Storefront Report: The cost of doing business in Sunset Junction

The weekend and many evenings find the sidewalks of Sunset Junction in Silver Lake busy with shoppers, diners and people who just want to soak up the scene.   But any entrepreneur who is thinking about joining the pack of shop and cafe owners along Sunset Boulevard better have deep pockets and a sharp business plan in place.

Case in point is Le Pink & Co., the Sunset Boulevard purveyor of  cosmetics, candles as well as classic candy.   This modern-day apothecary painted in pink is now up for sale at an “undisclosed price,” according to LoopNet.   What is disclosed, however, is the rent: $2,500 a month for the 800 square-foot shop.   The location, according to the listing, can’t be beat:

 Being in one of the few “walking neighborhoods” on the East Side, retail locations in Sunset Junction are highly coveted and not often available. Its worth it to be here for the foot traffic you will get on weekends alone. Constantly listed in newspapers, magazines and websites as one of the most desirable areas to live in, any business you start in Sunset Junction will have an instant upper hand and benefit from the continual press and interest in this neighborhood.”

The current lease expires in July 2014, with the landlord agreeing to extend the agreement for three years. But expect to pay $2,900 a month during the last of those two years.


  1. Oh no! I love Le Pink! I remember when they were on Echo Park Ave.
    I hope it reopens somewhere else close by.

  2. Parking! These places will continue to fail unless the NIMBYs stop opposing a parking structure so that parking is available on weekdays. Merchants are unlikely to survive on weekends alone.

    • Ted The Exterminator

      Exactly, I live in Silverlake but head to Larchmont because of the amount of parking available. Public parking garages/spaces should be mandatory in every neighborhood and the size should be based on residency and number of businesses serving that particular area and streets.

      I’ve lived in Silverlake for 10 years and haven’t shopped the majority of businesses unless I luck out on a space behind Undefeated.

    • This neighborhood was built pre-WWII so it rightfully has limited parking. It was also built around transit, hence the name Sunset “Junction”. We don’t need Grove parking structures around here with all of the added congestion and pollution that comes with it. Visit any weekend and you can hardly get down the sidewalks. Please drive somewhere else if you don’t like it.

  3. I wonder what the equalivalent space would cost to rent on York Blvd in HP?

  4. You cant fight it, you cant stop it.
    As long as there have been cities and capitalism, there will always Gentrification; Artist Subcultures move into an area and makes it so hip that in time, they themselves can no longer afford to live there themselves. Thats just the nature of cities.

    Unfortunately the whole process ends up driving out the very things that made a neighborhood interesting in the first place… Ahhh Capitalism

  5. God, what lazy people! You can usually park a block or two or, at the most, three blocks away and walk to any place at Sunset Junction.

    And I suppose the anti-gentrification people liked Sunset Junction better 10 years ago when it had 3 restaurants and not much else.

    • It’s called car dependency and it’s an illness. Some of the highest rents in the city with limited parking. Kind of disproves the idea that a business needs a glut of parking to stay afloat. It’s no wonder that walkable places that are equally bicycle accessible are the most coveted places in the metro area. Echo Park, Los Feliz, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, DTLA and the list goes on all have limited parking and are the most desirable places to hang out and shop.

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