Echo Park council witholds support for gang injunction

Echo Park council member holds up signs against gang injunction/Tony Cella

By Tony Cella

The Echo Park neighborhood council Tuesday night voted “not to support” the proposed Echo Park area gang injunction and to play “an active role in developing positive solutions to the problems that exist in the community.”

The governing board of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council also voted to send a letter expressing their views to the City Attorney and other city and police officials  as well as Judge Abraham Khan, who is considering the city attorney’s complaint.

Board member Kwazi Nkrumah introduced the motion because of the overwhelming opposition to the injunction expressed by attendees. Nkrumah chose not to use the word “opposition” because he considered  that negative.   The motion was adopted with 15 votes in favor, none in opposition and three abstentions.

Prior to the vote, officials with the City Attorney explained the purpose of the injunction and the process of implementing it. The injunction contends that the behavior of gang members interfered with the “quiet enjoyment” of Echo Park resident’s lives and constituted a public nuisance, said Deputy City Attorney Arturo Martinez.  He compared the legal action to an injunction against a corporation dumping chemicals in the Los Angeles River.

Martinez said his office reserves the right to decide to pursue injunction related complaints brought forward by the Los Angeles Police Department. Several LAPD officers attended the meeting but declined to comment.  Martinez described the vetting process as a means of oversight and part of the city’s check and balance system.

The injunction would apply to more than 300 members of six rival gangs in an approximately four-square-mile area that includes Echo Park, Elysian Valley and portions of Silver Lake.

At first,  the City Attorney’s office was slated to speak for fifteen minutes followed by a five minute question-and-answer period. The anti-injunction activists, backed by most of those in attendance, requested Art Goldberg, a lawyer and longtime civil rights activist sympathetic to the opposition, be granted five minutes to address the board.

Board president Ari Bessendorf denied the request after hearing Goldberg did not have a client in the case. The crowd shouted, booed and refused to come to order, despite Bessendorf’s requests. The board adjourned and then came back and announced the City Attorney’s representatives had ceded five minutes of their time to Goldberg.
The decision not to support the injunction was met by stomps, cheers and a standing ovation by the crowd in attendance.

Goldberg, who runs the Working People’s Law Center of Echo Park, said injunctions have enormous flaws, which result in an “unworkable” legal mitigation tactic. The attorney took issue with the burden the order placed on youth because they were too young to understand which court had the power to remove them from the injunction, if they were misplaced, or how to argue against the restraining order.

“In essence, they go and get slaughtered,” he said.

Approximate boundaries of Echo Park gang injunction safe-zone.

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Tony Cella is a freelance reporter who has covered crime and grime in Los Angeles, New York City and the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Click here to contact Cella with questions, comments or concerns.


  1. So sad. Seems like the board members got a visit from the gang members?! This GI has worked in other areas and I don’t understand why Echo Park community has no cojones to stand up to the gangs. Guess we now know who runs the city!!!!

    • Your comment is a shining example of what is wrong with the injunction. With a knee-jerk reaction, you automatically assume that those opposed to the injunction are “gang members.” Just as might some cop entering a kid’s name into a mysterious database automatically assume that — because the kid was caught shoplifting a soda when he was 14 and therefore has a “record,” and now happens to have a shaved head and wear a Dodgers jersey — the kid is therefore a “gang member.” And that kid, who might actually have gotten good grades in school after being scolded by his parents for that shoplifting incident, is now rewarded with placement on a list that will prohibit him from associating with perhaps an uncle or some cousins who are also on that list. And he has to jump through all sorts of bureaucratic and burdensome hoops in order to try to get his name removed.

      You can’t build a civil society on knee-jerk reactions. You want a law-abiding community? How about following the law of the land — the U.S. Constitution — which guarantees the right of free association.

      • Very hypothetical, not a strong argument for allowing gangs to thrive.

        • It’s not hypothetical that false generalizations are being made by injunction supporters like J R. Under an injunction that by design lacks due process, similar false generalizations can easily screw up the lives of a lot of innocent people.

          • Samarkand: It’s been done in other LA communities and it has worked. Anyone who is against GI must have some affiliation with gangs in one way or another. As for your ‘story’ of the 14 year old kid, he continued to sleep in the same bed he made after stealing by shaving his head and started looking like a gang member.

  2. That board is a bunch of dim bulbs. It’s on the community who didn’t have the guts to show up an speak for the injunction. Not like this vote means anything. Injunction will still go forward.

  3. They vote to negate and instead think they can cure ills by playing “an active role in developing positive solutions to the problems that exist in the community…”.

    Okay, get on it, like tonight.

  4. Who’s the clown holding the signs?

    • I wondered the same thing. I see lots of homeless people with similar signs.

    • I would like to know, because that councilmember sure doesn’t speak for me or any of my neighbors here in Echo Park!

      • how absolutely rude and bourgeois you all are to make these comments. i know who she is — she is a long-time (20 years plus) resident of echo park (and — i believe — also a homeowner). i have been a echo park resident for 40 years, and never heave i heard such rude comments from newcomers such as yourself. i guess this is what we get to enjoy from now on.

    • I think it’s James

      • Read my posts more closely. I’ve been in favor of the injunction, though there’s so much opposition to it that now I don’t think it’s the best idea – too divisive an issue at the moment. Oh, and I have less hair than the woman in the photo.

  5. I think people would hear the words “gang” and will sign off on just about anything. I would love to hear a detailed explanation of of this injunction and then some discussion about why civil rights attorneys oppose it. For those complaining that the board is a bunch of incompetence (even though they are probably closer to the facts) why don’t you get off your ass and serve in your neighborhood council.

  6. I think people would hear the words “gang” and will sign off on just about anything. I would love to hear a detailed explanation of of this injunction and then some discussion about why civil rights attorneys oppose it. For those complaining that the board is a bunch of incompetence (even though they are probably closer to the facts) why don’t you get off your ass and serve in your neighborhood council,

    • the gang injunction has been upheld by the supreme court. activist lawyers opposing it have already lost because their arguments hold no weight.

      • Each injunction is its own terms. Meaning that you cant just write anything you want into it and say “oh geez its a gang injunction it’s protected” The injunction still has fall within or protected civil liberties or else its illegal. So again I would love to hear from an actual civil rights attorney as to why they oppose it.

  7. I think people would hear the words “gang” and will sign off on just about anything. I would love to hear a detailed explanation of of this injunction and then some discussion about why civil rights attorneys oppose it. For those complaining that the board is a bunch of incompetent morons (even though they are probably closer to the facts) why don’t you get off your ass and serve in your neighborhood council.

  8. I’m glad the community stood up for themselves —

    The “Gang problem” in Echo Park is pretty much non-existent at this point, barring some graffiti, and dudes who like to drink outside in the sunshine, but can only afford 22s of Budweiser rather than drinking at the Red Lion or some other bar with a patio.

    Sure, occasionally someone gets shot. But that’s all internal.

    Otherwise, trampling on the constitutional rights of 300 people, basically because they’ve lived in the neighborhood since it was a barrio and “gangs” were just how the different neighborhoods were organized socially, is a stretch.

    This is just the most recent attempt to mop up the last remnants of the old neighborhood and drive them out of their homes. (Cf. Chavez Ravine. ) Or rather, lock them in their homes in solitary confinement without a trial and prevent them from socializing with their friends and family.

    • “…Sure, occasionally someone gets shot. But that’s all internal….”. RIGHT.

      Tell this to the parents and families of the two children hit by stray bullets that took their lives.

    • deaf dumb blind

    • I guess you’re not a homeowner who has to constantly repaint their fence because of these criminals, so it’s “non-existant” right?

      • Call 311 and report your fence being tagged, they will come out and repaint if for you. You should not have to do it. Also, not only for your home but all of LA you can call 311 and report tagging and they will come out and paint over it. Sure it’s just a band aid job but at least you don’t have to see that crap!?

  9. Good thing they don’t get to decide…

    Laughable. Like Silver Lake NC trying to ban Airbnb! HAHAHAHA Powerless busy bodies!

  10. Kyle you are so ignorant! First, not all gang members are “Mexican” so if you are going to speak ill about gangs please generalize because there are Asian, Armenian, Black and also white gangs who were born here in America so what country do they go back home to?! Stop ASSuming that gangs are only Mexican.
    Rehab and GI’s do work, most gang members are just lost soul’s who grew up in a broken home just looking for a home to be a part of. Just unfortunate they choose this way of life.
    Also, if you believe GI is pointless and you hate the area where you live then move out!

    • JR, while I don’t excuse or justify all of Kyle’s comments, I have to respond to your statement that there are also Asian, Armenian, black, and white gangs. Please tell me where in Los Angeles I can find evidence of Asian, Armenian, or white gangs. I’m not denying their existence, but I’d like you to tell me where in the Los Angeles city limits I can drive where I can see any indication – however slight – of an Asian, Armenian, or white gang. If you have difficulty answering that question, I submit that it’s because the aforementioned groups don’t run down an area by tagging or otherwise wreaking havoc on their communities.

      • James, Wikipedia.com shows a list of all gangs for all of California: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_California_street_gangs .
        Asian Gangs: http://www.streetgangs.com/Asian
        Armenian Gangs: http://politicalhotwire.com/political-discussion/90208-armenian-gangs-la-california.html
        Black Gangs: http://www.streetgangs.com/crips
        White Gangs: http://www.city-data.com/forum/los-angeles/8457-white-gangs.html

        So, there you have it. This is reportedly where they are. The last link showing white gangs, sums up pretty much most of the other gangs and where they reside.
        Those other races are here in LA. Unfortunately, LATINO gangs are more in our faces and always the main race in mind when the word “Gang” is brought up.

        • Your “research” did not answer my question. Where, within the Los Angeles city limits, can I find evidence of Asian, Armenian, or white gangs? As the average Angeleno goes about his or her day, what might he or she see that would indicate the presence of any such gangs in a certain area?

        • James: There are many Korean gangs in Koreatown (a family friend was accidentally killed by one in the early 00s); there are also Armenian gangs in East Hollywood and Glendale. Just because you haven’t seen/heard of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

      • Asian gangs are found in Filipinotown and Chinatown. Sounds stereotypical right? But that’s where they’ve been.

        Armenian Gangs, Armenian Power has “turf” in Hollywood.

        White gangs, that’s the LAPD.

        • Thanks El Dandy for your partial response.
          James, it appears you are just being too lazy to check out the links I provided. They give all the information you asked. Seems you just like to present needless arguments with everyone here on this site.

        • JR, I’m far from lazy. You evaded my question. I never denied the existence of Asian, white, or Armenian gangs; I was simply making the point that those gangs are not openly destroying their communities and intimidating residents, and the average Angeleno would be hard-pressed to find any evidence of such gangs in their communities. The fact that you had to search the internet to come up with a bunch of links helps prove my point.

          At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll repeat my challenge: Give me the name of a street – or a building – or a neighborhood – where I can witness Asian, white, or Armenian gang members hanging out, or where I can spot graffiti from such gangs – or any other evidence that they exist in a given area. For that matter, post a link to any article in the last ten years that describes any innocent victims of a gang shooting caused by a white, Asian, or Armenian culprit.

    • First off im not ignorant.

      But you know what most people are afraid of? The Truth.

      In my hood here, the cliche that repeats itself over and over again give’s these gang wanna be’s their own reputation. Its not like im making this up because i want to be a racist. In my neighbourhood if you walk on the street at 2am and see two shaved headed latinos you WILL seek either A) an area with more people or B) run. Why? Because again the cliche becomes the face of reality which is that im as a white dude am most likely to get mugged or robbed. Do you think im making this up? Ive been held at Gun point before, being spit on, being called “White boy lives in the wrong hood” and was kicked multiple times. So please forgive me if i sounded like a racist which i am not really but living in this hood has made me one. And I will fully admit it and i will stand by comment.

      In other parts of city or country, other groups do the same thing. Sure. And I would be saying the SAME god damn thing about these people too. Of course since here in LA they are not white, that makes me a racist. Yeah..If you go to Glendale, you have 99% chance that the same idiots are Armenian gangs. Its just…i live in Echo Park not Glendale.

      Also i never said that all “mexicans” would need to deported. What im saying is that these gang people in my hood (and yes they are ALL latinos) are violent, trash the streets, Tag houses and streets, smoke weed out in public, drink alcohol in public, and disturb the peace every single god damn day. These people happen to be 99.9% of the time, LATINOS.

      All of these things ive experienced during my 5 year + stay in Echo Park. I tried to be nice. I tried to be friendly. It never worked and will never. I moved in here with an open mind but all i got were dirty looks.

      heres my life to sum it up:

      Was held at gunpoint
      There is LOUD music on the street every day. And its being played at a volume to purposely ANNOY everyone around them.
      Police is in my street about every 4-6 days once.
      Last year, there was a shootout in front of my house.
      My street and house gets tagged about once or twice a month.

      And you can call anyone anything on the net. An idiot an ahole. Like i really care? Your a hypocrite if you think you can talk to these people. Me or you. We cannot. Have you fucking looked at the police crime map? Have you looked at the most wanted people in LA? Have you looked at Prison statistics? Yeah. They are all latinos. Its a fact. Im not making this up.

      The injunctions should not be opposed because when these people hang out in groups outside on my street, TROUBLE IS going to happen, its just a matter of when. Its the harsh reality I live here every single day. So don’t come to me with your faceless insults. I want to see you talking about it after you were being held at gunpoint.

  11. So the Rampart Division just comes out from under federal oversight (after years of framing and beating citizens under the cover of “anti-gang”work) and now is being empowered to stop and frisk without any probable cause other than you or your associate is on a mysterious list? As I understand this injunction, if my ne’er do well brother is on the list and we’re together at a family picnic at the park, we can stopped and searched for “associating” in public. So his he supposed to be made a pariah until he moves elsewhere? Until he gets of the list? What is the logical end to this policy?

    I’m curious just how effective (and how one measures the effectiveness) of other gang injunctions? How exactly does this rather draconian, anti-civil liberties measure protect the larger community better than typical police work?

    • you gave up your rights when you joined a gang that espouses violence. yes, leave.

    • Well, the area North of Sunset is under the Northeast Police Division, not Rampart.

      And no, you can’t just be stopped and frisked for associating with someone… this targets groups of documented criminals with known gang affiliation.

      • @ Rj Vasquez, Correction YES YOU CAN BE STOP AND FRISK, how do i know this.

        1. my son is not a gang member nor does he look it or associates, he looks like a white boy and has blue eyes and yet he was STOP the other day and FRISK, and ask questioned by LAPD North East Police about his affiliation who was he related to, what was his parents gang names are? REALLY come on now i deal with this everyday just about in EP with LAPD don’t let them paint a pretty picture as if they are not harassing our innocent youth that have no gang ties nor do they look like gang members.

  12. So the nonbinding Neighborhood Council voted to play “an active role in developing positive solutions to the problems that exist in the community.” I hope this matter gets referred to the Subcommittee on Rainbows, Unicorns and Positive Vibes for further study. Their symobolic non-approval probably isn’t going to make much of a difference as it’s up to a judge and the City Attorney’s Office.

    That said, I think people are getting way too worked up over the gang injunction thing. Opponents keep talking about Stop and Frisk, but since the list of 300 gang members is probably put together based on criminal records, wouldn’t a lot of these gang members already be on parole/probation and subject to searches anyway? I’m all for cracking down on the knuckleheads in the neighborhood, but I don’t know that an “injunction” is going to actually have any sort of effectiveness. Does it allow for more police patrols?

  13. why dont they put this on a ballot and let the people decide this sounds like The Echo Park neighborhood council will do nothing but sit around twiddle their thumbs and play the play no evil see no evil card. Hopefully someone now powerful will step in and in force this gang injunction because obviously these people can’t do it. I will be a matter of time Echo Park will will be taken over by gangs after spending all the money into beautification of that park

  14. People who say the gang problem is non existent must live on another planet. These scumbags can be found up in EP across in CYS territory on the stairs above EP lake in the bars on sunset and on walls everywhere. These pathetic losers who’s life revolves around intimidation, crime , ‘M” and any perceived slights that usually result in beatings stabbings and killings have hoodwinked their own families into crying over their “mantas”. These cowards should step out from the shadows and show themselves then the graffiti would be on the wall for all to see. There is nothing more despicable then these low down Chollos and their pathetic sense of community. Respect man! Fuck that if you have to ask then you don’t deserve it.

  15. So you are equating “loud Mexican music” with tagging? And, you think that all of these alleged “gang members” and undocumented and must be “deported.” I’m very, very glad you posted this Kyle. Because it shows EXACTLY what the motivations are for those who are supporting the injunction. Your motivations are very, very clear.

    I still oppose it.

    • cristi,

      you are the walking definition of irony. you are so concerned with the police lumping all non-whites together as “gangsters” that you fill the pages of the eastsider with rage. but when some ignorant fool talks about deporting people, you immediately lump anyone who is in favor of the injunction into this same distorted view. time to wake up and take some of your own advice.

      • You attack me every time I post. If you spent more time attacking idiots like Kyle who undermine your position in support of the injunction then we could possible start having an intelligent conversation about the injunction whether it is actually a good idea or not and what other stategies are available. But we can’t. because Kyle (and others like him) like to post about the “illegals” who have been in gangs for multiple generations, (dating to the 1930s) but somehow are still illegal?! (Genius reasoning there.) But as long as your side is represented by people like Kyle, then we won’t get past it the racial animus. You have to admit that *SOME* people who support the junction are motivated by racial animus. Maybe its just a few a-holes like Kyle. But you spend more time trying to silence me than trying to silence Kyle — this works against your own interest, by the way. But as long as Kyle keeps speaking up, he does NOT disprove my theory that pro-injunction folks are motivated by racial animus. I want KYLE to keep speaking!! Speak up Kyle! Let your hate be magnified for everybody to see. More from Kyle please.

        • cristi,

          who ever said i was in favor of the injunction? i actually haven’t made up my mind yet. i know what i am in favor of – less tagging, less random gun shots, less brooding looks because of the color of my own skin. but i don’t necessarily trust the police outright, and i don’t yet subscribe to the idea that the injunction will fix these things. in fact, it may even make things worse. i may have been living on the east coast when the rampart scandal went down, but i do know that corruption occurs in all circles. there may be 1000 good police officers, but if just one turns out to be corrupt, then it hurts them (and us) all. if it was up to me, i would ask the OG’s and the shot callers to take responsibility and try and calm down the rhetoric and the unnecessary vandalism and violence. this is their neighborhood too. but they don’t live here alone, and it would be much better if we could all live together in relative peace.

          so, to let you know why you think i am attacking you – i think you need to calm down. you have made some excellent points, but they are getting drowned out by your pointed accusations. this needs to be debated, but it needs to be done with cool heads and logical thoughts. you are hurting your own cause by going off the rails and making vast assumptions and generalizations. please, take a breath and think before you post. many of the people you have attacked are not trying to be combative, yet you treat them as if they are trying to start a war. let’s talk this through civilly and see where it gets us. and maybe we can actually come up with a solution that meets all of our goals.

  16. Why do people cower, and say that they are so scared when I see groves of Europeans walking the street of Echo Park at night. Up and down the avenue, up and down Sunset, but yet none can come out to a meeting. I am glad I don’t have to sit in a fox hole in another country with any of these cowards. Let us keep it gangster, and let the cowards be.

    • What are you even trying to say? You make no sense.

    • Foxholes, Scholaris? What year is it, 1943?

      • It is an analogy James! You couldn’t be in my gang, poop butt!

        • Aww, come on, Scholaris. That’s not fair. You didn’t even give me a chance. Instead of jumping me in, you could let me write a 500-word essay about why I should be a member. I could be a valuable asset to the group. I’ll even schedule time each week to “post up” and “kick it with the homies;” would Thursday evenings work? Say, from 5:00-7:00 P.M.? I’ll pencil it in, before my Bikram Yoga class. Let me know.

          • Isn’t this something? How you use the word fair, which means legitimately free from bias. What is fair for me and the ones I love, may or not be fair towards yours either. Enjoy your Yoga lessons, and I will enjoy what pleases me in this fine country we live in. I knew you were a dweeb, true Internet warrior!

          • Scholaris, who’s the true internet warrior? You’re the one whose posts are replete with 1980’s-era putdowns such as “dweeb” and “pooh-butt” (not “poop-butt,” as you wrote). I haven’t threatened or called anyone names; I attack peoples’ arguments – or sometimes their spelling or grammar – but I’ve never stooped to the level of name-calling. I guess everyone uses what they have at their disposal. I use sarcasm and my knowledge of the English language – and you use schoolyard – and prison-yard – putdowns.

        • Gangs are for the weak.

          You can’t handle shit on your own so you join up with others who also can’t handle their shit on their own. Gangs 101.

          The injunction takes away a gang’s only strength. Numbers. Take away their numbers and all you’ve got are angry little boys with Freddy Mercury mustaches who fight over blocks they don’t even own.

          So let’s keep it weak is what you’re really saying?

    • “Keep it gangster”? What a joke………. You’re pathetic if you’re still “repping your hood” etc…….at your age………..What did the gang life provide you with? You write on people’s walls and drink in public……….real hardcore……….. Yes, you keep it gangster out there, Scholaris…………

      • El Jefe, they should call you El Jefa! “Write on walls and drink in public?” Look, I can’t afford to pay the tickets that come with drinking in public. And as for writing on walls, I keep a can of paint for when people write on my walls. You just assume that I am doing all kinds of criminal activities, due to the fact I am not whining like so many do on this blog. Assuming that I am all criminally engaged, because I said something pertaining to keeping it gangster? Fine me a thousand dollars for wearing Mark Ecko, while I see hipsters incorporating our style! Please, you are the true definition of an ignorant individual. Maybe I should post up with a bandanna wrapped around my head cholo style, or do I have to be of other descent to do so? Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Now I can’t dress a certain way, because you may feel intimidated. Please, you might as well castrate me. Better yet, tar and feather us all like one has already suggested.

    • Scholaris, Did you go to Logan or Elysian Heights?

      • Elysian Heights, and I was the flag monitor. I even went to summer school at Mayberry, and graduated from Atwater elementary.
        Although, I grew up primarily all the way up the avenue in the hills of Elysian Heights.

  17. It sounds like you don’t want a gang injunction – you want an injunction against everyone who litters and listens to Mexican music.

  18. I think he is saying “say it to his tattooed contorted grimacing hard ass face”. Typical. All these scumbags know is violence and intimidation. These people are an embarrassment Mexicans in Mexico. They don’t get it. My family is from Northern Mexico and they seriously can not comprehend what these Chollos are. This is not a race thing its a lifestyle thing. My advice to them is to go live in Pacoima.

  19. Did ANYONE in this thread actually GO to the meeting last night? Didn’t think so.

    • I was there and thought it was a fair, well run meeting where everybody had a legitimate chance to speak. I think that there are lot of people in the community who support the injunction who did not attend. I think many of the YJC and STAY do not actually live in the neighborhood as well – however there were some local residents who did speak against the injunction. There was a lot of grandstanding by the board during the debate. Ultimately the board voted “not to support” the injunction. That is very different from “oppose.” Finally, though it was good to have all of the community output, ultimately the injunction is still the call of Judge Kahn and of the City Attorney.

    • Give us an attendance report.

    • Scholaris@weepersinep

      What if this injunction doesn’t go through? You all just blew a bunch of smoke for nothing. Even if it does go through, they won’t be able to put anything in effect for another year or so. You people on this blog are an embarrassment to your own kind.

  20. I am a white, middle class woman who lives in this neighborhood, works in the neighborhood and whose child attends school in this EP neighborhood. I oppose these injunctions, as does my white, middle class husband who has lived in EP for 20 years, because I am well aware of the profound impact and damage that these injunctions can have on the young boys in our community – boys who are as young as 10 and with whom my son attends school. My opposition does not mean that I support criminal activity or violence.

    The comments on this site have sadly become rife with racism and classism, made mostly by people who have no meaningful connection to the neighborhood and who are unwilling to make one. The racist comments also give credibility to the argument that those who are pressing for the injunction are wanting to push out all of the people who don’t look like they do. This neighborhood has a long history of social justice activism and the people who spoke last night and who support the opposition to the injunction represent what it means to love and live in Echo Park.

    • kim, please do enumerate how an injunction has a profound impact on a minuscule subset of boys who have been objectively identified as belonging to a gang? How many of the known gang members subject to the injunction are 10 yrs old?

      good for us who actually want to see gang activity stamped out and gang membership codified as a very undesirable path. the city will agree with the majority of community members that family safety and economic development will benefit much more from the injunction than some supposed hardship a few young kids will face for making poor decisions.

    • butterflies and rainbows aren’t going to stop these gangs kim. get real.

      • I can see how my comment may, to some, sound a little naive, but you’re missing my point.

        Here’s the thing: The way the injunctions are implemented are extremely problematic, especially in regards to young people of color who have not committed any crimes. It’s called “racial profiling.” New York’s “stop and frisk” was deemed unconstitutional and with good reason. Also, the injunctions don’t stop criminal activity. They move it to other places, other neighborhoods. Do some real research. Look at the data.

        • Comparing the NYC stop and frisk program to the Echo Park gang injunction is like like comparing apples to oranges… oranges that are already in street gangs. I’m ambivalent about the injunction and there’s a valid argument to made that it’s hard for kids to get off the list. But it’s a disservice to the debate for everyone to compare the citywide program of suspicionless searches in NY to the targeted effort in a gang injunction. You’re not the only one who has talked about stop and frisk here and I’m not trying to single you out, but they’re not the same thing.

        • Thanks for your perspective, Kim. You have company. I think there are plenty others who appreciate safety and are anti-violence but apprehensive about the broad discretion this GI would give to a police department with a long history of abuses in the name of promoting safety. Giving away civil liberties for the carrot of greater security sounds great to some but who’s minding this infaliable list?

    • Look Kim, I just don’t want my property constantly tagged on. I don’t want trash and beer cans all over the sidewalks and lawns. I don’t want to hire random gun fire at night. This is not even remotely about “pushing out people who don’t look like [me]”. There’s no way it could be, I am Latino and first generation American.

    • I always laugh when Caucasians call me a racist for being truthful. I was born in Mexico but raised in Chicago with mostly other Caucasians and middle class Blacks. When I first moved to LA, I was disgusted at how my fellow Latinos live. The nighborhoods are dirty and infested with gang activities. I thought people moved from other countries to work hard and have a better life? At least that was my parents mentality– work hard to provide for the children, so that they can have an education and live a beautiful life.

      I would never live in a Latino neighborhood because I know how my fellow people are and I would hate to have my life cut short by some bored thug. I am dissapointed that Latinos don’t do much for their communities. We are the highest growing population in the US, unfortunately, and we have no business being since we can’t get it together.

      Your comment was very selfish. Maybe you should move your children to the Palisades, for their sake. And stop calling people racist, you sound like a hardcore democrat.

  21. How about a comment from someone who grew up here in the middle of the city, fished the lake as a boy, ran the streets when I got my license, made out upon Park Drive (when you could park there, and brother did we park there), went to local public schools, grew up and hung out with central city types — many of whom did not live to see age 21 btw — and who currently lives in EP after several years in City Terrace.

    I say crackdown on the criminal element. That’s it, plain and simple. They haven’t a care for you, where their bullets go, or what you think of their taggings or lifestyle. You care too much for them.

    You’re being used.

  22. Destroy the gangs, their members, their way of life, and all of their supporters. Crush the criminal element who have taken a hold and torn our city apart. This is a new era in Los Angeles and Echo Park. It is going to be beautiful and peaceful. There is NO excuse for gang activity. Gang members and those who oppose the injunction will get no sympathy from me. Move to Pomona while you still can.

  23. those have to be the dumbest signs ever. what a clown show.

  24. How many of the folks posting comments actually attended the meeting? I did. I moved into EP a few months ago, buying into one of the new developments, finally finding a home that was relatively “affordable”, by LA standards, in a neighborhood that isn’t a 2hr drive away in some horrid sterile suburb. So I’m one of the people that many in the audience spoke of that feel the injunction is a tool being used by “gentrification” to push them out. This was my 1st such meeting and it was interesting to hear people make their case. Initially I was all for the injunction. What’s not to like about coming down on gangs. But I think after hearing folks speak, and yes, clearly some had either friends or relatives in various states of gang involvement either current, former, or trying to exit. I think the thing that was clear is that the injunction was too far reaching in its scope. Much like those massive industrial fishing nets that are miles long fising for tuna that catch everything. The injunction seemed to also simply be to broad. If LAPD had a better track record of applying more finesse then perhaps the reaction by the community would not have been what it was. At least those in attendance that spoke, including the board where very passionately against it — especially for civil liberties incursions.. essentially because it targets “people of color” from assembling.. the community — male, female, old, young, black, white, asian, latino/latina, gay, straight, hippies/hipster, professionals, the folks that got up to the mic to urge the board to vote against it all expressed the same types of concerns about the infringement on civil liberties by the injunction. No one wants gangs, and certainly i went in a bit pissed off because our building was tagged that weekend The gang issue is a complex one, and just harassing kids who are congregating isn’t going to solve anything, we need to give them an alternative to the gangs and also give the gangs an alternative (like homeboy industries) the hammer approach never works, it just spreads it out to other areas..So rather than an injunction, the community wants the issue tackled via combination of everything from after school programs, to more aggressive anti-tagging responses, to community policing, to outreach programs, to certainly harsh punishment for hardcore offenders. So in the end that is where things ended up, with the board not endorsing the injunction, and recommending other solutions be explored — so the comments about the board rolling over are not valid as they had very strong opinions that matched that of the audience. So after 3 hours of hearing the community speak I was swayed by their arguments as well.

  25. Oh, does anyone know the gang color that I am not suppose to wear? I thought colors were for crips and bloods! I just don’t want to get a thousand dollar fine, and or six months in jail. Please enlighten me whoever knows this, because I am totally lacking knowledge on this one.

  26. Oh, does anyone know the gang color that I am not suppose to wear? I thought colors were for crips and bloods! I just don’t want to get a thousand dollar fine, and or six months in jail. Please enlighten me whoever knows this, because I am totally lacking knowledge on this one.

  27. SilverLake_Native

    Where was this gang injunction 15-20 yrs ago, when things were actually bad?

  28. The Latinos who don’t want anything done are either friends or family of gang members. I am from Chicago, our neighbors two houses down had two sons who were involved in a gang. I remember the Mother never wanted to call the police, even after random shootings at their house in the middle of the night. WHY? Because she knew her sons were involved and did not want to get involved. But she was also in denial when others questioned her about the shootings– ” Oh my sons are not in a gang, they are good kids and the gangs are trying to recruit them.” Really?! IS that the reason they both went to prison for attempted murder?

    This was back in the early 90s…Growing up in Chicago, there weren’t too many Latinos but I knew that there was a gang problem, even back then. My parent’s generation were hard workers and never home, which is one reason these kids turned bad. It wasn’t that they were bad parents because they were working hard to provide. I remember in the late 90’s when I did a police ride along in a heavily gang populated suburb. I interviewed female gang members who told me they wanted a better life for themselves but did not know the path. They were surprised I was a Latina in college, quite sad.

    I blame the parents! Fast-forward to today, an entire different generation of Latinos having children. They do not have the same work ethic and mentality as the old school. Most of them rely on government assistance to survive. This causes a bit of confusion– If they are home watching novelas, they certainly have the time to educate and parent their children to guide them in the right direction. The government needs to get stricter on the people they support. If you are a nuisance to society, there is no need to help you. Get your lazy-selves and go to work like everyone else. If you cannot be a parent or support your family, do not have children– it’s not fair to society or to those kids. I think the parents should be held accountable for their kid’s actions.

    I am writing all this because I know for a fact this is what goes on. Most people get angry when I talk about this and see me as a horrible person. Well I am not about to apologize for telling the truth and not sugar coating or being biased because I am Latina. I think it’s sad when people who want to live in peace are forced to stay locked inside in fear that they might get shot. Ridiculous! And the home prices in Echo Park are increasing, I feel bad for those good people who work hard to have it ruined by losers.

    And I have my doubts about this post getting published. If I can’t express my opinion truthfully, we have a problem in this country.

    • I’m a latino and I do NOT have friends or family in gangs, but I am still against this injunction. Your generalization is flat out wrong.

      People who want to live in peace in Echo Park (which I’m sure is 99% of residents) are not by any means “forced to stay locked inside.” That’s a ridiculous statement. Go out any night of the week and you will see loads of people walking around. Doesn’t matter what color your skin is, people walk around and go out at night all the time.

    • @chicago girl!! it’s ok really!! I under stand but don’t sound like you shut the door behind you, theres a lot good working mothers out there, and will be a good moment to mention them , not just the negative way, ok if you have the time to criticize also please say good things for those out there like you, ok your friend WB.

      • I know there are MANY good hard working people out there– Just as many as there are lazy and depending on Gov’t handouts. When appropriate, trust that I do highly praise those who have the work ethic and respect towards others.

  29. They aren’t gangs anymore..it’s called organized crime with an arsenal of weapons.
    I’ve lived on a street with multiple murders and drive bys. too many innocent people could have died.
    Not only do they need gang injunctions but they need to go after their arsenal of guns and akas.
    This is an extreme measure for violence that is out of control. Maybe they don’t want to see their kids targeted but it’s time to
    deal with an extremely violent organized crime reality.

    • What a joke, organized crime? The only ones that operate organized crime are white collar criminals. Have you seen what we drive around here? All the ones that operate in organized crime should be driving nice ca

  30. OK!!LOOK stop the TOMATOES AND CEBOLLAS FLEE MARKET,, CRAB,, on the meeting anybody brought any proof like photos of graffiti from different areas, the name of the individual gang member that appear on the graffiti, and the picture of this gang member, and photos of all he’s fellow gang members, where do they congregate, bills on paper that will prove the cost for the damages they cause in to another properties, photos of all kind of criminal activities on their behalf, you didn’t prepare for this type of meetings if you’re going to accuse some one you need proof not just words, because if words are on the table and nothing else, stop waisting your appreciated time, and deal with this individually. you need to do this right, in the legal view way, be strong but be strong United. and not like i say it before, like selling tomatoes and onions in the flee market,,

  31. The names of individuals entered into the Cal-Gangs data bans first have to go through a very strict validation process. Each individual identified as a gang member is very much aware that their names are noted in the Cal-Gangs data base. I well also state that most of their immediate family members are also aware of their gang affiliations.

    Also in order to be identified as a gang member and entered into the Cal-Gangs data base ones also needs to be identified as an active gang member.

    For those individuals opposed to the gang injunctions , have they already forgotten about the murder of 4 year old Roberto Lopez and the multi murders on Echo Park Avenue a couple of years back and the countless other innocent victims of gang violence and the current rival gang wars now taking place in these area’s.

    When are gang members and others involved in criminal behavior going to be accountable for their negative and destructive behavior. Gang violence is on the rise in all area’s within the city of Los Angeles.

    For those opposed to the gang injunctions , the next time an innocent victim is killed or injured are you going to make a meal for the family of the victim, attend a car wash, place a candle on the sidewalk , donate money or flowers for a funeral or walk into Northeast or Rampart police stations and leave a financial donation for the innocent victims family? Or would you prefer waiting for the Feds. to enter your streets , block off your streets, conduct massive raids and then arrest all of the gang members under RICO where they well spend 5-20 years behind bars. Believe it or not gang injunctions have assisted many hundreds of young people leave the gang culture and turn their lives around.

  32. From the great Father Boyle…injunctions work….this one is already working….look at the people asking how to get off the list already!


    Injunctions can also benefit the gang members themselves, according to Boyle. “I mean, eight minutes after one was filed here on the Eastside, I had kids in my office saying, ‘Get me a job.’ At its best,” he says, “an injunction creates a kind of vigilant heat that moves kids toward the light.”

    • For every action there is a reaction. Sometimes a negative and another negative equal a positive. When I see a lot of people that really don’t like my kind, it may even draw my enemies closer.Which this action has already done. Maybe this is an eye opener, so we can now see who our natural oppressors are. Wouldn’t it be something if all this gang stuff just stopped, and crime came to a complete stand still. We wouldn’t need as much policing, and would be paying less tax dollars. Not only that, but we wouldn’t have so many haters on the Eastsider. I am all for peaceful solutions, even for my hipster friends.

  33. Beverly D'Angeleno

    Well, I for one am happy to hear that, regardless of the outcome, the Neighborhood Council has at last voted unanimously to play “an active role in developing positive solutions to the problems that exist in the community.” Sounds like they gave themselves a mandate at this meeting. (What have they been doing until now, I wonder?)

    It’s a shame however the Council never felt any need to start down this road prior to the divisive gang injunction debate, as their actions up to now would surely have resulted in EP gang activity being a non-issue today.

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