Cleaning up at Echo Park Lake

Workers collect trash in Echo Park Lake wetlands/Darrell Kunitomi

Along with the new aquatic plants and yellow pedal boats, trash and clumps of algae also float on the surface of the newly reopened Echo Park Lake. Frequent park visitor Darrell Kunitomi was happy to see workers out in the lake this week collecting trash and the aquatic equivalent of weeds.

Kunitomi, in an email, said he has reported the trash several times to city officials:

Lots of trash in lake has been there for weeks. I know, I’ve photo’d it over and over, same stuff. Very glad to see this. Guys in waders in the north end. Hope they got the stuff around the lake.”

Kunitomi said the water-borne trash collects into the same spots where the westerly wind blow it into the corners of the lake.

Skimming for trash/Darrel Kunitomi

Weeding Echo Park Lake/Darrell Kunitomi


  1. Great to see.. thanks guys for keeping the lake clean. Just a shame that you see bottles and other crap in there. Especially around the park perimeter.. corn cob remnants, and other refuse.. I’m already seeing increased tagging activity in the Park. Oh well. Guess. That’s life in the big city. Can’t have nice things and enjoy them without someone trying to destroy it or just not give a crap about throwing their garbage on the gorund..

    • Interested to know where there is increased tagging in the park. I go there 3x a week since it reopened and I’ve seen exactly two tags, both of which were quickly painted over. Otherwise, the park is pretty darned clean as far as I can tell. Even the lake barely has a bottle or two floating on it in any given week.

  2. Adding — maint crews (on north end in photos) don’t seem to check perimeter, some trash in south end has been there for weeks. But they are working hard, don’t get me wrong.

  3. Some people are just litter bugs, they throw trash in front of my house as I continuously pick up after I don’t know who? That will be the one time that I am not going to discriminate and will put whoever in their place! Litter bugs are litter bugs. Throw your trash in the trash cans, o kay.

  4. Hello eastsider! It says “picking up thrash”

  5. Monday, 8/26 — maint work continues at EP Lake, thank gosh and crews, but one small complaint — young fella walks perimeter with nice, long-handled net, but for some reason doesn’t stop to fish out what’s collected in corners @ netting.

    Disposable razor blade and asst. detritus still in-place, one month now. Time for me to bring out my own net, it seems…..

  6. BTW, I’ve visited Lincoln, MacArthur and Hollenbeck parks lately, just to check out the sits at those historic places. It’s horrible, absolutely bad. All are in need of extensive repair, and smell like open (duck/goose) sewers. Hollenbeck is especially bad.

    MacArthur dates way back to 19th Century, and was once wonderful, played there safely as a boy prob at same time Jimmy Webb was pining for his girl, writing his classic song. It’s a big old pond, and ugly compared to Echo. There are fish in there, bass.

    Lincoln has fishing fans, and is a very small lake. A fountain system (lower than Echo’s) keeps water somewhat aerated. No more boats there, not for a long time. But Hollenbeck is truly sad — banks in terrible disrepair, an incredible number of wild avian life (migratory ducks and Canada geese), some fishing going on, and a northern end where crap collects and smells to high heaven. Think pounds and pounds of rotting duck and goose shit in shallow water.

    Echo Park is an absolute paradise compared to the other three historic Los Angeles urban lakes.

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