What’s the fastest way to get an Echo Park pothole filled? Just Tweet Mayor Garcetti for action

After his car hit a pothole at Alvarado Street and Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, Matthew Wasserman requested that the pothole be filled. But he did not call the city’s 311 line, app or website. Instead, he simply posted his request and a photo on his Twitter account on Wednesday night and brought it to the attention of Mayor Eric Garcetti – @EricGarcetti – and Council District 13 representative Mitch O”Farrell – @MitchellOFarrell:

Wasserman’s request met with a quick response from Garcetti – also via Twitter:


O’Farrell’s Twitter feed also chimed in:

As did an employee of the city’s Street Services department:

Does anyone now want to Tweet a request for left-turn lights at Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue?


  1. You had 12 years to come up with a permanent solution to the road conditions at that corner Eric! What, no one tweeted you about it before. Oh yeah that’s right you were having trouble doing the little thing right (according to your commercials) like answering the phone. Lets see how you find a permanent solution to a drainage problem at a major intersection with hills, that seems to also have water main issues too.

  2. Matthew Wasserman

    haha, thanks guys! I heard this sort of thing worked so I thought I might as well give it a try right?

  3. Very nice, but one thing concerns me—what about the non-hipsters who are either too old or too poor to get Twitter? How do they get access to our elected officials? I’m sorry, but this whole thing sounds a bit too cool for my taste—please keep in mind that our leaders need to provide and encourage access to all people and make it possible for those who are not as sophisticated as Mr Wasserman to get through.

    • Matthew Wasserman

      While your point is valid I feel the need to point out that this in no way is REPLACING any old channels of access of elected officials. Our mayor is not only taking requests from twitter now. And although this sounds cool…I still filled out a 311 request, something that can be done by phone or app, and submitted it. And lastly, I would point you to this: http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_23580500/l-mayor-eric-garcetti-opens-doors-public-day

      Which details how the Mayor has started a series of “Open Door” days where any LA citizen can come in and let their voice be heard. You are also forgiven for throwing around the “H” word….i’m just nice like that.

      • Nice that you actually accomplished something instead of rolling your eyes and complaining like so many!

        The system is far from perfect, but this one win is a good start.

  4. I would like to tweet him this, if it fits in a tweet. You betrayed us here in Echo Park. I am glad you didn’t run away with my vote. Also, why does that helicopter fly over your property repeatedly, up on the hillside? Is that to assure you that you are secure,or what?

  5. I’m still waiting to hear what Garcetti did after his tweetback offering to “resolve” the ticket that Hollywood producer tweeted that he got after getting cited for honking his car horn last month at a Trayvon Martin protest. Membership has its privileges.

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