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wordpressmysterymanThe Eastsider will be testing out Disqus for the submission and presentation of reader comments. You can comment as a guest to avoid having to register but you will not be able to take advantage of several features, including the ability to be notified when someone responds to your comment. You will still be able to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym if you prefer. The Eastsider’s current moderation policy and Terms of Use will still apply.

We will try it for a week to see how it works and find out if it’s compatible with our current WordPress site and theme.


  1. it won’t let me comment. says comments are unavailable as Disqus has been activated.

    • Just approved your comment. Make sure to provide a valid email – even if you want to remain anonymous or post as a guest. The email will remain private and will not be published. Not sure if this was the problem in your case.

      • In previous months, we used to be able to hover over a comment (under “Recent Comments” and that would give you the name of the article being commented on. I found this very helpful. Will Discus restore that?

        • Hi, Sandy. Hmm. I didn’t even know we had the feature under the old system. It probably won’t be available under Disqus but we are still testing this out to see if it’s worth making the changing

          • That was available prior to the blog ‘makeover’ which was a while ago. But it was a terrific thing to have. Perhaps your blog designer would know how to do that?

          • Sandy, that feature is still available! When the site was redesigned, the article preview title moved to the bottom left of the screen/browser window, instead of next to the hovered text. At least on my browsers it is.
            Does that help?

          • I use Macbook/Safari and I don’t see it on my browser. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place?

          • Same here, (Macbook) and I see your problem; Safari doesn’t load the preview. I use Chrome or Firefox and it shows up on the lower left corner of the window.

            My .02¢: Not really a fan of Safari here, it reminds me too much of Internet Explorer in it’s limited abilities.

          • Thanks very much! Just tried it using Chrome and looks good! I just may switch…….

  2. Did this wipe out all previous comments? Oh no!

  3. Comments are “trippin”

  4. Yay! Disqus! I’ve had an account for a long time!

  5. I like Disqus. Another advantage is that people can’t post under your pseudonym..

  6. That’s one of two issues – the other is making the old comments visible – that need to be resolved before Disqus becomes permanent or the old comment system comes back.

    • I’ve changed my mind about the old comments. Don’t activate them. A fresh start is in order. It would be useful, if possible, to block people from using more than one identity in the same section to create the illusion of a debate when, in fact, one person is commenting on both sides of an issue. The angry tone of the debates has become ludicrous and gives the illusion that segments of our communities are at each others throats. There are commentators on this site whose sole purpose is to create and feed these toxic illusions for reasons that are damaging to our neighborhoods.

      • Jocko, I absolutely agree with you! I have been a supporter (and occasional commenter) of this blog since its’ inception. i am a local business owner, and promote the blog whenever i can. In the past few months when I mention it to my clients many of them say they have stopped reading it because of the angry/nasty/low level remarks and retorts that proliferate the comment section. I know that for Jesus (who does a fabulous job!) it must be a double edged sword. Some of those annoying comments generate more readership, and after all, that’s what it’s all about. But I think there is a chance here to raise the bar. There is plenty of room for honest comments here. Let the trolls and those who comment just to stir things up go elsewhere. This blog is now the best, and we don’t need them to increase readership. I say go for quality instead of quantity. A blog gentrification (which is not, after all, a bad word), if you will!

        • Well said Sandy. Much of the comments sections have become an embarrassment. The live performances of selected comments at local comedy clubs supports this conclusion and is not, in my view, a compliment or endorsement of The Eastsider as a serious community blog.

          • Yes, you’re right! I attended the first ‘comments show’ out of curiosity. It was fun, but I would not attend another. It’s time for the blog to decide what it wants to be. Lots of fine tuning has gone into making it the fine neighborhood ‘go to’ publication it has become. The tacky and annoying comments are now the only major drawback. A fine audience now exists……people who can make cogent and relevant comments without denigrating others and dragging down the quality that I know Jesus has worked so hard to achieve.

            Incidentally, this has nothing to do with money, status, or ‘gentrification’. I think the best recent example is the wonderful comment made by James, (I think that was his name) who is the chef/owner of Ba on York Blvd. Following an article about his restaurant being tagged, in which comments quickly descended into irrelevant nastiness, he posted a beautiful response. It was admirable, uplifting, positive and everyone appreciated and enjoyed it.

  7. I would have used new system, but cut limb from a ficus tree fell and smashed my keyboard.

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