Want to walk on water? Perhaps it’s time to take a stroll across Echo Park Lake

Admiral of Echo Park Yacht Club returns to shore after rescuing his model boat./Julia Fraden

The members of Echo Park Yacht Club gathered this weekend to sail their model boats at Echo Park Lake when a pirate ship owned by Nick Onassis, the “admiral” of the yacht club, got stuck in the lake’s new wetlands near Echo Park Avenue. In order to salvage the ship, Onassis not only swam across the lake but, as the mobile phone video above shows,  he appears to have walked across the water’s surface to carry out the rescue.

It looks like Onassis was able to walk on top of some of new walls and raised planter beds that are submerged just below the water  line (or perhaps Onassis has some special powers as admiral). Some other park visitors have been seen standing atop these walls since the lake reopened last month after a two-year closure and clean up.

Onassis “basically had no choice but to take his Chucks off, hand his iPhone and keys over and dive in,” said Julia Fraden, a fellow yacht club member who shot the video “Everyone started cheering him on. It was epic.”

After a swim and stroll across Echo Park Lake, both Onassis and his pirate ship made it back to shore, she said.


  1. Epic, and illegal. Rules are for everyone people! Stay out of the lake.

  2. when are the meetings for the yacht club and can anyone join? i have a AquaCraft Vela One 40″ and would love to cross streams!!

  3. craig stephens

    Check the LA Weekly this week…

  4. The Cheeseburger

    Unfortunately, he is breaking the rules, and his full information has been published, Let’s make sure he gets his citation in the mail. I could care less if he was the admiral of los angeles. rules are rules. You break them, you pay. Rules have been put in place for a reason. Now let’s imagine if EVERYONE stopped obeying the rules. It would be a disaster.

  5. What a idiot they just cleaned this park up and yet you have people jumping and throwing boats in the water. A waist of tax dollars that went to cleaning some park some people can destroy it again. This park should have been closed off to the public like the Lake Hollywood Reservoir.

  6. Agreed! He hath broken the law, and I demand retribution! Let’s have him drawn and quartered, then burn the remains and piss on the ashes! You’re absolutely right Cheeseburger.. If this treacherous villain gets away with his horrible crime, complete anarchy will surely ensue. Everyone will be jumping in the lake to rescue their sailboats, confusing the ducks and slowly draining out all the water by wicking it up in their stupid black jeans.. I say we need more enforcers at the lake to make sure a travesty like this does not occur again. I demand a garrison of armed guards with jackboots to brutally stomp the faces of anyone who dares rescue a stuck model sailboat to stop a little girl from crying.. He swam! In a lake!! Who will protect us from this monster?!

  7. Sailing of model sailboats and others are a traditional pasttime at the lake. There were organized regattas of such back in the day, you can view the vintage photos by going to the LAPL files online. And there was organized and regulated fishing, too.

    I am all for keeping the new lake in good shape, but I think here we can give slack. I’m someone who has known the grossness of the water of the lake’s worst years, and I’m amused that peeps are actually going in there.

    You haven’t experienced — or smelled — the max organic Echo Park Lake experience until you have encountered one floating, dead, fully ripe, fly-blown dead carp on a 90 degree L.A. day. Ah, now that’s the city.

  8. I guess he didn’t read the rules that are posted in English, “NO SWIMMING FOOL”!

  9. I was there that day…The Admiral was making sure underprivileged children were allowed to operate the boats and enjoy the splendor of the day, when one special needs child beached the vessel into the vegetation retention wall…she cried inconsolably until The Admiral agreed that he would rescue the boat for her and that the mission of that particular vessel was to discover land. So he waddled is oddly portly and alluring body into the water and she began to calm down tremendously….SHAME ON YOU for being so intolerant to the emotional states of underprivileged, developmentally challenged children trying to take part in the historic activities of Echo Park Lake.

    • I am sorry but was this organized by the city, or did you have permits to have an event, in a PUBLIC place?
      I don’t care who you are, and what the excuse is. You are clearly in the wrong, and placing the blame on a underprivileged child is a easy way out. I am also pretty sure the city didn’t authorize any sailing of any boats in the water for the fact that they will get stuck. But by all means enjoy the park.

  10. … maybe he was just trying to get away from the damn ringing bells of the 57 ice cream vendors circling the track with their carts?

    • Yes it didn’t take long for all the illegal food vendors to come back. I guess we will have to get more money from the state to crack down on this before it gets WAY out of hand. Kind of like before the lake closed. We had gang members pretending to be security at night in the park. Illegally marking off spots for the SUNDAY SALE OF THE CENTURY! Which if you didn’t know was a CRAZY ass thing to experience. Most people who came to sell the junk they had, paid these so called security guards for the spots they would occupy on sunday. We do not want anything like this again. EVER!

  11. epic?


  12. Future iterations of this fractious infraction can be alleviated by the application of paddleboats to the surface of the water. O’Get on that O’Farrell!

    • The paddleboats will be related to whomever leases the boat house / cafe. I’m not surprised that no one has opened up there. The terms are very steep. 25K seed money, high monthly, and a whole bunch of liability (including employing a lifeguard).

      Compare that with the overhead of an illegal taco stand or even a food truck that can pop up anywhere around the lake. No way I would sign up for that without some guarantee of keeping the illegal vendors OUT!

      • I didn’t know they had illegal food trucks rolling around the park, the stuff you notice! You are a true sceptic, when it comes to the other guys. If you can’t handle the taco truck, don’t eat tacos.
        Me personally, I wouldn’t have even commented on the guy jumping in the lake if I would have known the reasoning, but it is people like you Beanteam, that keep that fire burning!

        • This comment ^ confirms your lack of reading comprehension. Read it over and over if you have to until you understand it because it really illustrates your ignorance and lack of ability to opine poignantly.

  13. Not afraid to use my real name : Brandy

    Haters be hating…. I wish we had more people like humpty dumpty speaking out about actual important issues instead of wasting precious time trying to tear apart what is some nice clean fun.. I’m sure this guys isn’t making a habit of swimming in the lake. If we can’t be flexible in this world- we’re pretty screwed. Find some tolerance and focus on you, boo.

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