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  1. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-airbnb-economy-20130903,0,6261562.story

    It’s unfortunate, but not shocking, that Anne-Marie Johnson of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and CD4 (Tom LaBonge’s office), belittles residents that she supposedly serves and dismisses their genuine economic concerns in this recession. To suggest that people who rent rooms in their homes could go a step further and just turn their homes into bordellos to make more money is DESPICABLE. She should be fired from Tom LaBonge’s office and recalled from the Neighborhood Council.

    This is just further evidence of what the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has become: a glorified homeowners association that serves the private interests of a small group stuck in a suburban mind-set rather than that of the larger urban community they are supposed to serve. There is a huge conflict of interest with her working for City Councilmember Tom Labonge. She along with Renee Nahum, who ran City Councilmember Mitch O’Farell’s campaign (CD13) and Paul Neumann, who works for City Councilmember Paul Koretz (CD5) should resign from the Neighborhood Council. They are the driving force that has eroded the Neighborhood Council into the NIMBY Council it has become. Knowing they are powerless as Neighborhood Council members, should we believe that they do not use their ties to their employers on the City Council to shape the neighborhood into what they want it to be?

    Next up for them? Tonight’s meeting: to remove the lighted crosswalk on Silver Lake Boulevard that provides safe access to hundreds of people who enjoy the amenities of the Reservoir. Ask these members if they supported opening the Reservoir to the public.


    Then on Wednesday, they’d like to amend bylaws and eliminate any documentation requirements for people to vote in the Neighborhood Council elections. A simple public records request would likely show that of the approximately 500 people who voted in the last election, many voted for these longtime members. But do they have Silver Lake addresses? Let’s do the research; there will likely be correlation and causation.


    Of approximately 30,000 eligible voters in the last NC elections, only about 500 people voted.
    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council doesn’t speak for the community. Let’s do something about it.

    Let Tom LaBonge know what you think of his employee’s comments. tom.labonge@lacity.org

    Let the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council know what you think. Post on their website under “comments” for each meeting announcement. http://www.silverlakenc.org

    Email them all directly at Board@silverlakenc.org

    And spread the word.

  2. You may find that to be in poor taste, but it’s nonetheless a valid point. Personally, I don’t want to find myself living next door to an unlicensed hotel, and I hope the city can devise a set of codes that allow the short-term rental market to continue to flourish for those who play by the rules, all while protecting the rights of the neighbors around those rentals.

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