New pedal boat fleet docks at Echo Park Lake

Pedal boats at Echo Park Lake dock./Darrell Kunitomi

It’s been about four years since the last pedal boats skimmed across the surface of Echo Park Lake after the city dry docked the boats to save money.  But on Saturday morning, the public will once again be able to rent a pedal boat at the park as a new boating company prepares to launch a fleet of bright yellow boats into the waters of the newly reopened lake.

The boating company, Chaffey and Reeves, which has operated boating concessions at Atascadero Lake and at Redondo Beach, will also deploy a gondola and a seven-person outrigger canoe  at Echo Park Lake.  But 10 pedal boats will make up most of its Echo Park Lake fleet.

Unlike the city’s old pedal boats, which came in shades of pink and blue, the new pedal boats  feature a bulbous yellow body and light blue seats. They may look like rubber ducks but  the two and four seater boats, made by a company called Future Beach, are called Water Bees. The four seater, 92-inch long Water Bee 400 can carry up to 850 pounds.

“We use the Future Beach pedal boats because they are self bailing, have adjustable seat, are easy to clean and the four- seat model actually lets everyone pedal,” said company co-owner Lloyd Reeves, who has a 90-day concession at the lake.

Renting a boat for up to an hour will cost $10 for each adult and $5 for teens and kids 17 and under, Reeves said.  However, on Wednesdays,  local residents will be able to rent a two-seater craft for $10 on what Reeves is calling 90026 Day.

Reeves said the new boating concession will officially begin renting boats at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 20.


  1. Hope they are stringent on informing folks to stay out of the planted areas in the water.

    I know some are going to attempt to paddle around the island, or paddle right into the fountains — both areas which were formerly off-limits with ropes and buoys.

  2. All of the cretins in Echo Park are going to carve “FUCK” and/or their gang name into these babies to impress their girl friend.

  3. Good point shtan.

    If you are reading this square one, please please please require a deposit to rent the boats and charge every one of those little lost souls for carving your boats!

    When you were unloading them from the truck, I loved that they were obviously not new. I thought that was sooo appropriate for Echo Park. But thats as much dingy as our park needs. We can all do without the super depressing EXP in our line of sight.

    • I guess if Chaffey and Reeves, are not worried about someone carving on the boats, why are you? And you can bet that this EXP, will be in your depressing line of site. While you are worried about me and everyone else, I will be renting one of those affordable boats, at 10 bucks a crack. And I bet some other knuckle heads defile the park more than the EXP homies do! You should keep EXP out of your mouth. I suppose you would rather have Mara Salvathrucha, or Eighteen St or something in the park, huh? Clueless Chuck, never seems to amaze me!

      • Your continual embracing of things gang related make me think that you (and those associated with you) are not some innocent victims of some draconian gang injunction.

        • Hey, where I am at most of my neighbors like me. I keep my end clean, I even do a little graffiti removal of my own, when these punks come over the hill. Look, I am not claiming to be a saint, but I have a conscience and do try to have some dignity and or morals of my own. Furthermore, I am not crying about no gang injunction . But, what bothers me is how they have guys labeled gang members that are simply related;so therefore , guilty by association. You must admit, we been a little more classy than the other side!

          • So which is it? In one post you advocate scraping tags into the boats and the next you say you keep clean and clean up graffiti yourself!

            As usual talking out of both sides of your mouth. Where’d you learn to swing both ways? Prison?

          • EXP more classy than the other side? That’s hysterical you’d mention a gang and the word classy in the same sentence. Really you’re just asserting that poo is better than vomit. Awesome!

        • Look, your opinion really don’t matter to me. You are day to day with me True Freedom, very slippery. If the opinion that you have came to me from a cat like Elvis Castello, I’d be a little hurt. Although an Elvis Castello type of cat wouldn’t be as judgemental as you and your friends.Your opinions are to simple for me, and you know how I feel about opinions. Original Echo Park Duck!

  4. So excited to have the boats back!!!

  5. Rough waters, ever notice the little fence on roof of boathouse, south side? — was installed years ago when vatos would climb roof to access docks, take canoes and boats out for midnight rides.

    Concessionaire, be aware, will happen to you.

  6. The L.A. Times did a report on the rentals shutting down about 6 years ago, stating that because they were only bringing in $40 a day it was losing money. They stated that the boat rental was $5 or something, meaning that the place was only renting 8 boats a day.

    I emailed the Times explaining that on any day there were boats out all day long, and that the take should have been in the $150-$200 range mid week, and in the $500 range on the weekends. Clearly the operators were stealing money, it was so obvious. The L.A. Times is very clueless.

  7. I work at The Times, though am not a reporter. But have been at the paper for about 37 years, and can tell how it operates. It usually does a good job on reporting. I’ve following The Times coverage of EP Lake all down the years, and I recall the former concessionaire’s money woes.

    If I find time today to check on the original coverage, I’ll see if the numbers add up to ‘clueless’ reporting, and check back in here.

  8. Everyone get off your high horses and take a ride on a paddle boat, in the Echo Park Lake!

  9. Sorry don’t have time this week to research, apologies. Sail or paddle on.

  10. anybody out there remember the first Lotus Festival ?

  11. My sister and I went to the pedal boats on opening day and documented our morning. Check out the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GEsAFZWogo&feature=share&list=UUh4bnp__yc-ZY8GsVj7hvaA

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