Shopper & Diner Report: Silver Lake burger stand now renting for $11k a month; Little Beast opens in Eagle Rock; Garvanza loses a restaurant

Can you spare $11,000 a month? Then you got a shot at leasing the  Tom’s Burgers, the 1970s-era Silver Lake charbroiled burger/pastrami/burrito restaurant that closed this weekend after 40 years in business, reports Eater L.A.   A hand-written sign on the front door says a new tenant is coming soon but a CityFeet listing indicates the  1,600-square-foot building and parking lot are being leased for $11,000 a month in addition to $275,000 in key money.   Only the most wealthy of independent restaurant owners or big chains can afford terms like that.

In other Shopper & Diner news:

Photo by A. Ward

The very small Garvanza dining scene has shrunk even further after Garvanza’s, a cafe with a pan-Latin menu, closed up after less than a year in business. A reader sent in a photo of a sign posted on the front door that notifies passerby of the closure and sale of the restaurant.

After sitting empty for more than a year, the Craftsman-bungalow that was once home to Larkin’s Restaurant reopened earlier this month as Little Beast, a “rustic American food” restaurant, says Eagle Rock Patch. Dinner menu includes English-pea risotto, pan roasted chicken and charred cantaloupe arugula salad.


  1. That’s insane. There is not one restaurant or bar that size within several miles that could make a profit on that rent PLUS over a quarter mil in key money? Gimme a break! They can charge whatever they want and we can not go there in droves. Pricing out everyone but the biggest chains is not a way to integrate yourself into the neighborhood.

  2. I hope a bagel shop moves in to were Toms is. And I don’t care if it is a national chain or independent; Silver Lake is big enough for both.

  3. and in other news: GARVANZA’S should have made it. good food and family owned and operated.
    everybody there was really pleasant, but hardly anyone knew of the restaurant. bummer

    • Garvanza’s was nice, but the food needed to be more outstanding. There are plenty of great Mexican/latin places in the area. Garvanza’s was not too impressive. El Hurache Azteca right down the street……

  4. Silver Lake resident

    Why put that place for rent? It’s a dump! Sell the land and tear it down.

  5. Tom’s was not the best, but it was certainly unique. Too many landlords use this tactic to “gentrify” neighborhoods to the benefit of their pocketbooks and at the detriment of the culture that made our neighborhoods interesting. Whatever moves in I’m sure wont be offering 2 tacos for 99¢. At those rent prices, it might be local–but it certainly won’t be mom and pop. I wish it could be.

  6. In-N-Out!!!!!!!!

    • +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m not gonna lie I would be okay with In & Out haha

        … But seriously I don’t think very many people here have any idea how overpriced that rent is its about triple the price of retail spaces in the neighborhood. To put it in perspective If you could afford that you could easily have bought the entire 2 story Gloss Globos building AND parking lot a couple years ago.

  7. Landlord clearly wanted his tenant out and succeeded – just as the guy with the property at the corner of Echo Park Ave and Avalon did. Next question should be, “why?” and we know that that usually has to do with making lots of money. Be alert people, there are probably plans afoot.

    • ..plans afoot? I hope so. Historical or not, this place was not inviting at all. The decor, attitude of employees and menu had become very very stale. It needs new blood.

      As for you who think 11K per month is too much? Don’t worry, the market will decide what the right price will be…

  8. Garvanza’s R.I.P.

    I really loved the historic-themed decor (old maps and photos of the neighborhood).

  9. I’ll miss Garvanza’s!

  10. Word on the “boulevard” is that Garvanza will be getting (one of?) the Northeast’s first, actual “Starbucks” at the former fast-food location known as “Classic Burger” at 6240 York, just east of Fig and next to the Jack-in-the-Box.

    • What about the Starbucks at the other end of York near the intersection of Eagle Rock Blvd, which is about 2 miles away from another Starbucks on Colorado Blvd near Eagle Rock Blvd OR the Starbucks inside Vons on Figueroa right below Colorado? Look around, we are drowning in Starbucks here in Northeast LA

    • Yay. 2 miles is a “fir piece” – hardly drowning in Starbucks, so this is good news to me!

  11. $11,000!?! Wow.

  12. As BEANTEAM said, the market will decide what the price will be.

    Too many people think landlords SET the prices, but they don’t, the market does.

    It would seem very unlikely that property, in that location, under those terms ($$$) would fetch the asking amount. But they usually start high….though that is certainly a VERY high price to start off with….

  13. Boo… I used to come here when I lived down the street back in 2001/2002. I was glad to see it still in business when I returned to the hood in 2010. I hope there’s not another “urban taco fabricator” in the works.

  14. HighlandParkMo

    Garvanza’s opened to great fanfare and food, but couldn’t sustain. The menu was limited and more Mexican than Latin American. It’s a shame really as there was loads of improvements done to the place.

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