This wall brought to you by PBR

PBR sign being painted in Silver Lake./Anthea Raymond

An advertisement for Pabst Blue Ribbon, the American beer that has enjoyed a comeback thanks to its popularity among hipsters and other young drinkers,  is taking shape on the Dangerbird Records building in Silver Lake.  Anthea Raymond snapped a photo of the sign, which is a product of Colossal Media,  as it was being painted this week at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Lucille Avenue.

Will the sight of oversized PBR cans generate a thirst for the brand or a backlash against Silver Lake hipsters?


  1. Since Coors, Miller, and Anheuser-Busch are all owned by foreign entities, Pabst is one of the only american owned and bottled macro-breweries left! I’m all for craft micro beers n’ all , but if we’re comparing watery american macro-brewed beers, why not support the good ole USA.

    • PBR is brewed in the US, but at Miller breweries (now “MillerCoors”), which is foreign-owned. so drinking a PBR is really no different than drinking a Coors, MIller or Anheuser Busch.

    • Pabst doesn’t even have a brewery. All it is is a brand. Everything is contract brewed with pretty poor standards.

  2. I like the traditional old school American beer, it just taste a little sweet to me. I guess it’s the ingredients, fine barley or hops, I don’t know. Coor’s is more refreshing and crisp, but I won’t turn down a Pabsts!
    Even though Coor’s had been sued for there racist comments and all, I still like good beer!
    Cholo’s like beer just as much as the hipsters do!

  3. Isn’t there a City ordinance against mural advertisements on buildings? Or was that reversed at some point?

  4. What Sara asked.

    I love murals and street art. I hate having it used for advertising.

    • This building has often had advertisements on it. I think a few months ago they had ones that looked like indie murals, but turned out to be ads for Microsoft Surface tablets, unless I’m thinking of another building a block or so down.

  5. Doesn’t this qualify as a billboard? Do they have a permit for a billboard on this site? I don’t care if it’s hand painted – it’s advertising. Someone is getting paid to advertise their product on the side of the building.

    Isn’t that how that billboard company got nailed for putting up all those American flags and Statue of Liberty “murals” on high-rise buildings hoping for long term acceptance? Oh, but I guess we’re just supposed to be grateful it’s not a digital billboard!

  6. Man, between this ad and the rent being paid, the owners are wringing every penny they can out of this building.

    And oh yeah, thanks for the giant beer ad, neighbor.

  7. “Will the sight of oversized PBR cans generate a thirst for the brand or a backlash against Silver Lake hipsters?” The EastsiderLA really has become a tired, lowbrow blog feeding the divisions in our communities. Disgusted.

    • I agree. I think it’s time to lay off the hipsters word. Why is the eastsiderla doing that? Would you care to comment eastsiderla?

  8. A beer ad is a long, long way from the days when this building had a mural encouraging support for research into pediatric cancer.

  9. This is what happens when a failing Record Label becomes the landlord.

  10. This is an illegal mural.

    They would have had to get a permit from the Department of Building and Safety, which they would have never received because this is a commercial mural which is illegal.

    If you are unhappy, an anonymous phone call to the DBS would turn this back in to a white wall in a few days.

  11. Here’s where you can complain–to Building and Safety: http://www.permitla.org/csr/. I’m all for murals, but not more billboards, especially un-permitted billboards. This sort of advertising has been cropping up in the neighborhood a lot lately and it needs to stop.

    • Typing to Building and Safety as I read your comment. I hate this piss water beer. People who drink this have no class and no taste. Wipe that wall clean!

  12. Was the whole mural spray painted. The PBR logo has tight line work. The Koi Fish is F’n great. Awesome colors.

  13. Hey Eastsider—looks like the company that did this mural, Colossal Media, got a colossal fine from the city of New York: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/08/illegal-signs-in-soho-are-removed-as-city-collects-225000-fine/. Wonder if LA will have the guts to crack down on these illegal ads?

  14. It’s not Danger Bird Records (which is another ad on the building, it just looks like the company owner’s name.)
    It’s an ad/design company in the building. They must own it.

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