A video tribute to a Silver Lake mechanic

Many car owners like their mechanic. But Molly O’Brien of Silver Lake liked her mechanic so much she decided to create a video of Doug McCleod of Precision Motors in Silver Lake.  O’Brien, who has taken her 30-year-old Mercedes wagon to McCleod for several years, was prompted to create the video after she learned that McCleod was considering leaving his long-time location at the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and Effie Street if his rent keeps rising. “I trust him,” said O’Brien, who lives within walking distance of Precision Motors. “Getting my car fixed at Precision Motors makes me feel like I live in a community where I am cared about.”

O’Brien spent two days to shoot the video, which is the first in a series of videos devoted to “working life.”   Said O’Brien via email:

I wanted to make the video because I value places like this, places that are run by people like Doug that really care about what they do, where they work, and the people they are working with.  Also, Doug is a great character — a neighborhood icon.  The fact that he may have to move or go out of business (he is a renter) makes me sad.  While I am happy that Silver Lake is thriving economically, it makes me very sad to see the old shops and cafes either go out of business because they can’t pay the rising rents (I was really sad to see the Back Door Cafe go), or have to move to a more affordable area.  Doug is considering San Fernando road I think.


  1. Doug is the BEST MECHANIC IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I also consider him a friend. I’ve been going to him for 23 years! But his last name is McLeod!

  2. The Back Door Bakery Cafe is in business up in Sunland! We just relocated a third time to an anchor unit across from a park! It’s pretty good sized, has a patio, amazing air conditioning, a kids space for reading and drawing on a huge chalkboard, a stage, and all the delicious foods you remember! You can find us on facebok at:


  3. This is awful! – I took my old Volvo into Doug on Monday (he’s dealt with my Volvo for a little while). I mentioned I was considering selling it because I couldn’t keep up with even the minor repairs….long story short…he fixed it and did NOT charge me!. -Needless to say that was incredibly kind of him. I gained a new respect for Doug, he’s a good guy and really does have a big heart. And now to find out that he is struggling as well makes me feel so terrible!!

  4. Doug is the best! I’ve been taking my old clunkers to him for years. He is the best mechanic in the world and a great human being. It’s rare to find a mechanic one can trust. I hope he can stay in Silverlake. He’s one of the reasons the neighborhood is so great…

  5. What a wonderful video and how kind of Molly to do it! I live within walking distance of this shop and have never been there, but that will change. I’ll take my car in next week!

  6. WOW! This MUST BE the answer to one of my prayers! I have a GREAT mechanic – but he is in the Valley and It’s a hardship for me to go there now. I was asking everyone for a mechanic “around” here, but most folks own newer cars here in Echo Park and service them at their dealerships. So I was amazed to “accidently” (sure, right!) stumble on to the video by Beth O’Brien.

    I know the mechanics name is Doug McLeod but WHERE is he located and what is his phone number? I am positive there others out there (like me, who have old cars and thin wallets) looking for someone just like Doug, who appears to have an abundance of skill, empathy, integrity, and HONESTY!

    I just want to add kudos to Ms. O’Brien for her video, and “YAY!” for finding one of Silver Lakes hidden gems!

    • hi im his granddaughter we are located at 1650 silverlake blvd los angeles.ca 90026 and the cross street is Effie its right on the corner across from the seven eleven

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