El Sereno to make room for Rose Hills

Photo from the LA-32 Neighborhood Council website

The City Council on Wednesday weighed in on a long-running battle to officially name a section of  El Sereno as “Rose Hills.”  In a defeat for the El Sereno Historical Society, the council approved a motion by Councilman Jose Huizar to install several “Rose Hills” neighborhood signs.

The exact boundaries of Rose Hills, which appears to spread across the blocks and hills west of Huntington Drive and Mission Road, remain unclear. Not even the council motion provides boundaries, just five locations – including Huntington Drive and Collis Avenue and Soto Street and Mission Road – for the signs.

Some Rose Hills signs had appeared a few years ago but there’s no record of the City Council voting on the issue and it’s not clear who removed the signs.

It would not be the first time a section of El Sereno has been renamed. The area around Cal State L.A., for example, is now “University Hills” while “Hillside Village” is the name applied to area around Wilson High.


  1. Thank Goodness!!! Now I can get some sleep! Now that this is put to rest, maybe the City Officials can do some real work like addressing the excessive gang tagging in El Sereno!

  2. This is a complete waste of money. They’re going to put one on Collis!??! For what?! No one, not even that fool Manzano would say Collis is considered any part of Rose Hills/Rose Hill – however it’s being termed these days.
    Concur w/JR – Do something about the real problems in Sereno……………..tagging, scumbags at Food 4 Less, El Sereno Liquor etc……. There’s even scum hanging around Jack-In-The-Box on Friday/Saturday nights.
    El Sereno could be a really nice place if it would just get cleaned up a bit.

    • In addition to El Jefe’s list of tagged sites, all of South Huntington Drive. Just about every other day on every single property there is tagging even on the Soto St./Huntington Dr. underpass. Earlier this month a death occurred on Eastern South of Huntington there’s a make shift memorial and the inconsiderate mourners tagging the walls and sidewalks.
      So true, El Sereno needs some serious cleaning up especially when it’s a main artery from Pasadena to Downtown LA.

  3. Not so fast EastsiderLA, I hear that this is not a done deal. Rose Hills is crap, a fake community made up by the Manzany family. Just another day and another example of Huizar’s dirty ways of conducting City business. Wait and see…

  4. Why are the opponents of this Rose Hill designation so worked up?

  5. El Sereno white guy

    HA! I saw 2 kids tag in broad daylight. We need more patrols in sereno. The store owners don’t do crap about the scum that’s an income.

    • I’m not surprised you see this happening in broad day light. I drive thru So. Huntington to and from work every day and in the morning you don’t see any tagging and by the time I drive home the whole street is tagged obviously happening during the day.
      True the store owners AND residents don’t do crap and call in when they see this happening. I’ve written to Hollenbeck police station many times and the city’s 411 and they don’t do anything about this. Only time they will get involved is if a fatality occurs.

  6. What a great idea!! The neighborhood now has the same name as the local housing project and gang, yay!

  7. Its all El Sereno, residents just trying to disassociate themselves from the grit.

  8. There are very few Neighbors that know the truth…. With my efforts, many more are becoming aware of the history of Rose Hills, as it stands in the archives 5-40 years before the mention of other local areas. The facts have been shared and accepted, Rose Hills has seniority by name, over Montecito Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, Hermon, Hillside Village, Monterey Hills, giving our community a strong standing and privilege.
    The next step will be for a celebration and then the process to study the archives, so that the entire North-East is aware of how the City was founded with the Official Pueblo Corner Stone located in Rose Hills, on Monterey Road. Thanks to the supporters and Neighbors that accept history and truly know the origins of our great City.

    • Anthony Manzano, on a different post you said “Rose Hills” was 7,000 years old? Now it’s 5-40. Where are you getting your info from? It keeps changing.
      EastsiderLA makes a good point–What are the Rose Hill/Rose Hills/Rose Hillses boundaries? How are residents suppose to know whether they are in El Sereno or Rose Hill/Rose Hills/Rose Hillses?
      It’s stupid not to even know your own “community” boundaries. Don’t you have a map of the boundaries in your “archives”? If you don’t, then I call “Bullshit” to Rose Hill/Rose Hills/Rose Hillses being a community or even historic.

  9. ANTHONY MANZANO - Rose Hills Review

    Of course there is a map…… I am being credited with retaining our communities history and establishing the current boundaries. I pretty much accept what is available on nextdoor, com, as an example of how influencial our community stands. What is coming up next are the investments going on in Rose Hills, from business, development, bridge, and park improvements. It has not been going well for those that oppose our exhistance, as the entire North East is becoming more aware of how the City was established on the back (and hills) of our community. There are Neighbors that now identify themselves as Serenito Hills, to distance themselves from the negative activity on the streets. It goes to show that the Neighbors of Rose Hills, will promote, take action, and not allow undesireable activity within our boundaries and others are starting to follow our leadership to blooming into a gem for our City. Thank You for loving Rose Hills and giving us substance and recognition, sorry for learning the hard way and being defeated in opposition.

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