New Eagle Rock bike lanes roll in next week

Rendering of Colorado Boulevard bike lane./LADOT

After many months of debate and meetings, city workers next week will begin the work of restriping Colorado Boulevard to make more room for cyclists and less room for motor vehicles.

The changes are part of a program to improve safety, slow down traffic and create a more pedestrian-friend environment along Colorado Boulevard, where now three lanes of traffic flow in each direction through much of Eagle Rock. Councilman Jose Huizar, in an email newsletter today, provided details about what motorists and cyclists can expect next week on Colorado Boulevard:

On the night of September 23rd, contractors will begin removal of the current lane striping on Colorado Boulevard. On Tuesday, September 24th, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will begin working behind the contractor to stripe in the bike lanes and add the necessary pavement markings. Most work will be completed at night time, and the installations are scheduled to be done by Friday, October 4th.

The traffic and streetscape improvements on Colorado also include new crosswalks at El Rio and Glen Iris avenues, and the addition of flashing warning lights at the existing Hermosa Avenue crosswalk and the two new crosswalks.

Click here for a flyer on the project.


  1. Cool !!!!!!!

    • oh, wait… I forgot. It’s going to be carmageddon every day on Colorado. Traffic will come to a screeching halt. Commute times will triple. Businesses will shut down, and a huge hole will open up and swallow Eagle Rock.
      Holding my breath…

  2. Fantastic news!

  3. I would like to know how a small percentage of the commuting public has managed to monopolies attitudes in making changes like this. This policy of turning crowed streets into one lane traffic jams is creeping into every city. silver lake, Pasadena, and now eagle rock. When are the majority of us CAR PEOPLE!, ( Yes the majority of Los Angeles commuters are CAR PEOPLE!) going to take back our streets? When are we going to end this totalitarian takeover by this “traffic calming, road diet,” mindset? We don’t even seem to have a say in the matter anymore. You want to create more road rage? keep it up. I’m in a pretty good mood leaving my house every day and I am enraged soon after I get off the freeway and get on your so called “calmed, road dieted” streets. I am sick of sitting in traffic created by these so called city planers making two lanes one lane, adding stop signs, forcing me into residential neighbors trying to get to work without sitting in a traffic nightmare created by these anti car zealots .I stop for pedestrians, watch for bikers even thought they all seem to think they have an invisible shield around them. I take the same route to work every day for the last 10 years, I have seen the areas that could be improved by simple changes to traffic lights, stop signs, adding left turn green arrows in intersections, ( Not the worthless red arrows mind you!) Simple solutions that I see. Why can’t these so called professional traffic street planner making twice what I make a year come up with these solutions? Have any of you DRIVING COMMUTERS say that any changes the city have made have made your drive any easier? We are just told to “expect delays”, “prepare to stop”, or my favorite, “traffic fines doubled in construction areas” The only improvement they have made is writing more traffic tickets and extorting more money from us. When was the last time you have seen a motorcycle cop writing a bunch of tickets for J walking or bicycles not stopping for a red light or a pedestrian? Sorry I have red all this crap so many times in silence, now I just need to rage. Hopefully for you it wont be on your road.

    • actually, the increase in traffic is due to an increased number of cars on the road. The increased number of cars is due to an increase in high density housing units popping up all over the place. That, there, is your problem.

      I live in Pasadena. There have been very, very few road diets. A small stretch of Cordova between PCC and Lake.. and something on Marengo in N,Pas. We have seen a huge increase in traffic, but it has nothing to do with these few road diets.. and everything to do with a crap-load more people living here.

    • Bikes, mass transit, density=the future of LA
      Don’t like it, move to Kansas

      • Why don’t YOU move to Kansas and leave us alone.

      • Trust me, I am all in favor of alternative (to cars) modes of transportation.. especially bikes and rail. I bike commute many days a week, walk/ ride where I can, rail when I can.

        However, you are delusional if you think mass transit in LA can realistically be built out to the point that we can sustain high density development. LA is too built out to build enough rail to be truly useful to the masses. Look how many years of fighting it took to get the expo line phase 2. Too much private property would have to be reclaimed, and it’s just not going to happen. This leaves us with busses. Most people don’t/ won’t ride them.. plus, they’ll be stuck in traffic along with the throngs of new residents who will own and drive cars.

        Our best bet is to create a balanced approach, as opposed to an all out war on cars.. because we’ll all lose.

        • Buses are only stuck in traffic if you let them be. If you take one lane away from cars and dedicate it to buses only, you can often nearly double the number of people that can go down the road in the same amount of time. Of course, that only works on the streets with the highest demand for transportation, like Wilshire or Santa Monica.

    • This emotional and factually-challenged comment is almost beneath replying to. The thing I find disturbing about it is the last threat, “now I just need to rage. Hopefully for you it wont be on your road.”

      What you are threatening here is to use your car to act out your feelings of anger, and endanger others on the road. I observe this kind of driver pretty often as I walk on Colorado. This behavior (using the car to channel emotions) is also pretty familiar to cyclists. It’s a disgusting attitude, because it trifles with my life and limb for really nothing at all.

    • If driving enrages you so much maybe you should stop.

  4. How fast were cars going on Colorado? 65, 70mph? Like over by Little Flower Cafe? Really next to the freeway. All of this capitulating to the 10-20 people that will bike regularly to shops on Colorado, it’s ridiculous. Someone is going to bike for a weeks worth of groceries to Trader Joes? A big trip to Target and uphill to home? You people are insane.

    • This isn’t for “10-20 people that will bike regularly.” everyone is a beneficiary of a street made safer in their neighborhood, including those that drive.


    Those of us who actually LIVE along Colorado Blvd. are thrilled that our neighborhood is getting this wonderful shift to pedestrian and family friendly walkability.

    • Indeed! I live right off Colorado and everyone on my block is thrilled (expect for this old man that told me bike lane advocates=Nazis).

  6. Love the artistic “rendering” with one car and one bike, nothing like the reality of bumper-to-bumper cars and no bikes.

    • It’s going from three lanes each way to two. This is not such a colossal change.

    • It’ll only be “bumper-to-bumper” if you’re one of the many LA drivers who decide to tailgate the car in front of you… if you just slow down a bit, leave a space cushion, and drive at or below the speed limit, I doubt you’ll hit much traffic at all outside of rush-hour.

  7. For those who move to this area form the westside. Remember you are NOT in the Westside ANY more. You will NEVER smell the sea air, from this side of town.

  8. I got one word for that. URGH

  9. Huizar will win in a landslide, even with the sexual harassment claims. What you shut-ins don’t realize is that the vast majority of ER residents are excited about a new, safer Colorado.

    • Once a liar always a liar. Especially when one funneled $1.5 miliion
      for his personal staff and to funded his own special projects. I wonder
      how much he is getting for getting all those bike lane all over this
      side of town…

      • The thing is he won the last election even though people knew about the 1.5M. And in dollars, he is getting no money for bikes lanes but in political capital for a run at a larger office, he is getting 300 gazillion bucks. That is what you shut-ins don’t get, people like bike lanes. They are a good political move in a liberal city like LA. Again, if you don’t like liberals then maybe find a different place to live (I hear Texas has cheap houses).

        • NELAManiac,
          I have read through these posts and feel the need to comment that
          you show no respect to anyone who has a different opinion about the bike lanes.
          There is no need for you to show hostility to any posters who think the bike lanes are bothersome. I have driven this route for twenty years. The commute has become extremely dangerous since their implementation. I have seen only 1 biker in all of those years. I love the community. Please do not suggest that I not drive the route. High numbers of residents did not support this move. The “newbys” to the neighborhood have taken over. Old timers have just as many rights as you. You should not tell them to move to Texas. That is an arrogant attitude.

  10. I am IheartNELA from this posting and I promise you I do live along Colorado. Several people may use this moniker.

    EVERYONE on my block is thrilled with the street modifications. I know, because I asked them.

  11. Thanks to the Councilman and the planners at LADOT for showing leadership and making this possible.

    I believe that the fact, mentioned in the article and also in the flyer, that the two new crosswalks at El Rio and at Glen Iris will get lighted indicators, is above and beyond the improvements already discussed at the last planning meeting. Nice work.

  12. I live right off Colorado, off of Eagle Vista. We’re neighbors. And I am thrilled! This is an exciting development that will pay off not next week, but years down the line. And if you live near me, how can you not be happy that something — anything — is being done to slow down the cars that rocket off the freeway at 50mph and more in a 35 mph zone, routine crashing into buildings and jumping sidewalks where kids walk to school every day?

  13. Ah! So bikes=commies I see: you are an older male and a Reagan Republican. Your demo is the only demo that is against bike lanes. Seriously bro, try Texas or Alabama. They LOVE people that think like you.

    • That isn’t call for. STOP cyberbullying. Be nice or else…

    • @NELAManic : stereotyping does no-one any good. I’m a Texan, older male, lean more Republican (tho registered independent).. and I’m a supporter of the bike lanes, a bike commuter, and a practical environmentalist (ie have solar, have a plugin hybrid, compost, etc).

    • i’m an anarchist; i’m against them. and they just put them in. and they’re stupid. i’m not against bike lanes; i’m against stripping away one lane when driving through colorado is already difficult (w/ 3 lanes) due to people daydreaming rather than driving.

  14. What are the compelling reasons to oppose this measure that’ll improve safety for everyone? It’ll slow traffic down? What’s the harm in that? Can’t spare a minute so that our neighbors, and the children in the community are a little safer?

  15. I probably shouldn’t have used the “war on cars” phrase, because it evokes certain reactions. I’m actually in total agreement with you Jeff.

    The point of my post, which you may not agree with, is that if we build high density housing under the illusion that all of these hordes of new people will live a car free lifestyle, I think we’re setting ourselves up for disaster. We need to slow housing development and focus on providing transportation infrastructure that give people alternatives… first.

  16. I don’t ride a bike. And no, you can’t have my number.

  17. Unfortunately I have just come to hear of the bike lanes on Colorado Blvd. Despite the usual juvenile posts that typically follow stories of this nature, the dialogue has been mostly civilized.

    With all due respect to all parties involved, I have to say that this is a terrible idea. And it is going result in tragedy. Sometime within a year or so, I bicyclist is going to get hit and either injured or killed by a motorist. Lives will be forever altered because of a well-intended but irrational law.

    Let me tell you why.

    I have lived in Eagle Rock since 1989. Raised 2 now adult children who attended Eagle Rock Elementary and ERHS. Have ridden bikes in Eagle Rock and have had both of my children ride bikes. So I am speaking from experience when I say that any parent of a young child who allows them to ride their bicycle on Colorado Blvd. is out of their mind. Bike lanes or not, no child should be riding a bike on Colorado Blvd. period. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself at rush hour before you put your child out there.

    For those of you who think this proposal will slow traffic, you may be right, but at what cost? Gridlock builds road rage. Like it or not it is a fact. It causes people to do stupid things like run red lights, snake down gutter lanes, etc. And now you are putting bicyclists into this scenario with cross hairs on their backs.

    Frankly, if you are an adult then do as you please & good luck to you. But you supposedly well-intentioned parents need a major reality check. And just wait until the first time that there is a sig alert on the 134E and everybody bails out onto Colorado to get home. You might as well sleep over at work.

    Lastly, for those of you who really think that most of Eagle Rock supports this measure, well guess again. Most of Eagle Rock didn’t even know about it until the lines went away and the signs went up. The people in my neighborhood think this crazy.

    Whether you agree or disagree with me really doesn’t matter at this point. It is happening. It’s just too bad that this wasn’t put to a vote of the community instead of coming out of what appears to be a lobbying effort directed at our councilman.

    • Gridlock happens for what, maybe 45 minutes every morning and 45 minutes every evening? That’s 90 minutes a day when road rage will cause more violence. But for the other 1350 minutes of every day, cars that used to be going 50 mph will be driving closer to the speed limit, and farther from people on the sidewalk and people getting out of parked cars. There will almost certainly some day be a death on those bike lanes. But the hope is that there will be far fewer deaths than there have been on the street as it is currently configured.

      (Also, I doubt that there’s really gridlock for 90 minutes a day. Maybe people are in stop-and-go traffic, but not actual gridlock. And also, I find that rush hour is the most pleasant time of day to bike on our streets – it’s easy to see where all the cars are, and they’re not doing too many fast motions, unlike the rest of the day.)

  18. Pretty funny that they would Photoshop someone using the bike lane.

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