Yelp! maps out hipster hot spots

The Yelp! hipster heat map/Yelp!

Yelp! has rolled out a new feature that creates heat maps based on the frequency of  words that appear in reviews for bars, restaurants and other services.  It should not come as much of a surprise that  the word ” hipster” results in giant red blobs cover much of Echo Park and Silver Lake. The word “hangover” also colors much of the two neighborhoods in shades of red.

Some people are content that their neighborhoods show up as mere blips on the Yelp! hipster heat map.  A tweet from HLP90042 sums it up:

Oh good. Highland Park barely registers when compared to Echo Park and Silver Lake.


  1. The hipsters want all the hip spots, all of them even Echo Park! Until they play it out and get tired of the hip scene

  2. Highland Park is full of us with hip replacements. Now THAT’S hip!

    • It’s alright Katrina,
      I am going to need a shoulder replacement when it’s all over with. I guess ain’t nothing wrong if you’re really hip 🙂 A little old school and some, fandango!
      And this one will be the hippest cholo west side of these sky scrapers’…

  3. Is it healthy to continually singling out a select group of people like this? The term “hipster” represents a certain demographic that can be defined predominately by a short range of age and a certain race. Writing numerous articles that attempt to enflame a conversation about a select group of people is not a healthy practice. Perhaps if you repeatedly write various articles that target other groups of people you will begin to see how what you are doing is wrong. Your post are purposely divisive that erode the foundation of a healthy neighborhood that is based on a mutual respect for all people. It’s upsetting to me Jesus, that your site has become so bigoted and you do your best to keep that up.

    • Aww, you sound so oppressed! It is just SO hard for people who flaunt wealth and privilege all the time in public and displace the less-fortunate from their longtime homes. Let me wipe those acidic tears from your eyes.

    • You’ve certainly have come off cold and harsh in the past towards certain types. Or, have put yourself as if you have been a degree or more prissy than others. I am glad you are seeing that it doesn’t feel very nice to be categorized, by certain demographic’s such as race or perception of race, and creed. Or, because of who you may be, or what kind of swag you have. Not only that, but talk of gentrifying as if that is acceptable for hard working natives raising children in this inner-city, and holding on to secure their home in this city.

    • Being reminded of other universes of discourse helps hipsters to keep their edge. It’s a survival instinct.

  4. Well said Scholaris!

  5. I wish I had seen this, I love boaty things

  6. oops posted on wrong story

  7. I hate these eastsider writers more and more these past couple of years… They are so concerned about “hipsters” that they seem to get to the the topic of “hipsters” in what seems like a majority of their articles in some demeaning tone. You guys too hip for the hipsters? Are you a hipster? Who cares. You.

    • The author writes negatively about hipsters, but is more than happy to flaunt their services all over his website as long as they keep paying for advertising. Gotta love the double standard…

  8. I loved the article on the man whose father was a mechanic and all the life lessons he learned. I don’t think this blog focuses on hipsters. I’m not hip and I love reading this blog. I’ve lived on the east side for over 25 years. I love reading about the pool opening up, billboard politics, and all the good and bad changes happening. I was born and raised in LA and one thing you can count on is constant CHANGE in this city. Bravo, Jesus and the EastsiderLA for covering this corner of the world with all its joys and foibles.

  9. is it just me or is the term “hipster” vastly overused?

    • Beverly D'Angeleno

      Yeah, as far as I can tell, “hipster” basically means “more or less youngish person with some cultural interests that I don’t share”. Seems fairly unworthy of all the attention people spend obsessing over it. Young people; they’re here for our homes, our jobs. When has it ever been any different? Get over it.

  10. Hipsters know who they are, they even call each other by the very moniker that classifies them. There are indeed very clear differences between them and other demographics mainly on which side of “different” they want to be. I have seen them almost run people over because of being distracted, just like anyone else. I have seen them drunk and belligerent, just like anyone else. I have seen them smoking pot and loitering in public spaces, just like anyone else. It is what happens when confronted about this behavior that separates them and anyone else. Does the LAPD see their behavior as detrimental to society……well I don’t know for certain but if i was at the park smoking out with five or so of my friends I probably would have the cops called on me and sure enough they’d probably come because of my ethnicity. Sad but probably true, but some trendy nose in the air kids have this I don’t care attitude. And they get away with it!!!!!! Because we let them. I can not wait until Echo Park is no longer cool and all the little overpriced shops close up and people can go on with their lives like in the pre-hipster era, I was there and it wasn’t too bad. There was a time before you guys came here you do now that right? And families lived shopped and interacted here, just to let you know. I will not be complacent or assimilate while the new kids on the block think they are “improving” the neighborhood. All that has come is a division of peoples how many of us are eating at your spots drinking with you at the beer gardens, playing f**king croquet at the park I mean c’mon! Gentrification is a good thing when there is a sense of responsibility not selfishness.
    Now for all you who read this and want to comment go ahead, preach to choir because this is the last visit to this site I will ever make!

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