Signs of change over Echo Park

Looks like the name of Echo Park’s La Guadalupana Market is getting de-Latinized.  The freshly painted sign on the green awning now reads “LG Fresh Foods Market.”  The Sunset Boulevard market, which has long catered primarily to Latinos, has recently appeared to be courting new customers with the appearance of some organic foods and even a Twitter account.

No word yet if the images of the Virgen de Guadalupe that greet customers by the front door and overlooks the back parking lot will remain or if LG Fresh Foods Market has its own patron saint.


  1. Good they will jump on the wagon…everything must be organic now…plus they need to serve the UPPER class too.

    • Why ignore your community and clientel? So they ignore the changes happening to neighborhood and end up having to close their doors a few years from now and where would you be? On this website complaining about how the neighborhood drove the business to close. You can’t have it both ways.

      I think the owners of this market are smart business people. They’re accepting change and going with it. They’re adapting with THEIR neighborhood instead of ignoring it and being ignorant to both history and the future.

      Cheers to La Guadalupe! I shopped at your market before the change in signage and will continue to do so regardless of what language your sign reads.

      • Cheers to ” La Guadalupe”

        Its La Guadalupana .

        If you are going to shop pre. post or whatever , know WHERE you shop.

  2. I agree with hbhb 100%, great business move….. I don’t consider it to be a change of name, I look at it as an abreviation. I grew up saying “La Guadalupana” now we just cut it short LG market, how easy is that…..lol (attitude makes all the difference, no need be negative or remark negatively)

  3. Change! No one likes it. But it does happen every know and then. I sure miss the good old days, but I will do all that I can to be positive. Good bye Guadalupana, HELLO LG….

  4. Lupita’s (that’s what my neighbor calls it) is a great market. Best of luck to them!

  5. f*cking midwest middle-class h*psters, go gentrify some other neighborhood

  6. It used to be a Two Dollar bill store. Before that, I can’t recall.

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