Save Your Appetite: Echo Park Lake cafe opening postponed

Echo Park Lake’s Boathouse has been busy ever since paddle boats were once again made available for rent two weeks ago. But what about that new boathouse cafe that was supposed to have opened up by August 1? Instead of  a cafe, visitors to the boathouse have been met with an empty counter and a signs posted by the front door saying the Echo Park cafe concession has been “temporarily postponed” because of “unforeseen circumstances.”

Those “unforeseen circumstances” turned out to be some last-minute hitches and delays with the county health department, said John Himelstein, one of the owners of Square One Dining, which will be operating the boathouse cafe.

But, after settling the issues with health inspectors and conferring with the city, Himelstein said the new cafe will now be ready for business on Wednesday morning, August. 7.

Square One In The Park will include a weekend brunch and simpler “park fare,” including hamburgers and corn dogs as well as scones and fresh-squeezed juices,  during the week, Himelstein said last month when the new cafe was announced.


  1. Too bad the Trails guy isn’t gonna run it

  2. Fresh! Squeezed! Juices!

    HOO to the RAY !

  3. I hope the iced coffee here is as excellent as it is at their other location!

  4. Well, how about that. A money-making concession. A tear is forming in my eye. No $500 million 0% loan to a developer (looking at you LA Live and Midtown Crossing).

  5. Grahm Wellington

    Too bad the cafe owners didn’t go the same route as the illegal vendors. I hear they have no problem with all that regulation stuff…

    • don’t go out of context

      • Grahm Wellington

        My comment is exactly on point. The cafe has to comply with rules and regulations while the illegal taco stands do not. Please explain how that is out of context.

        • Hv to agree with GW here — we all love our renov’d EP, it’s about the best thing that’s happened to the old ‘hood since…since…ever. I wager it’s the most-used — and appreciated — of all of LA’s historic parks (save Griffith, which is another story, so big it’s in its own category). Peeps are inhabiting it all hours, amazing. The evening light is gentle and am glad of it.

          But the illegal vendors should be excluded, or limited to cruising the sidewalks around the lake. And worst of all

          PEOPLE ON BIKES ON THE WALKWAY. This is a problem.

  6. Will the cafe have wheels and annoying bells attached that never stop ringing so as to disturb the peace of the park like the illegal vendors?

  7. TED The purveyor of fairness

    The vendors are fine if they pay taxes, but they don’t so get rid!

  8. One of the best thing about moving to Echo Park back when I was a young broke artist, was that I could eat a delicious home cooked meal for about $3.00 total from the street vendors. I love them.
    These complaining yuppies don’t know what they are missing.
    Nothing beats the corn slathered in mayo. Just saying.

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