on the blvd will you be wearing your dickies with your socks pulled all the way up? Possibly with a short sleeved button up shirt, buttoned to the top of course?

            Just thought since we are making gross generalizations, I want to be sure it’s you that’s yelling at my bumper when I’m cruising down the blvd, on my lunch break from my pathetic day job of course, being the sucker that I am – gotta pay them bills myself, I ain’t got nobody else to do it for me you see.

        • Kelly… you DON’T have a right to be angry. You have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To retain your Life, you agree to completely respect the right of others to their respective lives. To retain your Liberty, you agree to completely respect the right of others to their respective liberties. When your pursuit of happiness involves denying another their happiness, you lose that right, too. You have the right to be represented by an attorney, and if you can’t afford one, one will be appointed for you at ANOTHER CITIZENS EXPENSE. You had { and quite possibly squandered {{of your OWN FREE WILL}}} the right to a FREE public education. Sure, you get what you pay for, but the rest of us have managed to make something useful of it anyway. And then there’s you.. A right to be angry… pfff!

    • but if your house or business gets tagged and you call that “handy number,” they show up and slap some crappy beige paint over the tag, and move onto the next house. so now you’re paint job is all jacked up with a big splotch of beige paint that doesn’t even cover the tag most of the time. how is that okay? it costs a lot of money to paint a house. a lot.

    • See my post above that was erroneously replied to beanteam but was meant for you.



  33. Angry gangsters from geenerd

    Shit just got real! You guys are not going to scare away the new people with violence. If you want to keep living in the area you are going to have to step it up. Stop the feuding with your rivals(at least the murders) they have more in common with you than the new guys. Encourage the youngsters to stay in school. The girls need to stop having kids at such an early age that makes for a bbad situation even worse! Get good grades and chincheck those that don’t try! Get degrees from real colleges, none of that for profit schools like ATt or Westwood. Open up a business. Lastly, buy property and stop renting! Oh, and go out and vote! This gang injunction would have not happened if you guys voted against trutanich. Yo can still email local leaders with a letter stating how you oppose this unnecessary bs.
    Wake up !

  34. You punk gangbangers don’t have the guts of a 2 year old. You want to play with guns join the Marine Corps.

  35. The only thing more disgusting than this blatant redlining, is the overt racism coming from many of the Anglos who have just moved to town. I’d say all the folks here Latino-bashing should check their white privilege, but it might not do any good with this crowd. Myself? Anglo, Navy Veteran (just in case @Kenny Williams tries lame macho posturing with me), 90026 homeowner, Barrio Echo Parque resident since 1994.

    I find it appalling that there aren’t more people up in arms over this racist injunction. Our neighborhood used to be a multicultural exemplar and a welcome haven from snobby, WASPy, hipster culture. Now it is the epicenter of ethnic cleansing.

    There are other ways of working out issues in neighborhoods than racial profiling and LAPD harassment of brown children. I suppose inclusive, equitable solutions don’t appeal to newcomers only interested in their property values.

    A group of anti-racist activists are already organizing to fight this racist injunction. Count me in.

    Gang injunction = redlining by any other name

    • @Robert D. Skeels I call absolute BS on what you wrote. You just generalized an entire group while simultaneously crying racism. You are a hypocrite. No one said a damn thing when the Avenues were killing black people for simply being black.

      People want GANGS out, not normal people. I hardly see how stopping guns, violence, murder and tagging is racist.

      I lost all respect & compassion for gangbangers when I had guns put to my neck for no reason. But I imagine you’ll somehow justify that by calling them persecuted brown children? Spare me. I don’t give a damn about any criminal’s color, the gangs are slimy scum that need to be eradicated from all neighborhoods along with the families that continually spawn them. My neighbors come in many different colors, religions & beliefs and 99% of them are cool with everybody and we all seem to get along pretty well and that’s the way I like it.

    • “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting our time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” — Attributed to Lilla Watson

      These gang injunctions effectively criminalize people for being brown. The notion that the notoriously racist LAPD is only going to target active gang members and not engage in widespread racial profiling is disingenuous at best.


      We’ve seen this played out in other neighborhoods as a means of accelerating gentrification. Again, there are other means of reducing gang related crime and violence that include restorative justice and authentic inclusion.

      This Saturday, July 27, at 2:00pm, a group of anti-racist community activist are meeting on the northern edge of Echo Parque for organizing. I know that a sizable portion of EastsiderLA readers understand that this is all about racial profiling, redlining, and marginalizing low income residents of color. Please join us in building resistance to the injunction and standing in solidarity with all our sisters and brothers in the community.

  36. Hey genius, I grew up in Echo Park, in a single parent family. I went to public schools until college. My mother still lives in Echo Park, and has for over fifty years. I joined the military after college, because like many kids in the area, I didn’t have a hell of a lot of options. And guess what? I’m white! And guess what else? The police used to hassle me, too!

    Now? I’m an Ivy League graduate with an advanced degree and a good career, but I still grew up in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house in what’s evidently now the epicenter of Echo Park’s gang activity. My family was there before the hipsters, just like all these gang idiots (most of whom I probably know).

    And get this…

    Despite my humble upbringing and roots in the community, I’d still prefer it if people would stop tagging my mom’s fence and garage door every other week, and it’d be tremendously nice if they’d also stop shooting at each other at the end of her block.

    When I say I’d like to put the kibosh on these things, and you call me a racist for doing so, why are you assuming that I’m only referring to brown people? I grew up in Echo Park, and I’m white. I don’t assume anything, so who’s the racist here?

  37. Gang injunctions don’t help nothing dats why our neighborhood ws Temple St been on it and we still active hahaha fuck an injunction we ain’t worried about nothing

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