Court approves Echo Park gang injunction

Approximate boundaries of “safety zone” where the Echo Park area injunction will be applied.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has approved a permanent injunction that restricts the activities of six street gangs members  in a “safety zone’ that covers Echo Park, Elysian Valley and a section of Silver Lake.

Persons named in the court order  are prohibited from associating with other gang members in public, intimidating or harassing members of the community, possessing firearms or narcotics or possessing alcohol in public, according to the City Attorney’s  which on Thursday announced that Superior Court Judge Abraham Khan had signed off on the injunction.  The City Attorney’s office, in a statement, said:

Judge Khan’s ruling found that each of the six defendant gangs is a criminal street gang and that a public nuisance is caused by the conduct and activities of each of the gangs in the Safety Zone.

The injunction has stirred up controversy and opposition since the City Attorney announced in June it was seeking approval of the court order. The Inglewood-based Youth Justice Coalition and local residents had organized against injunction, saying it would further erode civil liberties and was no longer needed in light of a steep drop in crime.

Gang injunction opponents at Silver Lake neighborhood council meeting

The court creates a  3.8 square-mile Safety Zone enjoining members of the Big Top Locos, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frogtown and Head Hunters criminal street gangs.  The injunction will apply only to individuals who have been identified by LAPD as active gang members and have been been named and personally presented with the court order.

City Attorney Mike Feuer said the injunction includes some provision intended to encourage individuals to abandon gang life. “For the first time in Los Angeles this gang injunction contains a five-year limit on the application of the injunction to the individuals covered by it,” Feuer said in a press release. “At the end of that period individuals will be removed from the injunction if they haven’t engaged in criminal behavior.”

So far, LAPD officers have served the complaint, summons, and other documents on at least three members of each gang named in the injunction.

A meeting scheduled for Oct. 30 to review the status of the injunction was cancelled after the judge signed the court order.

Click here for a preliminary version of the  injunction.

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  1. Duh. This is much needed and never a question it would pass. Gangs have no place in our community and this measure will take another step to Show gang members that this community will not stand for the fear and violence they perpetuate.

    And for the bleeding hearts out there, you were wrong and lost, stop supporting gang members and their activities, not a good look.

  2. Thank God! Much needed!

  3. Que cries of racism in 3, 2, 1 …

  4. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Awesome news!!!!

  5. Love it, Love it, Love it!

  6. I’m glad it passed. Now let’s move to the other communities like El Sereno!!!!????

  7. Finally the LAPD and City Attorney can deal with these monsters…

  8. This is fantastic news! Stop these awful gangs from terrorizing and oppressing the community!

  9. Let us just hope that they actually ENFORCE the gang injunction. I live in Virgil Village. I just found out there is a gang injunction here currently… could have fooled me… gang activity is still rampant. Let’s ship these terrorists to Mars with 50 cases of spray paint. Let’s be a more active in eradicating these monsters.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, There are others areas of the city and county that require more policing. These areas are NOT plagued with criminal activity and gangs. Its smells of something fishy that now when these areas are socially desired for development we enact a blanket policy that was needed 20 years ago. The new injunction will eliminate due process and 4th amendment rights for any 3 or more “suspecting” persons congregating together. This type of policing outdated and harmful to communities such as Echo Park, Elysian Valley and a sections of Silver Lake..

    • Well, 60 homicides within a two-mile radius of Echo Park Blvd since 2007 is still way, way too many. All but a handful of those were shootings or stabbings, and the great majority gang-related. 4 year old Roberto Lopez Jr shot walking to the park with his sister by gang crossfire. Roberto is one of at least five kids shot in that time. Four separate shootings within two blocks of Elysian Park Elementary.

      When folks talk about their rights potentially being violated by a theoretical police pull-over at some point in the future — this is the tradeoff they are asking you to make. Tens of neighbors dead, bullets in children’s bodies. The collateral damage to achieve this absolute unencumbered abstract freedom.

      Hey, if the cops want to waste 15 min of my time once or twice a year to save a few local businesses from being tagged up with territorial pissings, and save a few children from being shot to pieces over the next five years, I’m down with it. Thug life vs family life — they’re not the same, whatever the bangers say. We should all be rooting for the latter in this contest.

  11. Can someone please boil down what the opposition is saying about this – how it is a bad idea and how does it negatively affect our community?

    Only thing I can come up with is people getting pulled over / pulled aside for “no reason”. Which could be viewed as harassment if you keep getting questioned and you’re just “looking” like a gang member.

  12. Best news I have heard in a while. A big thank you to all that made this happen!

  13. Great news! Glad this passed!

  14. Good news. There is still a definite gang problem in Echo Park. If this helps even a little, then it is worth it. Citizens of LA deserve safe streets and safe parks.


    • And It Had To Be A Latino Saying Something Like That . And I Am A Latino .U All Dont Want Peace .I Live In A Peaceful Area Where People From Central L A Are Moving To Rose Hills 90032 Where The Gangs And Graffiti Is Very Low Here . Why I AM The Neighborhood Graffiti Buster Here “

    • Brown Pride is no different than White Pride…it’s just another way of letting the world know you are an asshole.

  16. “Let me be clear.. I mean move the injunction laws to El Sereno
    NOT move the gang families” Agree’s

    • I Agree 100% Including Them Monsters From Eastside 18 st They Come To Are Neighberhood And Tag Rose Hills To Start Problems Here When They Tag It Gets Removed The Same Day Are The Next Morrning’

  17. Wow, you guys act like you just hit the lotto !
    Big deal, you will see how many injustices this cost our community. I think it is a waste of tax paying dollars.
    You still are gonna have people in this community that are so grounded you wouldn’t be able to remove them with a pick ax! Welcome to the real world of the 90026! Now go cry a river about something else!

    • how misinformed are you? can you enumerate all of the grievous injustices from the many other gang injunctions currently active?

      Where exactly does this injunction call for added spending? I read it, it does not. wake up.

  18. Not that they necessarily represent the community, but it’s sad that so many commenters here are willing to throw away the basic concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” as well as the Constitutional right to free association — and seem that they would be quite content to live in a totalitarian society.

    • Wrong. These are all tried, convicted, and guilty gang members.

      • Not all of them have been tried or convicted. All they have to be is “known” gang members, which I don’t think requires much more than an unfortunate tattoo and LAPD knowing who you are/where you hang out.

        • “unfortunate tattoo”??? What are you implying? I didn’t get a tattoo of a crucifix because I am Jewish… do you catch my drift?

          • No need to over-punctuate, I do indeed get your drift. But what if you used to be Catholic and just didn’t have the money to get your now-unnecessary crucifix removed?

        • @Becca : Read the injunction. It states pretty plainly that clothing, accessories, photos, association with known gang members is insufficient to label someone as active. They must have been arrested during gang activity, have gang tattoos (not just any old tattoo), have directly admitted to being active, etc.

          The injunction only applies to the 300 dorks on the list, and you can get off the list if you’ve been clean for five years.

        • Right On Becca’

    • And we do represent the community. We are the community. We don’t tag each others’ garages.

    • Poor baby, you can’t dress like a thug anymore!

  19. Once we get rid of all the gang members, we must then focus on getting rid of gang supporting and dangerous organization such as “Youth Justice Coalition”. The community must send the message that gang sympathy will have no place in our neighborhood.



    HAHAHA! Finally my plan has come to fruition! Now I’m going to sell artisinal mustard at $15 a bottle on the corners where gangs used to sell drugs!

    • @hipster : well, at least selling your mustard is not illegal. and, as long as you don’t tag your mustard turf, beat up other mustard sellers, or harass innocent people by asking them “where you sell mustard?” and then assault them regardless of answer
      then, we’re good

    • And more power to you. You are harmless and make things. Who cares that they’re specialized or eccentric?

      The pro-gangster factions, with their avatars like Scholaris and Brown Pride, stand up repeatedly for neighborhood destruction, the defacement of local businesses, and the right of lazy peacocking chest-thumpers to put bullets in children’s bodies so they can peck away in Eastsider forums their boasts of bravado. The rest of us are building families, and care about letting kids grow up, not be shot down in the street like Roberto Lopez Jr. The jokers can dance on that poor boy’s grave night and day, but they shouldn’t earn our sympathies when they are occasionally inconvenienced by beat cops.

  22. It’s sad to see that a certain group of people in this neighborhood do not want to see it improve any further. They claim that the injunction is not needed because crime isn’t as bad as it used to be. Why stop at “not as bad” when you have the opportunity for an even greater decrease in the crime rate? This gang injunction allows for a defendant to be excluded once they have stayed away from gang activity for 5 years. Police officers are not going around town locking up senior citizens because they wore zoot suits in the 1920’s. They need the most effective tools possible in order to deal with the illegal activities of current gang members.

  23. Sad, I wonder how many of the supporters claim to be not racist and are white?

    • I think I can say with almost 100% certainty that almost every single white supporter of the injunction would be more than supportive of it if that person lived in the, say, deep south and the violent, disruptive groups in question were white supremacists/extremists, etc. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with maintaining peace and harmony, excising criminal elements, and establishing a neighborhood where young people of ALL races can thrive.

  24. Bookmark this page, and let’s all regroup here one year from now and review the results. One can only hope it will be a tool used correctly and will be effective. Only time will tell. Echo Park can, should and will come back and be the great LA neighborhood it was meant to be. All the elements are here — awesome central location, Echo Park Lake, Elysian Park, Dodgers Stadium, cool history and architecture, interesting mix of people. Tagging/etching, gangs & gang intimidation just like the run down stores, overflowing garbage cans, grungy sidewalks, and used mattresses and broken furniture gotta go to make things better.

  25. LongLineOfAngelenos

    Almost a year back my uncle was shot and killed (gang related) and I agree, this could do some justice but lets face it, you cant keep gangsters out of Echo Park. My grandma has been here in EP for almost 50 years and gangsters are what make Echo Park famous. If you want a nice caucasian neighborhood then EP is not the place for you. Stop trying to change something thats been here way before you have. I like telling people that I’m from here because they’re always like “wow its so ghetto there” and honestly yes it is but I sure do love it. These streets have taught me how to get out of sticky situations and who not to pick fights with. And for the record I’m not some chola either. I get mistaken for being white all the time and yes I’m pretty white washed too but I’ll never forget my roots and where I come from… Just leave Echo Park how it’s always been and move somewhere else if you don’t like it here. Im not trying to pick any fights either this is just an opinion from someone who has been here all their life.

    • I don’t get your message. You say this may bring about greater justice, but then you rally for the same environment that murdered your uncle. Why? Why murder your uncle again and again and again out of some misplaced regional pride? If you could work up the courage to save other uncles, or to take Christ off that cross before he bleeds out, shouldn’t you do it? Why is picking up the trumpet and waving the flag over the fact that you’ve never left the neighborhood more important than saving lives? Some people have to move around for work to support their families — that’s not a bad thing — it’s part of being a responsible adult and caretaker.

      Echo Park isn’t some static, unchanging place. Only one hundred years ago Echo Park was Edendale, a playground for white movie industry folks. They built up most of the old homes in this area. It didn’t become a Latino/a majority area until the 50s/60s, and began changing again in the 90s after Mi Vida Loca put the Hollywood touch to the story. You’re talking about 30 years at most that Echo Park was a gangsta’s paradise. It didn’t begin that way, and it won’t end that way. It was just a small, violent, transitional phase in what has often been a neighborhood full of creative types, hipsters, gays, intellectuals, and working families. Now it’s just returning to something like how it started, and it started not long ago.

    • LLoA,
      I think you need some history lessons. Much of Northeast LA was made up of Italian and other European immigrants in the not too distant past.
      Your idea of some sort of gang plagued, chola/o paradise is a huge disrespect to the working class latino families that worked hard to own a home in EP.

    • Awesome. You are now top contender for “Most Ignorant Post of the Month” award.

    • “Gangsters are what make Echo Park famous”

      Well, Syria is famous for killing thousands w chemical weapons. Not all fame is good fame.

    • Hey LongLineOfAngelenos, Echo Park isn’t famous for gangsters, only in your little world. You should really save up some money and travel, broaden your horizons. I lived in Wicker Park in Chicago in the early 1980’s and it was a run down gang infested neighborhood at the time. As it got nicer, the cops cracked down on the gangs and now they’re gone. Most of the gang members have been priced out of EP already, this will be the final straw.

      • I lived in East Ukrainian Village just south of WP in the late 90’s, and that whole area was a toilet until Caprini Green came down. When I went for a visit in ’08, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Division and Ashland were awash in smug, bicycling, suburban transplants with no college debt.
        As far as this injunction goes, I happen to live in the safety zone, but the other side of the street isn’t. This is the precise location on the Garage Pizza delivery guy shooting 2 years ago, BTW. I see what these injunctions are trying to do, and the short term results are dazzling. I’ve been doing some pretty comprehensive research into this lately, and I’m consistently seeing a lot of end runs and legal maneuvering (shifting from criminal to civil,”serving” individual gang members) aimed at exploiting the very behaviors that contributed to them joining a criminal gang in the first place. U-S-A! Hey, everybody gets effed, ya know? But there seems to be a woeful (perhaps deliberate?) lack of long term analysis.
        There’s actually gang injunctions all over LA. Our little pocket didn’t have one here and the EP lake restoration seemed like as good a reason as any to push for one. I lived in K-town for 5 years from 2000-2005 and THAT was some serious gang activity. But I choose to live in LA, not Nicey-Nice Town, so living with the potential for crime is one of the many compromises I live with.
        So don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the reduction in “Part 2” crimes as outlined in these injunctions… There’s just something about the police picking people off the sidewalk because “they don’t like the look of ’em” that just doesn’t sit well with me.

  26. Exterminate the morons.

  27. I can no longer get my news here. The commenters on the Eastsider are just horrible human beings. They make yahoo commenters look like geniuses. It used to be funny but now it’s just sad. It’s embarrassing. Comments should be shut down permanently because these folks are an embarrassment to the community.

    • What? Because someone doesn’t share your opinion they become an embarrassment? Get your head checked Kelly. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…buh bye!

    • Kelly,

      When I started reading this site, it became clear very quickly that you are one of the nastiest commentators on here. You hold your nose up high and dismiss anyone who’s been here less time than you. You have the attitude of a 12-year-old mean girl, and I hope you do retire from this site forever.

  28. So, by the map shown, they have totally ignored Rampart, a name synonymous with crime…
    I happen to live on Rampart near Temple and I can tell you that it’s not getting any better here.

    The latest fad is stealing Catalytic Converters from under cars at night. There is no police presence here.

    We are really on our own, here I can see that now.

    Thanks a lot, city council!

    • you are already covered by an injunction in that area i believe

      • Sorry, my bad.
        But just looking around here (especially late into the night) you would never know there was one. So I assumed there was none.

        Or that they don’t really do anything.

        back to painting over the TST tagging… Have a lovely day.


        • That’s weird. You have a gang injunction in your neighborhood and it seemingly does nothing. I thought these were the answers to all gang problems.

          Why is an injunction just now being introduced into this area that’s recently been the home of the wealthy? Why wasn’t it introduced when there was nothing but working class families suffering through the gang wars of the 90s? Seems like it would have made a lot more sense to start it back then.

          • @Angeleno — You’re forgetting abut CRASH, the anti-gang squads that Darryl Gates created and that operated until the late 1990s. That’s when the Rampart CRASH scandal erupted, and the CRASH units were broken up.

            It’s worth a read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rampart_scandal . I had forgotten some details, such as the bank robbery that was masterminded by a CRASH police officer, and the afternoon shootout between an undercover LAPD cop and a CRASH officer with road rage issues.

  29. So what will be the metics used to measure the effects of the injunction? What would you consider success? Is there a timeline or will the area be under a gang injunction from here out?

  30. Willy Whitaker III

    Lets rename this area Injunction Junction. We can have a music and arts festival there for reformed gang members to have something to do, since they wont be chatting with each other anymore.

  31. Its about time! Maybe this neighborhood will clean up and lose its bad rep.

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