Found in Echo Park: Friendly white Terrier mix

photo_9Submitted by Elizabeth C.

I found a white terrier mix yesterday morning around 11am on Elysian Park Ave. I’m not sure if the dog is male or female. Its fur was dirty and matted, but it seemed in good spirits and very friendly, as I was able to approach it. It had on a green cloth collar with a small bandana and a chain leash with a black handle. The dog is not microchipped. I brought it to the North Central Shelter (3201 Lacy Street, 90031, 888-452-7381). Animal ID# 1422588. Please contact me with any questions: robesthecat@gmail.com or 973-27I-9OI6


  1. Thanks so much for taking the dog to the local shelter. That’s absolutely the right thing to do! They can check for a microchip. With all the social media out there, the shelter is still the best way to reunite lost pets & their owners.

  2. Look at the condition of the dog. It’s owners totally neglected I. I’m sure that your heart is in the right place Sandy but you post he same response every time someone takes a found pet to this high kill shelter. I have found homes for two dogs that were abandoned as this dog was most likely. It took work but at least they weren’t murdered

    • Alijil – What do you recommend as the best course of action if you cannot take the dog home? I’m asking honestly. I’m not trying to pick a fight. I have a cat at home and she does not get along with dogs. I work long hours during the week and thus would not have time to walk the dog and care for it as it probably needs, not to mention searching for its owner or a good home. What is the best thing to do if taking a dog in is out of the question?

      • Elizabeth, I agree witih Sandy Driscoll. Also, it is a law that the shelter must be notified when someone picks up a stray animal. The dog will be well cared for at the shelter and they have groomers that come in. Also, many rescuers take dogs as soon as they are available and find them very good homes—and they do home checks first. As Sandy said, it doesn’t take long for a white dog to get very dirty on the street. Thank you for helping since they can’t help themselves!

    • Alijil, Let me just explain why I posted that. Yes, this dog looks to be in awful shape. That doesn’t necessarily translate into owner neglect, however. It’s possible the dog had been lost and on the street for a while, and you’d be amazed how little time it takes for a dog with a coat like this to look totally bedraggled. I did notice the dog had on a bandana, collar & leash. It’s entirely possible that was put on it by someone who found the dog and kept it for a while. Stranger things have happened. The point is, we don’t know.

      For many years, I was the volunteer coordinator for the LA City shelter that covers our area, so I know a bit about their workings. The shelter exists to house stray animals, and it is the one pivotal place where found animals can be turned in and where owners look for their lost pets. The pets are held for a few days in order for the owner to find them. If no owner turns up, then they are put up for adoption. They are vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Only if they aren’t adopted are they euthanized. They are not ‘murdered’. They are humanely injected exactly as would be done in a private vet’s office.

      Things are much better there than they were when I volunteered many years ago. Now we have social media, there are links where owners can go to check and see if their lost pet is at a shelter, and many dogs/cats are now microchipped. Euthanasia rates are down, but there still are more pets than there are good homes for them. This will always be the case as long as people keep needlessly breeding them.

      Just as important, if I find a dog and turn it in and it’s not claimed by the owner, I can adopt and find a home for it for a relatively small fee. I’ve done this with several dogs this past year, and with the knowledge that I did what I could to find the rightful owner, then adopted the dog and it was legally mine.

      If you’re interested, I’m with a non-profit humane organization that will pay the fee to bail out this dog, and have him/her groomed if you want to foster and find the dog a home. I can tell you from experience, once cleaned up, dogs like this are very adoptable. Many rescues adopt dogs like this from the shelter and find them homes.

      There is a link to my website here. You are welcome to contact me if you want to find this little dog a good home! We’re both on the same page here. And wouldn’t it make a wonderful story for The Eastsider to see this dog beautiful once again, groomed, and in a good home?

  3. Great news – I called to check in on the dog last week at the shelter and she has been adopted!

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