CHP pursuit ends with crash in Silver Lake

Mercedes came to a stop in front of Sunset Boulevard restaurants/Photo by Jason McCabe

The pursuit of a Mercedes Benz going as fast as 80 miles an hour on Sunset Boulevard through Silver Lake ended early this morning after the luxury coupe crashed into a barrier along a pedestrian plaza before coming to a stop a block away.

The driver of the Mercedes CLK survived the crash at Silver Lake’s Sunset Triangle Plaza – aka Polka Dot Plaza – and was put in handcuffs before being taken away in an ambulance said Bich Ngoc Cao, who lives near the crash scene. A CHP officer was also examined for injuries, she said. No other injuries were reported.

“The driver was injured but conscious after the crash; my husband saw him crying, and there was a pool of blood on the ground,” Cao said. “The driver’s hands were cuffed as he sat on the ground before he was taken onto a gurney and put into an ambulance.”

After slamming into the barriers and planters in front of the new Yummy.com grocery at Sunset Boulevard and Maltman Avenue, the Mercedes hit several poles and parking meters – some of which flew across Polka Dot Plaza – before spinning around and coming to a stop about a block away near the El Conquistador restaurant.

CHP officer Ed Jacobs said the pursuit began shortly after 2 a.m. at Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way.  It was not clear what prompted the chase.   The driver of the 2001 Mercedes, which was registered to an address in LaVerne, he said.

Car have slammed into the barrier at Polka Dot plaza at least three times since it was created early last year.

Mangled posts and debris. Photo by Bich Ngoc Cao

Photo by Bich Ngoc Cao


  1. Another irresponsible car driver. And nut cases at bike lane meetings have the nerve to speak about the dangers of bicycles at 18 mph. Ironically it was the pedestrian plaza that eventually stopped this car. Please close more streets and install more.

    • Ahh yes, the evil car argument. yawn…

    • Oh get off your high horse. You’ve got to be kidding me right? Driving 80 mph exemplifies LA drivers? Closing off streets and removing car lanes will keep incidents like this from occuring? Really?

      Just stick to what you’re good at like curling up with your unemployed, creepily-older boyfriend w/a twisty moustache, kept together by the grease from a burrito you guys shared on your first date which was like a month a ago, on your second hand futon, and watching the last season of Girls.

      • My condolences to you about your miserable life.

      • Since 80 mph would be driving over the stated speed limit, I think we would all agree that LA drivers are a pristine example of this.

        • Speak for yourself and the rest of your bike nazi movement C. Phylis. The address this car was registered in was La Verne by the way which is a different city ie not Los Angeles. Did you happen to see that? Or read that?

  2. Indeed. I’m glad the planters and barriers are still there… but I am still head-shakingly surprised at how often drivers keep hitting them! I’ve lost count.

  3. Triangle always wins.

    RIP Jack Zinder

  4. Why aren’t there more drunk driving patrols at 2 am? Sure, there’s be huge traffic backups, but there really should be no excuse – the city shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to the biggest crime wave in history.

  5. Pretty good testament to how well built MB’s are. Minor injuries from that pile of rubble? WOW!

  6. They should ban all Mercedes Benz drivers. Start by targeting the credit worthy potential buyers of such vehicles for starters and we could avoid potential disasters from occurring in the future. The usual suspects would be caucasian men in their mid 30’s, Persians in their teens and 20’s, strippers (age unknown) and previous strippers turned trophy wives and their midlife crisis husbands currently in the market for a convertible Porsche. Problem solved.

  7. I saw the aftermath of this. Great job to the city! (How often can we say that) for replacing the old barricades with cement and steel ones and not a moment too soon. One look at the scene and its clear these things saved further damage and will definitely prevent lives from being lost.

  8. Three crashes plus the fatal hit and run at this intersection a few months ago. Thinking something needs to change — enforcement, perhaps some signage or markings that make it clear that Sunset curves at this point and also slowing down the traffic at night (which is when these incidents occur) — more lights?.

  9. Ok while we can have the evil car argument all day it was after all a police chase at 80 mph not someone going 40 being late to a yoga class.

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