Shopper & Diner Report: Cheap Echo Park cheeseburgers; New Eagle Rock yoga & wellness studio; Silver Lake’s Black Hogg prepares for lunch

Vegan ice cream at $3.99 a scoop? $14 for a glass of wine?  Rack of Lamb for $29.95? Yes, dining and drinking and Echo Park these days can be a costly affair. But there are still plenty of less expensive options, including Patra Burgers. The spartan burger stand at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace  offers “Bang For Your Burger Buck,” according to a review by the L.A. Taco.  Of course, you get what your pay for.  “The beef delivers in terms of texture but falls short in terms of juiciness and overall flavor,” said L.A. Taco of the charbroiled, double cheeseburger with Iceberg lettuce, Thousand Island dressing, pickle, tomato and American cheese .

However, at $4.39, the Patra double cheeseburger is an economical way to fill up and sober up after  a round of drinks at the Gold Room. Says L.A. Taco: “Food when you’re drunk is a very very good thing.”

In other Shopper & Diner news:

Sopressata Sanwich/Black Hogg

Silver Lake’s Black Hogg  is preparing to introduce a lunch menu later this month featuring sandwiches and a more casual atmosphere that allows customers to order at the counter.  “Most of our ingredients are imported directly from Italy (the cheeses, tuna, artichokes, coppa ham, mortadella),” said an email from General Manager Jonathan Kim of  the “Sopressata at Black Hogg” lunchtime menu. “The rest of the stuff is from the best artisan purveyors here in the states.  And our bread will be awesome!”

The sandwiches debut on August 13.  A few days later on Saturday, August 17,  residents of the 90026 Zip Code can pick up a sandwich for free.  “We want to be known as just a neighborhood sandwich spot to the Silver Lake/Echo Park neighborhood and so we want to show our appreciation and dedication to the locals,” Kim said.

Elephant Ayurveda and Wellness Center opened in Eagle Rock this week offering yoga classes as well as organic beauty products, teas and other products and services, reports Eagle Rock Patch.

Echo Park’s Allumette restaurant is among Bon Appétite magazine’s 50 nominees for best new restaurants. “Stellar experimental cuisine with heady Asian influences comes courtesy of 25-year-old up-and-comer Miles Thompson,” said the magazine. The final selections will be announced later this month.

After about a week-long delay, the new cafe at the Echo Park Lake Boathouse opened on Wednesday with a “simple, moderately priced menu” developed by Square One Dinging, according to Daily Dish. In addition to coffee drinks and lemonade, the menu at Square One at Echo Park Lake ranges from a grass-fed-beef burger on an English muffin for $5.75 to potato taquitos with guacamole and salsa verde for $4.


  1. please stop… Patra’s has horrible everything if you like horrible. How much did they pay you or how drunk were you last night when you ate that sh*t? Really, stop. You can kill people this way.

    • I’ve never had a bad burger from Patra. And they are all super nice. It isn’t gourmet but its an excellent burger in my opinion.

  2. showmetheworks you are judging by the outside. the burger and the breakfast burrito there are good! And, as mentioned above, cheap as hell.

  3. Patra’s is awesome. I’ll take a patra cheeseburger w/ pastrami over an overpriced umami burger anyday. great fries too.

  4. Tiredofthewannabeangelinos

    Patra’s has been there for years. It’s good for a quick bite at less money than the trendy new places. With all the new transplants to the area, I’m sure the place will be gone soon. Everyone wants to be cool and hang in echo park now but they all just want to visit the melrose place look a likes and not the real echo park venues.

  5. Sometimes you just want a cheap burger or a cheap grilled cheese. I don’t even eat meat, but I love Patra Burgers. Patra’s IS part of the Echo Park I know and love. Viva los meat eaters de Echo Park!

  6. Please…please…please…good or bad Patras is in Glassell Park, not even close to Eagle Rock which really does not start until El Paso Just because the car dealer is trying to like about location to sell cars that does not make GP ER. Come on!!

  7. “in L.A. everyone eats at Rick’s”
    “Voted best restaurant in L.A.”

  8. has no one noticed that we are qualifying Patra’s as “good food” mostly when you’re drunk? I got news for you: when you’re drunk even bad food is good food.

  9. Is this the spot that Jamie Oliver redid? If so, it was his how big of a disgusting shi$$ole can I reform? If not, I’m sure the burgers are great.

  10. Patra’s pretty good for fast food. I don’t think it’s fair to compare it to a $12 burger at some place like Umami (or vice versa, to rag on the price at a restaurant serving higher quality meat and produce). They’re just different options.

    That said, for drunken late night fast food in Echo Park, I’m a fan of the chili rellano burrito up at Burrito King.

  11. Well hopefully Black Hogg won’t have their valet putting up their illegal no parking signs during lunchtime on a bunch of the public metered spaces on Sunset. They do this in the evening every night they are open (starting at around 5:30 or 6:00pm) and it adversely effects available parking for the other businesses that have been there forever – like PM Market, Cafe Tropical, etc.

  12. The day Patra is closed and turned into an Umami burger style location is the day Echo Park’s soul is sold to the devil. If you can’t appreciate a cheap L.A. style cheeseburger ala Patra, Tom’s, Jim’s, etc. well then don’t talk to me about your bullshit empathy for the 99%… you’re a 1% uptight, bore.

  13. Re Black Hogg, who wants to eat tuna and artichokes trucked in from halfway around the earth? Wonder what the carbon footprint is for each of their sandwiches.

  14. How does the free sandwich promotion work at Black Hogg? Is it certain hours? Do we just show up and ask for a sandwich?


    • Here are the details about their promotion:

      We will be giving away one free sandwich to each resident of the 90026 who comes by this coming Saturday, August 17. It will be from 11am-3pm. All residents need to do is bring an ID or utility bill that shows that they live in the 90026.

  15. Patras, it is not as good as it use to be anyways. Once Tony, sold the place the fries changed from ruff cut to simple. Not only that, but the quality of the food went down. I am very good with it, and I don’t even eat there as much as I use to. I now go to the real Eastside, like Dino’s on main and Griffin in Lincoln Heights. You all can change it to whatever you like, I am gone!

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