The Eastside’s Fourth of July was a blast

Time-lapse video by Matt Hartman in Glassell Park looking across Atwater Village and Elysian Valley

Silver Lake view of fireworks/Diane Edwardson

From Echo Park to East L.A., the Fourth of July once again turned the night sky into a spectacular – and mostly illegal – light show of exploding skyrockets mixed in with the occasional gunshot and other types of explosives.

“I have to say – you can tell the economy has picked up this year – a lot more and a lot of very spectacular illegal fireworks this year,” said Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson.

Here are other views and reviews of the Eastside’s 4th of July fireworks show as collected from Twitter, Instagram and other social media:


  1. Grahm Wellington

    I spent all morning picking up trash from fireworks around Echo Park Lake. I’m all for a good time but please can we pick up after ourselves people? I swear we live amongst animals.

    • Consider yourself lucky you got sentenced to clean up trash instead of jail time. Have you seen the Yelp reviews?
      Stay out of trouble, Grahm.

      • Grahm Wellington

        I can only assume that you are one of the animals I mentioned. One that assumes that picking up trash must be a “sentence”. No, dummy (scholaris). I understand that trash begets more trash and that left unattended it gives people like you “permission” to pile on…

        • Why are you trying to insult my character, I haven’t elaborated on this subject. To be quite frank, I pick up my share of trash that some people dump around my home.
          Realistically, you would be amazed how many different types of people litter.
          Another thing, does it make you feel more superior to put people down that are less educated than you? Or do you do this because you have a major inferiority complex. If I was super educated, I wouldn’t be putting people down on the Eastsider!

        • what is wrong with people? Scholaris was not even on this thread and you 2 start in on him. that’s like the behavior of pissy little 5th graders. i see no reason to start an attack like that; and even if you don’t agree with him, I see no reason to doubt the mans character either. the couple of times we have interacted, he has been rational and respectful (which is more than I can say for Wellington or Beam Team).

          • Michael,

            The poster who goes by ‘scholaris’ has used multiple ID’s in the past, including ‘procopio’. I don’t know if ‘paul revere’ was one of them as well. He sometimes comments on threads with the multiple id’s as a form of fun.

            As for his character, while I honestly think he seems to be a nice enough dude, (i really want to grab a beer w/ him) he has admitted to gang membership, incarceration, and endorsed gang activity. Specifically graffiti and property vandalism many times on multiple threads. But i agree character attacks won’t really get anyone anywhere. This is a comments section where we all come to vent a lot. I agree the tone at times is wayyy too heated.

            But forget it Mikey, it’s the internet.

    • Wellington, who appointed You neighborhood trash collector? We pay the city to clean-up. I know because my buddy works for Parks & Rec. So drop the cross and lighten up. This area has never been a suburban utopia and I truly resent bitter and judgemental square pegs like you trying to shame everybody else into being just as miserable and repressed as You.

      • Grahm Wellington

        “we pay the city to clean up” HAHAHA you mean the city of LA? dude WE are BROKE! Beyond THAT point is that you will never be able to employ enough “trash pickers” to keep up with people who have that attitude. We all have to do our part. Some of us a little more because of people like you…

        If you are happy living amongst filth and trash, fine. You have your own domicile to do that. Be my guest! Be featured on hoarders for all I care! But I refuse to allow our park to turn back into the sewer smelling garbage pile it was. No one needs to be appointed to care. Caring is something that should be instilled in you by your parents doing their job. Obviously we live amongst many who missed that lesson including you. As for your friend, don’t worry, I’m just making his job easier. Who looses other than you? The answer is YOU, dummy! You are the LOOOOSER!!!!

        But go ahead a throw your 40oz on the ground instead of the trash. The neighborhood is changing and will continue to get better. You are no longer the norm, you are the exception. There are more people like me here now that care than like you that would rather live in filth. And it shifts more and more and more each day.

        I invite you to TRY to be a good citizen, pocopio.

        • Grahm Wellington , what are you judge, jury, and executioner? And what makes you think you are a better citizen than others? Just because you have a conflict of interest, or someone doesn’t tend to your liking or expectations doesn’t mean that you are better than anyone. Please, get off your high horse and come back to reality!

          • Scholaris / Procipio, I love you. I really do. But you’re wrong here. Let me respectfully explain why.

            Grahms point: Please pick up your trash and put it in a basket instead of dropping it on the ground.

            Your counterpoint: no. I don’t wanna.

            It’s a simple little thing. hold onto the trash for a few seconds and deposit it into a trashcan. that’s it. that’s all you have to do. it’s a tiny little gesture that takes no effort that we can all do and helps our beautiful park stay beautiful. our streets and sidewalks too. it’s helping to take care of something you and your family and friends use every day. Don’t do it for Grahm or me or anyone on this blog. Do it for yourself, & for your family. Don’t you want a nice clean park for them? Don’t they deserve the best neighborhood this can be?

    • Graham, I agree that trash is a bummer and everyone should do their part in cleaning up after themselves. But cleaning up the lake then going online to complain about your good deed isn’t helpful to anyone. Most good deeds will always go unnoticed and should be done without expectations of others gratitude. So, please, if you want to clean feel free to do so, but no one hear needs to hear you whine about it.

      Cleaning up lake, 3 points
      Complaining about cleaning up the lake, – 1 point
      Calling people “animals”, -2 points
      Attacking commenters before they comment, -1 point

      Graham Post 4th of July Score -1 Point

      • Grahm Wellington

        Glad we all have you here keeping score, kittenface.

        What score do you give yourself for not reading all of the posts before commenting? Read “Really?’s” post. Nailed it! Scholaris, procipo, paul revere (to name a few) are all the same dude. And yes, I do consider gang members/sympathizers to be animals (for lack of a better term). I can see why you would be offended by the use of “animal” though, kitten…

        Calling out kittenface on obvious mistakes, +4

        So I guess I can sleep easy tonight with my +3

        • Graham, getting angry at all of us wont make you feel better. It will just keep you angry.

          • Grahm Wellington

            No anger here kitty.

            You know, I’m usually a fan of your posts because they are funny, but it seems your failed attempt left you a little empty?

            Go get some milk and a nap and we’ll try again latter…

  2. PS — The HP fireworks were awesome! I love not having to leave the house.

  3. Laveta terrace ruled.

  4. The dueling booms were going until 1am at my place. Very dry hills. Major fire danger. My friend’s terrified fox terrier got out of her yard and was hit and killed by a car. Why must having fun be so out of control?

    • Because our world is filled with irresponsible people (& neighbors). This includes all those families standing out in the street and letting their elementary school age kids set off fireworks. Unfortunately, they won’t care until it affects them. My condolences to your friend.

    • My terriers bark at each starburst and chase after each boom. It’s the only time I ever observe them looking skyward for the action. Lots of fun and a NELA tradition. Btw, in all the decades that this has been going on, there has never been a fire of any kind started by these neighborhood fireworks displays. Viva la 4th!

    • Btw, how many fires did you tally in the “very dry hills” around your home? Otherwise, “major fire danger” is your paranoia but not reality backed-up by FACTs is it? Also, unless this was your neighbors’ very first 4th in NELA, she should’ve know that her dog feared fireworks and kept it locked inside. Pretty irresponsible otherwise because dogs are a major and living responsibility. Not stuffed animals or status symbols you show off to friends and neighbors. In just about every instance I can recall of a dog bolting due to explosions or fireworks, I can easily find fault with a negligent dog owner. As is the case with most instances of pet-related tragedies.

      • OOOORRRRR, We could have citizens who follow the laws of LA that BAN fireworks!

        What a novel idea.

      • My friend has lived in Highland Park for 45 years. The dog freaked out and got out Wednesday during the day. The fireworks had been going on for two weeks at all hours. I am just wondering why folks need to be so out of control with their celebrating? It is very irresponsible to our community!

      • @procopio Fact? one of the houses in my neighborhood went up in flames because of kids shooting off fireworks. It took months of repairs before anyone was allowed to live in it.

        I stayed in this year because of watching how reckless and irresponsible most of the people shooting the fireworks off are. There is absolutely no forethought to the fact that we live in a very dry climate with trees and hills that go up in flames pretty quickly. Anyone remember watching Griffith Park burn for days in 2007?

        If people are shooting off fireworks close to houses, trees and brush, they are idiots.

  5. HLP = Highland Park

    HP = Huntington Park

    Know your neighborhood abbreviations.

  6. Huntington Park is the birthplace of Slayer.

    There, someone on the eastsider talked about HP.

  7. Just checked this again after the 5th. Whoa! First off, I’m not Scholaris or whatever his name is. I’m the guy who doesn’t like the York Blvd parklet and I use screennames based on whatever’s appropriate to the comment or topic at hand (I’ve commented on the site maybe 5-10/times a year for let’s say the past 3-5 past years). Love the website, think the content is great, and the comments and commenters hilarious and educational on a variety of levels. Now, I don’t litter, I hate littering, but I made a dumb joke at Grahm’s expense because his initial comment (and subsequent overreaction) made him seem like a self-righteous pain in the ass (sort of like how my comments about the parklet might make me seem that way too). The idea of a person like him being sentenced to pick up trash was funny to me, especially since I was hung over (still drunk maybe?) when I wrote it.

    Anyway, I sincerely apologize for starting all this. To Grahm, thanks for helping clean the park and sorry for being a dick. (Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.) To Scholaris, sorry for getting you mixed up in this. To my fellow residents of HLP, sorry for calling it HP. Won’t happen again! Thanks.

    • Also, it’s not cool to call people animals. Especially in an area where we’re all doing a pretty good job of co-existing/being respectful/getting along. Like it or not, intentional or not, it’s a term with a lot of economic and cultural implications beyond how disrespectful one might consider littering. I know you weren’t targeting any group beyond people who littered, but we all know the reality is far complicated than that. Just something to be aware of.

      Littering sucks, but there’s far more out in the world to be incensed about and consider foolish/destructive/uncivilized/dangerous/repugnant/etc.

      • Grahm Wellington

        Okay. Sorry for the mix up but I see you realize how your comment could have been mixed up with a known troll, Paul.

        By the way is it “not nice” to call a dog an animal? Humans are technically animals…

        • “Okay. Sorry for the mix up but I see you realize how your comment could have been mixed up with a known troll, Paul.”

          — All good. I don’t know you or Scholaris from the comment threads, but what I now realize is there’s a history and two sides, neither of which I especially care to take.

          “By the way is it ‘not nice’ to call a dog an animal? Humans are technically animals…”

          — Please, that’s such a foolish argument and you know it. No one’s talking about dogs here, only humans. And when it comes to calling humans animals it’s all about the context. In a scientific or artistic context it’s usually fine. In a socioeconomic or cultural context it’s usually intolerant and problematic. Let me put it another way. In a benevolent or even neutral context it’s fine. In a critical or hostile context it’s not. I think you know which categories your comment fell into and are trying to get off on a technicality.

          • Grahm Wellington

            I’m not trying to get off on a technicality. I stand behind my assertion that some people, particularly the people who throw trash on the ground instead of a trash bin or light loads of fireworks in the park leaving the mess for someone else to pick up, are animals (acting in an unrefined undisciplined or antisocial way). I don’t have to be tolerant of this behavior nor should anyone be tolerant of this scourge. To be tolerant of people’s bad habits and not point it out to help them see the fault of their ways IS as you say “problematic”.

  8. Wellington, thank you for trying to dub me a litter bug! I don’t know how you ended up having a self righteous conversation with you own assumptions.
    I never said it was cool to litter! Oh, and for gang members being animals, you are entitled to your own opinions. Wouldn’t be something though if a gang member stuck their hand in the fire to save someone’s life, there is always ex exception to the rules! Personally, I don’t think anyone us better than anyone. Especially those who claim their own self-righteousness. Your words are il-willed, so I really don’t think you are any better than anyone. And I am not Procopio, he dose have similar views on certain subjects though. Maybe native, peace!

  9. “I stand behind my assertion that some people, particularly the people who throw trash on the ground instead of a trash bin or light loads of fireworks in the park leaving the mess for someone else to pick up, are animals (acting in an unrefined undisciplined or antisocial way).”

    Fair enough.


    “I don’t have to be tolerant of this behavior nor should anyone be tolerant of this scourge.”

    Neither do I.

    “To be tolerant of people’s bad habits and not point it out to help them see the fault of their ways IS as you say ‘problematic.'”

    Exactly. You’re welcome.

    • Grahm Wellington

      Huh? All you do is copy and paste my post then agree?

      Perhaps it’s time to get back on your horse and ride away, Paul…

      • Are you really this dumb or just trying to save face? I’m agreeing that you stand behind your assertion that people who litter are animals, as opposed to agreeing that people who litter are animals. I also agree that littering is bad (I think most people here agree), but please don’t get the two issues confused.

        Assuming you clicked the link, and assuming understood what you were reading (a lot of assumptions I know), you’d see that dehumanization is a very nasty thing with all kinds of race and class implications. And yet it’s also something which you not only readily admit to, but seem to relish. Like I said, fair enough, neither do I, and you’re welcome.

        I agree that continuing this conversation serves no further purpose. I sincerely hope that looking upon your neighbors with scorn and derision continues not to work in your favor.

        • Grahm Wellington

          Boy oh boy. you ask if I’m dumb with that incoherent rant? ^

          Jeeze paul. Put the PBR’s and pipe down before you hit the keyboard!

  10. Know what, Grahm? I changed my mind. It’s on. I’ll continue this as long as you want. So please, by all means, keep it up. Keep coming. Bring it. I dare you. I’ll come back at you every single time.

    Since you find me incoherent, perhaps the following links will help explain what calling people animals says about what the person who said it truly thinks and feels (especially with respect to the cultural dynamics of the community they live in), whether they have the balls or the brains to admit it. Hopefully you read them. After you’re done, feel free to respond with something characteristically weak and I’ll just come at you again and we can repeat the whole process. I look forward to it. You have no idea.


  11. And calling me drunk and high to deflect the attention off of how you called people animals and why that’s a problem…well, that would be this tactic:


    It’s related to dehumanization.

    Keep digging, Grahm. The more you say, the bigger the hole gets.

    • Grahm Wellington

      I get it. you are perfect! Congratulations. You have found liberal utopia! Bravo, Paul. And what a coincidence that you share a name with one of America’s great freedom fighters! Oh wait, no. That would be a fake moniker you hide behind you coward.

      You think I’m going to sit here and waste my time reading crap I already know? You think you are “educating” me? You seriously have no idea about the world douche bag.

      The fact is that our society was better when people were afraid to be shamed. It kept people in line. It kept people from getting weak like you. I merely pointed this out by venting a frustration about having to pick up after these animals YES YOU HEARD ME!! ANIMALS!!!! that throw their trash on the ground for someone else to pick up. You want to come after me for that? Why don’t you spend your time doing something useful. Go pick up after your ANIMALS at the park.

      • Grahm Wellington

        So I guess when you said “I’ll continue this as long as you want”, what you really meant was you’ll continue until you realize how dumb your points were…

        Banished Paul! Banished you are!!!

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