Silver Lake Whole Foods to open next year

Whole Foods will be moving into a Silver Lake shopping center that is now home to a Ralphs market and CVS Pharmacy

News that Whole Foods Market will be opening a new grocery in downtown Los Angeles will have no impact on the company’s previously announced plans to open a store in Silver Lake, according to company officials. In fact,  the Whole Foods in Silver Lake, which would replace a Ralphs supermarket on Glendale Boulevard, is scheduled to open next year ahead of the 2015 opening for the downtown store, said spokesperson Andi Dowda.

“We are saying 2014,” said Dowda when asked for projected opening of the Silver Lake store.

The upscale grocery store chain, which operates more than 350 stores nationwide, is expanding as it competes with newcomers chasing after affluent consumers interested in organic and natural foods. Despite a reputation for high prices, the company has been working to reduce prices and offer more specials as it seeks to broaden its base of customers and enter new communities, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“The Downtown L.A. store will join the Silver Lake store currently in development to allows us to better serve the L.A. community,” said Whole Foods regional vice president Erica Dubreuil in a statement.

No further details about the Silver Lake store were available.


  1. Hey Eastsider, do you know if are they just taking over just the ralphs space, or some of the neighboring stores as well? I know that’s how they’ve done it at other LA locations, expanding the store space. The ralphs there now is a little small by WF standards. Any narrower timeframe than 2014? I’m assuming summer at the earliest.

  2. I will miss Ralph, I know Whole food is a good store but still I will miss it.

  3. I still miss Hughes Market. I treat the Ralphs as a convenience store, though their produce is very often quite good. I think having a Whole Foods in the neighborhood will be a good, although pricey, thing.

  4. The rumor I heard was that the whole property was to be leveled and a new structure built. If a WF goes in there, they are going to need more parking.

    • I heard that rumor too, but if WF is saying they’re opening in 2014 i don’t see how that’s possible. Ralphs isn’t closing until the end of this year. Even of they demolished everything on January 1st (yeah right) A new structure with (underground?) parking would take more than a year to build.

    • Yeah, I doubt they’re doing anything like that if they plan to open in 2014… probably just a facelift of the building and hopefully they’ll integrate the parking lot with the sidewalk and street better (pedestrian crossing areas, some more trees, some outdoor seating, maybe a bike corral?)

  5. If it weren’t for the nimbyism of the GGPNC, this would have gone in at Hillhurst and Los Feliz; walking distance from my house. Come on SLNC, you still have a chance to derail this and push it back to Los Feliz! Think of all the additional traffic on Rowena! Pollution! Cut through commuters! Their CEO hates obamacare.

  6. If they’re gonna level the property then it’s possible WF could take the whole property, which would of course allow them to plan out more parking, like from the KFC to the CVS area, etc.

  7. What will happen to the CVS? Its not the best CVS in terms of the store layout. But we still shop there for immediate household items.

    The poor Ralphs. It should have been upgraded, remodeled to the standards of the Ralphs in Westwood, the Ralphs on Wilshire & Detroit; or the Ralphs on Wilshire &Bundy.
    That Ralphs is depressing to shop at, the fresh beef is sometimes not fresh.

    The Vons over on Virgil and Hollywood Blvd also needs to be upgraded. Their ‘fresh’ beef is sometimes not fresh, and brown from the bottom. I’ve had to throw out the ‘fresh’ beef, once I get home, take it out of the wrappers.

    Good for Whole “paychecks” Foods. I love the W.F. in Westwood. Its pricey, but its FRESH. The fresh beef or chicken is actually ‘fresh’.
    To Ralphs and Vons: You snooze, you LOSE!

    I still miss The Pioneer market in Echo Park on Sunset Blvd and Echo Park Blvd. The butchers and the meat/ chicken/fish section ROCKED. were fresh. Nice guys 🙂

    • screw Ralphs. they have too many locations in LA as it is, and the eastside needs some better options. they’re over priced.. the produce is better than it used to be, but it still grosses me out every time i go in there, families stocking up on TV dinners and soda and frito’s… 90% of what they sell is processed GMO crap. i think a WF here will do really really well, i cant wait! what took them so long???

      • Completely agree – sitting here on this hot evening in my apartment on Vermont and Franklin all I really wanted for dinner was some a nice grilled Halibut fillet – but there’s no way I’m going to chance the fish counters at Von’s and Albertsons, thank you very much, and there’s not many other options around here in Los Feliz.

        If you think WF prices are too high, do some of your shopping at the many other local supermarkets: I’m going to be grateful for the reliably high quality fresh produce, meat and fish. And real cheese selection!

  8. I heard Whole Foods pulled out. Any confirmation to this bit of gossip?

  9. Excited to see a whole foods in the neighborhood. We need a grocery store that offers a variety of healthy eats. Hoping that shopping center gets uplifted. Most stores in the area have vanished. Super thrilled and looking forward to seeing this in NELA!!

  10. YIPPIE! now we can give whole foods more money to funnel to the GOP. and at the same time remove a place for those who are poor to buy food from. and thank god i mean we had to drive 15 minutes to the whole foods in glendale. or we had to drive to the other high end grocery store gelsons. so good for us!

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