Street Gallery: Rabbits on Sunset

Photo by Bill Wheelock/HaFoSaFo

There’s also a coyote and what looks like a raven. But mostly rabbits in silhouette have been popping up on walls along Sunset Boulevard and Coronado Street in Silver Lake.  Ann Hars of the HaFoSaFo blog posted photos of the rabbits in different poses – standing, siting and leaping –  after they began appearing.  “We could not be more amazed,” she said of the rabbits and a large mural at Sunset and Coronado that includes the words “Do You Believe in Magic.”

Photo by Bill Wheelock/HaFoSaFo


  1. They’re in Echo Park too! http://instagram.com/p/bOz39VF0hs/

  2. rabbits are the new bird… ‘put a bird on it’

  3. just more blight

    This is as offensive to me as a tag. Why do people feel like they can put their crap on public spaces? Self-entitled as*holes!

    • @ just more blight : Have you seen the MS13 Crazies ExP tagging on the corner of Sunset and Coronado where the large mural is? I’m happy that mural is there. It’s way better than the alternative.

  4. do you remember the BERDS? those were 3d.

  5. The rabbits @ the lake are over by the pump house.

  6. There were coyotes on the glendale underpass of hyperion in Atwater, but of course they were painted over immediately…

  7. Unfortunately, someone just painted over the mural on Coronado. But the rabbits are still all along the cement holding wall along Sunset between Coronado and Waterloo.

  8. Silver lake arts council should bring back the mural. It was free and it was awesome. Even the police have a pro-mural stance because murals the the hood like don’t get tagged which cuts down on graffiti

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