Eastside Property: A loft-bungalow combo comes up for sale in Silver Lake

There are the real estate shoppers whose ideal property  is a classic bungalow with wood siding, hardwood floors and a front porch. Then there are the buyers whose Dwell magazine-fantasies lead them hunting for lofts with open spaces,  exposed ceilings,  concrete floor, etc.  Both  housing types seem mutually exclusive but this Silver Lake property at the corner of Bellevue Avenue and London Street might satisfy a buyer who appreciate both styles.

The property is actually composed of  two small buildings,  a former corner commercial building (pictured above) that has been converted into a space any loft-dweller would admire and a one-bedroom cottage.  Here, according to Redfin, are the details of this bungalow-loft deal:

The loft features concrete floors, designer kitchen, modern cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, modern bathroom, rain shower, ductless AC & Heat, tankless water heater, new copper plumbing, complete insulation, electrical, and an aluminum frosted glass-garage door that opens up to a beautiful composite deck serving as an outside seating area for a small restaurant or cafe. The one bedroom bungalow features a raised roof, original hardwood floors sanded and buffed to bring out its original charm.

How much will it cost you to live in the past and present?  The property, which sold for $357,000 at the end of last year, is now priced at $729,000.


  1. Bungaloft.

  2. Bungacrap

    It’s worth maybe 500k considering all the shiny paint, appliances and shit. 730k might be paid by a fool who’s mantra is: “bad-location, bad-location, bad-location.”

    Well at least this corner looks nice now, thank you silly flipper!!

  3. The price may induce sticker shock, but we went to the open house and the quality of work done was top notch. Though the commercial property is staged as a residence it would be awesome if whoever ends up purchasing it might turn it into a corner cafe.

  4. It’s shocking to me that someone would spend that kind of $$ to live on the 101.

  5. the price IS shocking but looking at the pics at least it looks the exterior doesnt do the inside justice. Looks great inside but should have given it better curb appeal.

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