East L.A. gift card-for-guns swap nets 152 weapons

Weapons traded in during at East L.A. sheriff’s station/L.A County Sheriff

The owners of more than 150 guns who apparently would rather shop than shoot traded in their weapons for gift cards on Saturday during a gun buyback program at the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department station in East Los Angeles.  The owners of the guns traded their weapons for gift cards from Ralphs and  Target (no joking).

“Deputies collected 152 guns, includign several assault rifles, handguns, shotguns, and standard rifles,” according to the LASD. ” Those who turned in their guns stated that either they had no use for them, or feared the weapons could be stolen and used in violent crimes.”


  1. Awesome! Great program by LASD to get theses guns off the street.

  2. Yeah, this’ll make the gun crime go down. Because we all know criminals turn their guns in to cops. Yup, this’ll keep our state safer. In no way is this a stupid idea meant to make people think they’re making a difference, nope, this will definitely keep gangsters from shooting each other over drugs.

    Also, “assault rifles”? Really? Anybody who knows anything about guns knows that you can’t own an assault rifle. And since I know someone is going to say, “hurr durr AR-15 means Assault Rifle 15!”, no , no it doesn’t. AR stands for Armalite, the company that created it. Also, Assault rifles are characterized by the ability to switch between full auto and semi auto, something these rifles can’t do. How do I know they couldn’t? Because the owner would be in jail if they could, since it’s illegal to own one. Don’t believe me? Look it up, and make yourself a bit less ignorant.

  3. this whole operation is upsetting

  4. The Cheeseburger

    I see 2 sub machine guns with silencers. These guns specially the ones closer to the bottom of the photo, are not used by your average joe who wants to protect his home. Those guns are bad! I am very glad we have a program to get these off the street.

  5. Grahm Wellington

    Gun buy-back programs would be akin to standing next to a stinky piece of fish, killing flies convinced that you are making an impact on the fly population.

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