Thieves find Echo Park 7-Eleven a convenient target

Surveillance camera photos of suspected 7-Eleven thieves/LAPD

Police are asking the public for help in identifying the suspects who are responsible for several “snatch-and-grab” thefts at the 7-Eleven store at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue in Echo Park. During a week-long period in July, the store reported  five thefts, according to Edmond  Yagubyan, a detective with the Rampart Division. “They got hit almost every night,” he said.

Employees were never threatened or weapons displayed during the  early morning thefts involving beer and other merchandise.  In some cases, the employees were stocking shelves or distracted while the thieves helped themselves to boxes of Pacifico and other items.  “They were beer runs,” Yagubyan said.

The suspects, whose images were captured on the store surveillance camera, are believed to live nearby, he said. Anyone with information about the suspects are asked to call the Rampart Detective Division, Burglary Unit at (213) 484-3490 or (213) 484-3487 during business hours on Monday through Friday. After hours you can contact the Rampart Watch Commander (213) 484-3400.

Click here to view the LAPD’s Community Alert notice.


  1. There ain’t no way I am risking a trip to jail for Pacifico … I’d go and roll the Sunset Beer Co first. Arf.

    • THIS IS NOT A “beer run”! A beer run is when you go to the store to BUY beer. This is ROBBERY and should be labeled as such. To miss label it is to create light-hearted attitude and a level of acceptance for this behavior…

      Call a thief a thief.

  2. They should post these photos on there front door like House of Spirits does…

  3. before anyone calls me a hipster idiot I know I spelled “their” wrong. I’m so sorry.

  4. What’s up with Dodger fans and the thievery? Oh wait. Never mind…

    • Yeah because all Dodger fans are thieves and criminals, right? Your stereotyping sounds like you’re either from the O.C. or a transplant from the East Coast. Where did you grow up?

      • Echo Park since ’72. And yes most dodger fans are criminals.

        • Most Dodger fans are criminals, good to know. I’ll be sure all my friends and I go back to our crime spree after leaving our office jobs.

          So you are saying most of the 40,000+ fans that attend Dodgers games commit crimes. A lot of things you’ve posted in the past make a lot of sense now.

          Thanks for sharing.

        • Easy, Raiders left LA and fans came to the Ravine.

    • It’s encouraging for lifelong Dodger fans to discover that our presence has driven cowardly bigots like Beanieboy away from Dodgers Stadium. The worm has finally turned in favor of Chavez Ravine and the longtime residents of its surrounding communities. “Think Blue!”

      • Your propensity for criminal behavior will not keep me from Dodger Stadium. Head on a swivel and a sharp blade is all i need to fend off animals…

  5. Look at all those gang banging hipsters stealing and doing crimes in Echo Park

  6. They all look Latino. I’m shocked.

    • Shocked because only Latinos go on beer runs? The posts in this particular story are leading this site down the Curbed LA path. Sad.

    • Those dudes look Armenian especially the one in the 1st pic…. But of course any crime = Latinos

      • Keep telling yourself that LaDave… whatever keeps you in a state of denial.

        • I’m not living in denial, I’ll call a spade a spade and a thief a thief no matter what ethnicity. Those dudes look Armenian & that Mercedes if it belongs to them is just another hint to their ethnicity but W/E keep thinking it’s just more bad brown people it doesn’t affect me

  7. NineDoubleOh2Sixxxer

    I witnessed one of these after I left a late night dinner at Mohawk Bend a few weeks ago.
    There I was, waiting at the crosswalk on the North side of Sunset, with a belly full of pizza.
    I spied a 4 door, silver, sedan pull onto Rosmont from Sunset and stop. A Hispanic fellow exited the passenger side and walked into the 7/11. I thought, “what a jerk, just stopped in the middle of the street like that.” That’s when the thief sprinted out of the liquor store towards the parked vehicle with…a case of Pacifico! He was large and surprisingly light on his feet. He entered the car from the driver’s side, rear door as the 7/11 clerk was hot on his tail, but not hot enough. Still across the street, I saw a second frustrated clerk exit and they made a call, most likely the police. The light switched to ‘walk’ and I crossed. What could I do, I witnessed a ‘beer run’ but hadn’t seen the license plate or any information in addition to what they’d seen. Embarrassingly, I chuckled as I headed to my car.

  8. monika on clinton

    I know all those guys that work the 7-11. So hard working and diligent with their store! I can say that these guys would not have formed stereotypes for people had they not been enforced.

  9. Surprising they can pull this off since this place is always crawling with cops.

  10. @beanteam : fantastic comment.
    @dingus : you’d be well served by reading Beanteam’s comment more than once.. And really think about it.
    I, too, came from very humble beginnings: a trailer in rural Texas. I had many opportunities to do the wrong thing, but politely declined. Instead of focusing on how the hand I was dealt in life was not nearly as good as many other folks, I focused on what I could do to lift myself up without compromising my integriy and ethics that my parents and community instilled in me. Many years later, I find myself in a successful 15 year marriage, with three beautiful kids, a rewarding career, and a fine home in one of Pasadena’s finest neighborhoods. ..
    And I did it all without the govt, without whining about how I can barely keep the lights on, and without stealing beer.

  11. I see five pix of who appears to be the same “dipshit” and one of a scrawny hipster. Not the societal or cultural Armageddon described by “Beanteam” but this guy just always loves to stir the pot to foment conflict between neighbors in a community that includes everyone from unsuccessful “dipshits” stealing beer to successful dipshits like Beanteam.

  12. Short sighted not short sided, I guess that’s what you mean by simple logic.

  13. why are we all attacking each other? aren’t we all neighbors? isn’t this a community website? why does this need to happen on every single post?

  14. Simple solution have the employees buzz in an out customers after 2 am- …
    2-6 am buzz in an out for security purposes.
    You local chicanos keep educating these newbies.they cant help the fact they where raised bigots.. So much money theyparents spent to educate them… Gotta feel sorry for ignorance delux

    • Buzz is OK, but buzz out is not. What you’re proposing is illegal. You can’t lock the egress access if you’re going to allow customers inside, it’s a safety/fire hazard.

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