City does U-turn on Silver Lake crosswalk removal

Traffic engineers earlier this year recommended crosswalk at Glendale and Deane Street be removed.

Continental crosswalk markings/LADOT

Earlier this summer many Silver Lake residents were angered when the city announced its intention to remove a Glendale Boulevard crosswalk, saying there was need for a marked pedestrian crossing, which department staff said should be eliminated as part a “traffic safety improvement.”  But this week, residents got the word that not only will the crosswalk at  Glendale Boulevard and Deane Street  remain in place but it will be upgraded.

Bruce Gillman, a spokesman with the city’s Department of Transportation, passed along this info about the upcoming changes:

The crosswalk at Glendale Blvd. and Deane St. is slated for a full upgrade, not removal.  A continental crosswalk will be installed with a ‘yield line’ complete with a Yield to Pedestrian sign posted before the intersection.  Work orders are completed, and the project is pending scheduling.

Some of those markings already appear to have been in place, so it remains to be seen what new elements will be added. The crosswalk is located up the street from where pedestrians are frequently seen dashing across Glendale Boulevard between several shops, restaurants and bars. Some people on the east side of Glendale use the Deane crosswalk as part of their route to get to the Silver Lake reservoirs and Silver Lake Meadow.

When traffic engineers conducted a traffic study at the intersection in early April, the results showed that the number of pedestrians who used the intersection was not large enough  to warrant a marked crosswalk, let alone flashing yellow lights to warn and slow down motorists.  That study prompted the department staff to recommend removing the crosswalk marking pending public review.

What prompted the department to change its mind about the crosswalk? That’s not clear but the public response might have played a role.


  1. This is great. I think having the crosswalk there makes sense as people move from Cha Cha to Red Lion and back, but I’ve almost creamed several people who drunkenly sprint across it in the middle of the night wearing all black.

    Some lighting here would be great, as it is more or less pitch black at that spot at night. I start getting the fantods at the Glendale/Silver Lake Blvd intersection when I know I have to go through this crosswalk after nightfall.

  2. I live within earshot of this area. Improving the crosswalk is an excellent idea; even during daylight, I hear screeching tires from people coming downhill towards this area and braking hard for pedestrians. This happens every day.

    However, if you’ll note, the crosswalk is 150 feet away from both the Red Lion and the Cha Cha Lounge – pretty much equidistant from the Glendale/Silverlake intersection. If the crosswalk improvement slows down motorists on Glendale, it could reduce the number of incidents, but people will continue to jaywalk at night.

  3. Slow the f*** down!!

  4. Thank you for reporting on this story. I just want to take a moment to clarify what prompted this — it was Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. He received a request from a constituent shortly after he was elected. He then directed staff to work diligently to reverse the decision, and then put in a request for a controlled crossing.

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