Echo Park truck stop

Semi-truck at Cerro Gordo and Vestal in Elysian Heights/Bug Wuller

Pity the drivers of semi-trucks, buses and stretch limousines who are unaware of the steep hills of Echo Park and Elysian Heights.  The driver of a white-semi truck learned a lesson in neighborhood topography tonight after his vehicle got stuck at Cerro Gordo Street and Vestal Avenue.  Bug Wuller took some photos of the stranded truck and the heavy-duty tow truck that came to its rescue.

It was quite a show for residents, including Wuller’s four-year-old:

Well, overall a very exciting evening that has utterly screwed bedtime for the 4 year-old. He is elated, and this story is going to be a big hit at preschool tomorrow.

The driver of the semi-truck, which was delivering households goods to someone moving in, will have plenty to talk about as well,  including  the $500 it will cost him to get that truck towed out of trouble.


  1. There’ s a sign at the bottom of the hill warning trucks not to go up. They get stuck at the bottom of the hill as well.

    • The problem is that GPS points people in the shortest path from A to B without taking into account hills. If you are coming from the 2 or 5 freeway, GPS ALWAYS tells people to go over Baxter. I always tell delivery people to come in to the neighborhood from Sunset or Scott, and almost every time, they ignore the instructions and then freak out when they arrive. Like clock work.

  2. Household goods to someone moving in? Is there a 40-room Elysian Heights mansion at the top of the hill LOL?

  3. Just another reason why we need to limit truck traffic going through Echo Park. These streets were never made for massive vehicles. Let’s start with taking them off Glendale!

  4. Having grown up at the top of the hill on Echo Park Avenue, I remember seeing trucks and buses stranded at the bottom of Cerro Gordo but never had any made it that far up, it’s really a steep street. The street car used to run to the bottom of the hill in Echo Park and it was a turn around for them.

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