Inferno On The Freeway: Do you stop or keep going?

Those were the choices facing motorists on Saturday morning as a tanker-truck fire at the junction of the 2 and 5 freeways in Elysian Valley spewed thick, black clouds of smoke between freeway ramps and bridges and obscured traffic lanes. One driver named Daniel, headed southbound on the 2 Freeway in the direction of Echo Park and Silver Lake, apparently could not wait for the smoke to clear.

A passenger who shot the video (h/t OneBunkerHill213)  above,  titled “Driving Through Smoke From An Overturned Tanker on 5 Freeway,”  shows the brief and what must have been scary journey through a smoke-shrouded interchange.

Says a note on the video:

There was an overturned tanker on the 5 which is just below the 2 when Daniel decided to drive through the smoke to get through the traffic.”


  1. STOP posting someone else video. Find something else to write about. We ALL know the fire

    • it’s not about the fire but about the concerns as to whether or not you should stop or keep going when you encounter this sort of situation.

  2. DUH!! You stop especially with black smoke because you cannot see what’s going on!

    • That’s right you stop. If you can’t see through the smoke driving through it not only puts you at risk but also possibly puts others at risk. You don’t know if there are people in that cloud you’re about to blindly drive through.

  3. 9DoubleOh2Sixxxer

    That driver is a fool.

  4. Blackcherry_Shasta

    Thank you for posting this video and thus ruining gee’s day!

  5. I simultaneously applaud and condemn the driver. I don’t know about anyone else but I felt a vicarious sense of relief and exhilaration the moment “Daniel’s” car clears the smoke and emerges into a wide-open freeway Aaand avoids the traffic jamS that were to about to form behind him. However, he didn’t know who or what he might’ve run over or into in that smoke. A gutsy and foolish move that I can totally empathize with. I know that thoughts of being stuck on that freeway for hours might’ve compelled me to do the same gutsy and foolish move. Thus is the horror of being stuck in traffic on an otherwise beautiful weekend morning.

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