Eastside Property: Will historic charm overcome City Terrace freeway noise?

This newly listed 1938 Spanish Colonial Revival-style home in City Terrace has a lot going for going it.  Many of its original features remain intact; there’s a detached, two-car garage and a price tag under $250,000, which has become much harder to find the days. But one potential major drawback could be a freeway-close location.

While not directly facing or backing up to the 10 Freeway, the two-bedroom house on Rogers Street is only a block away from the eastbound lanes. The freeway noise is still loud and clear even at this distance. But, then again, putting up with some freeway noise might be worth it given the home’s vintage condition. Here’s how the Redfin listing describes the place:

Great Opportunity to purchase a wonderful starter home in City Terrace with much character and original details. This property has abundance of natural light, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, living room with fireplace, front picture window, and beamed ceilings, formal dining room, kitchen with tile counters and an adjacent service porch.

The house is being offered up at $249,000. At that price, the buyers might have some money left over to pay for some sound proofing.

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  1. I’m a big fan of spanish homes like this one, I particular love the front window and its stained glass design. Does anyone know the proper term for these types of window?

    • I think the general term ‘Picture Window” applies, this one having the touch of stained glass characteristic of Spanish Revival houses of this area. Pretty awesome.

  2. Super cute place and the neighbors looks well manicured. Change out the jalousie windows with double glazed and it will really help with any freeway noise. The original kitchen and bath tile work is gorgeous. Numerous homes in Silver Lake overlooking the 2 freeway have sold for $700,000 to $900,000 in the last six months so it seems freeway noise isn’t that big of a drawback for some home buyers.

  3. I’d be less concerned with the noise than with the pollution. We’re only now starting to grasp the consequences of living adjacent to highways and breathing in all those particulates. There’s at least one study that links autism with proximity to freeways.


  4. cute bungalow with old skool spanish style gang territories

  5. They certainly don’t seem to be worried about gangs with no bars windows and jalousie windows! Yes this is an old skool gang area, but I moved here from Echo Park and City Terrace is Switzerland by comparison.

    • City Terrace also has nothing going on. You can’t compare it to Echo Park by any stretch of the imagination. People living in East L.A. would avoid Terrace. You would only go there if you had to to visit family or friends. Not a place to hang out for dinner, go clubbing, shopping, or hang out at the park. Echo Park has all those things.

      The price of the home reflects the problems with the area. Freeway closeness is the least of your problems. Location, location, location.

      • All of those things you describe are reasons I left EP. Ten years ago there was “nothing going on” in EP either (with a few exceptions). Once it got to the point where there were bands playing out of storefronts at midnight, drunken millennials shouting their goodbyes outside my bedroom window at 2am, weekly gunshots and 3 foot high gang graffiti, and luxury cars cruising on sunset, it was time to go. To each his own.

        I bought a house in City Terrace w/ vintage charm, beautiful views, privacy, an extremely quiet neighborhood, I can be on a freeway within 3 min or less, and my mortgage is less than my rent was in EP. Most of CT is in the hills where fwy pollution is not a factor, and the views are to die for. As for location re: investment, Echo Park has no more room for return. Everyone I know who bought there in the last 8 years lost money. I’m not a flipper, but probably 75% of the sales in my area in the last few years are flips and people are making a killing … and buyers still feel like they’re getting a deal. A house down the block from me was recently flipped for $70K profit in less than 4 months, and the seller didn’t even fix it up! Crazy.

        So, whatever. I’ve already said too much – let ppl think they know what’s going on in CT and just stay in Echo Park. They can have it. When I want to have a great dinner, be entertained, or meet with friends, I drive 5 minutes into Downtown… it’s way cooler than Silver Lake or Echo Park any day.

        • I like CT’s comment — I lived up on Dickson Ave. for 10 years in the 90s, and it was rife with gangs and (almost) nightly gunshots. It’s old school vato territory, tho most of the veteranos have cycled out: prison, old age, death by lead poisoning.

          I rented a house for cheap and had views to the west that were astounding — but there was Fwy 10 noise, the gangs/cholitos who caused most trouble, really, really bad driving (stop signs routinely ignored, parking in street to chat, drunk driving (so don’t tell me about bad Asian driving, because I was relieved to go to Mt. Prk for dim sum) and a lot of loose dogs, inclu pits running around whose owners thought it amusing when Diesel terrorized the neighborhood.

          Folks bbq’d the rabbits they raised, kept chickens and gardens, worked on cars all day long. Everyone seemed to know everyone else, or hated them, but all knew who was around.

          I liked it. You could party long as you’d like and crank the Marantz 2270 to max.

      • Sounds like a resident reported the guy and that the police made short work of him. This is actually a good sign that people in the neighborhood are no longer tolerant of crime.

  6. I know very little about East LA and unfortunatley, what I do know or heard it’s pretty much negative. I am still a little confused about City Terrace-are gangs still a problem there? But more importanly, are African-Americans welcomed there? I was considering making an offer on the Rogers propery – but I’m seriously concerned. My daughter and I mind our own busiess, no loud parties or guests. I like the house, plan and simple. I would appreciate any feedback (positve or negative) thank you 🙂

  7. If you’re really interested in the area then visit the local police station and talk to them about it. They are usually pretty upfront and honest about what’s going on in the area and what you should watch out for. Some of my relatives moved into the area recently. They are caucasian and found their Latino neighbors to be very friendly and welcoming. They’ve been invited over for dinner and have learned a lot about the area from their neighbors that have lived there for twenty years or more. They did have a table and chairs taken from their front yard before they got a lock for their gate, but that could happen anywhere in LA. Apparently the area is much better now, but was terrible 20 years ago with a lot of gang activity and shootings happening regularly. The police have really cracked down in recent years and now it is much better, though the reputation still lingers.

  8. My partner and I bought a house on Hicks back in November. Initially when we started looking for homes to buy, the first ones we saw in CT were enough to make us say that we were not interested in CT as a location, then this lovely 1,300 sq. foot 2 bath/3 bed came on the market on a Tuesday and we were in escrow by Friday. We have million dollar views of downtown LA and a fully functional basement (something very few LA homes have) We were weary about the neighborhood for it’s reputation, especially for us being a gay couple. We found that 4/5 of our neighbors are great, super friendly (and always have oranges/lemons to share), are stay at home for the most part, which we like because we know that we have people that can keep an eye on the house. Not to say we didn’t get an alarm installed, but I think with any smart homeowner, an alarm system is a must. There are a lot of loose dogs which I don’t like seeing, but I am part of the solution and have a trap set up at night to catch strays. All in all, our neighborhood is quiet and easy access to lots of great Mexican restaurants.

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