Eastside Property: Echo Park laundromat landlord banking on “hipster” location to find a new tenant

Up and coming “Hipster” location./LoopNet

The owner of a Sunset Boulevard laundromat apparently wants to cash in on Echo Park’s hipster rep.   The now closed  Laundromat on Sunset, which is located on the same block as an Out of The Closet shop, Stories Books & Cafe and Sage Vegan Organic Bistro, is now up for lease at $2.50 square foot a month, which translates into nearly $10,000 a month in rent if the landlord find a tenant will to pay that rate.

While Echo Park laundromats seems pretty busy, it looks like the landlord is looking for a different kind of tenant. According to the LoopNet listing:

High ceiling ideal for resturant[cq], spa and high end retail. Strong area demographics (64,822 one mile and over 1,246,641 five mile radius) make this up and coming “Hipster” location a success story for any business!”

Maybe a combination laundromat-craft-beer bar-yoga studio would clean up in this location.

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  1. The laundromat/beer bar concept exists in San Francisco and in Ghent, Belgium:



    I suppose adding a yoga studio couldn’t hurt. After all, one of the annoying parts about doing yoga outside the home is the pile of sweaty clothes you generate!

    • Believe it or not, the laundromat/beer bar concepts exists all across Middle America in various college towns.

    • As a college student, I left home (LA) for a new LA. at Loyola in New Orleans. I frequented my laundromat. Not only to clean my clothes, but because my quarters were handy for playing pool, tipping the bartender and buying a real grilled hamburger as I also fit in studying. All in one stop on St. Charles. Those were the days!!!
      We’ve got Lucy’s. still for awhile. We’ll be o.k.

  2. My kingdom for a decent sushi place i can walk to.

  3. Jesus,
    Clever isn’t a sign of intelligence, it’s the sign of a desperate ego wanting to win. Let go and be free, be happy and leave the spiteful post to your past. You can be someone different right now if you want to, you just have to want to. If you enjoy dividing the community you live in then do it by holding a sign on the street corner for everyone to see. Maybe then you will see how hurtful your post are to the spirit of EP.

    • What are you talking about? I don’t see anything spiteful about this story. The word hipster really gets to you, doesn’t it.

    • I give you two thumbs up on this particular post, your putting out some positive chakra, out there for us all!
      Good for you Kitten! I Almost went negative, due to the fact I use to use that laundromat, but then I seem your post. Life seem hard enough without throwing darts at each other.

    • Oh Kitten, you are starting to remind me of scholaris’ post where The Man is always looking for ways to keep him down.

      These assumptions are really knotting up your pelt!

  4. 2.5/ft is pretty cheap y’all.

  5. Echo Park is not “up and coming.” It is up high enough. It doesn’t need to come/go anywhere. If you want to attract “hipsters,” don’t price them out of the community.

  6. We don’t need no stinkin’ hipsters!

    But that’s what those hipsters who have flooded into the overpriced apartments with no laundry rooms will be: stinking. Thanks to having no place to do their laundry. Gee, I can smell them already.

    But that’s fine, who needs typical neighborhood services when you can instead have endless overpriced coffee places, restaurants and places serving alcohol on every corner and in between too. Laundries don’t make for a good neighborhood; sex and drugs (and alcohol) and rock and roll does. So, let’s price out all the community services and make everything a high-priced restaurant and alcohol establishment. And rather than wash their clothes, the hipsters can all just go naked.

  7. William Gibson placed a combination laundromat and BBQ restuarant Called the Vicious Cycle in his book All Tomorrow’s Parties. Keen concept.

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