On The Agenda: Silver Lake council to hear update on reservoir project and discuss injunction, again

reservoirBy Tony Cella

The  Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is scheduled to discuss tonight its stance on the proposed Echo Park area  gang injunction,  which would include portions of Silver Lake, and hear an update about the Silver Lake Reservoir project from the Department of Water and Power.

Other agenda items before the neighborhood council’s Governing Board include:

  • A debate on whether to support a new crosswalk at the intersection of Edgecliffe and Sunset and an enhanced crosswalk at the intersection of Maltman and Sunset
  • The possible development of a“homeless outreach flyer”

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, September 4  in the Micheltorena School Auditorium, 1511 Micheltorena St. Click here to read the full agenda.

Tony Cella is a freelance reporter who has covered crime and grime in Los Angeles, New York City and the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Click here to contact Cella with questions, comments or concerns.


  1. The injunction is just to appease property owners! This injunction is not for the best interest of the minority population.


      When pressed for comment, Mr. Scholaris said “I would prefer a return to a time when my neighbors were afraid of me and I could do whatever I wanted. I really don’t like the way Echo Park is headed.” Pressed further Scholaris continued “When I joined exp as a kid, I was promised power, respect, and good money. Well, here I am in my 40’s and all I have is a record of incarceration, no job, dwindling finances, and my neighbors look down upon me because of my continued support for gang lifestyle. Clearly this all went wrong because of hipsters! and gentrification! Yeah, it’s all their fault! I did everything right!”

      Mr. Scholaris then waddled back into the decaying home he inherited to watch infomercials.

      • normally it’s tough to watch a battle of the wits when one of the participants is woefully unarmed. However, in this case, it’s pretty funny. Nicely played, Ian.

  2. In previous posts you declared yourself to be a “property owner”. Do you feel appeased, Scholaris?

  3. I like the way you guys throw everything out of context. If you are going to quote someone, do some research before the matter. What is your definition of an active member? And as for propery owner? I said it was to appease property owners, maybe the gentrification kinda property owners. Actually there are some propery owners that are against the injunction, maybe I ruffled some feathers here, because some of you don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw out of! You remind me of the biblical day, when no matter what parable was used they never understood it and questioned everything.

  4. You can’t assassinate someone that has been through the mill like I have!

  5. The labor day weekend was crazy, no pun intended, with taggers in EP. Spent the morning cleaning up neighbors’ retainer walls just as the kids were returning back to school (sad they had to see this). Let’s drop the gang injunction and just have a tag/graffiti/vandalism injunction. How’s that?

  6. Your heading states silverlake to hear the injunction again…well buddy until right is done you will hear it again and agsin and again.
    To have anyone say this injunction is not about property values is a LIER… The newbies moved in they want what we own like the Indians “THE LAND”.. MINE’S FOR SALE ASKING 1.5 MILLION corner lot subdivide into two small lots my duplex faces Preston and Armitage. You want me gone WILL BE GLAD TO RUN NOT WALK with a 30 day close for 1.5 million.

    • You can call me a “LIER” all you want, but I’m in favor of a gang injunction because it might stop murder. Murder is bad. I don’t think anyone here is in favor of murder.

      • You make a very compelling argument. Murder is bad… none likes murders and MAYBE a gang injunction will stop murder. Except that there are 44 existing gang injunctions in LA city and they ALL have had murders since the injunctions were imposed. But MAYBE you’re area will be different, maybe…

    • It’s almost too easy to give you a spelling lesson – misspelling LIAR when it’s in caps kind of deflates your post.

      I know you want to turn this into a ‘them’ vs. ‘us’ scenario, where ‘them’ are the terrible people who have somehow been allowed to purchase property in SL/EP, and mean to intentionally destroy the older residents … or whatever. In this democracy, we have freedom of movement and property is given great value. So it’s not surprising that new residents won’t tolerate gangs and their tagging, which threatens their property, property values, and sense of safety.

      On my street, it seems that some new residents are for the injunction, while others are not. Older multi-generation residents seem to be all for it. One of them said ‘About time! Guess these homes had to become expensive in order to get the cops and city hall to care about the gangs.’ Most of us worked our asses off to afford these homes – we didn’t inherit them. So we damn well don’t like gangs destroying our properties and the small businesses in the area. If people are concerned with the injunction being abused, ask the cops to allow you to do a ride-along to see how it’s applied and how they’ll determine who to stop.

      And good luck with the $1.5 asking price on your place.

    • Aren’t you glad property values have gone up so much? Your investment has probably gone up 4-10 times what you paid for it. You can sell it & take the payday, or stay and enjoy the minimal (nonexistent?) mortgage and low property taxes (I’m assuming you bought your place a long time ago for a song) for as long as you like. You can update and refurbish the place if needed, then rent it out and make some $$$. Either way you have a ton of equity you can use to eventually do whatever you want. GOOD FOR YOU. As a ‘newbie’ I am genuinely happy for you. No one can take your property away without paying you it’s fair open market value, so I’m not sure what your ‘fear’ is about (property wise I mean). I’m not saying gentrification is all positives, but it appears to have had at least one positive benefit for a long time resident like yourself.

      The injunction is about cleaning up the area. Figuratively in terms of lowering crime, and literally in terms of removing graffiti. Will that raise property values? Sure, I guess. But it also makes a safer & cleaner neighborhood, which is the real point. Property values will continue to rise in the area regardless (not as swiftly as the last year, but a slow and steady rise for sure). An injunction is not needed at all for that. Market forces are more than enough.

      In fact, if your ‘worst case’ scenario came true and the injunction forced a lot of people to leave and sell all at once (really don’t see this happening but I’ll play devil’s advocate) it could flood the market with more supply and help stabilize or even lower prices.

      The idea of forcing latinos out of EP to make way for rich whites is just laughable to me because it’s impossible. To take an area that’s 64% latino and replace them with a majority of whites (only 13%) in a city with declining white population and a growing latino population is just not feasible. There’s just not enough whites to do it. I think EP will continue to diversify with people of all races, but I don’t ever see latino’s being less than 50% of the area’s population. People moving here come here knowing and accepting this will always be a majority latino area. Please try and accept us in return.

  7. The police have already abducted one of ours for a dress code! When are they gonna level the playing field and start abducting yours?

    • I’m gonna call BS on this one. Police can’t abduct (or arrest) anyone for a dress-code violation. If they could, I’d still be in jail for some stuff I wore in the 80’s.

      • Oh, I am making this up! O “kay Mr.Knowledgable One.
        You are completely lacking knowledge. Dress code, gang injunction ? Have you even read what they have implemented on us? Or are you so self absorbed, that you only look out for your own interest and if it doesn’t apply to your liking, it’s all good! Once again, you should change your name to something a little more superior.

  8. I was there tonight. The people who opposed the injunction were very disrespectful. There were many people there who are not from the neighborhood. There were people there from South LA and they were commenting on how gang injunction did not work in their neighborhoods. There was also a gentleman who expressed how the gang injunction cleaned up his neighborhood in Hollywood, however, in the process many Latinos were pushed out because of gentrification. The reason why gang injunctions have not been successful in South LA is because white people are not moving into South LA. It continues to stay Latino and Black and therefore remains full of gangs. Gang injunctions have been successful in areas like Hollywood and Highland Park. They work hand in hand with gentrification. The funniest moment of the night was when a Chicano man from Echo Park stood up and spoke out against gentrification in Echo Park in Silverlake. When he did this the audience cheered. Many who cheered were white and are responsible for the gentrification. I take offense when white people are trying to tell me, a chicano, what is good or bad for me. The people from South LA need to go back to South LA, we are trying to get rid of that riff raff.

  9. Gangs Are Nothing But Useless Parasites Living Off The System. Many Live In Over Crowed Apartments or Condos Like Section 8 Housing.

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