Storefront Report: $5 doughnuts arrive on York Boulevard

Doughnuts under construction at Donut Friend

The gourmet doughnut arrived in Highland Park today with the soft opening of Donut Friend on York Boulevard. Owner Mark Trombino has taken the humble doughnut and turned into a high-end snack, with a wide range of flavors, fillings and toppings from which customers can build their own custom dessert. Look for doughnuts with Greek yogurt and blueberry jam or goat cheese and basil. A friend of The Eastsider stood in line to pick up a plain doughnut for $2  but prices rise to $5 for some combinations.

What’s inside (or on top of) of a $5 doughnut? Consider the Spanish Bomb as described on the Donut Friend menu:

Manchego cheese and quince paste inside our traditional donut, topped with a sugar glaze and tasted almonds

Better hurry. Post-lunch, doughnut lovers were already lined up this afternoon.

Lining up for doughnuts


  1. That’s a lot of hipsters in this line! That’s just a weird idea!

    • *That (are) a lot of hipsters in this line! That’s just a weird idea!

      • I think your “correction” is wrong. I believe the two correct options to refer to the masses of hipsters would be:

        “There are a lot of hipsters in this line”


        “That’s/ That is a lot of hipsters in this line” (Although hipsters is plural, “a lot” is in singular form, thus “is” is appropriate. Perhaps it would be better written as “That is/That’s a long line of hipsters”)

  2. Sort of looks like an SF burrito shop, but with donuts. I’m all over it. I just hope they have some UN-healthy ones too, like that one place in PDX…..

  3. This is going to kill the free range pop-tart cart on Ave. 52.

  4. Please stop saying hipsters, they are just people who live in the neighborhood.
    Good grief.
    Get over it.

    • i am the great corn-JULIO

      You’re right! Hipsters are the cool artistic people that were here first. These guys are just wannabes that don’t deserve to be called hipsters.

      These guys are like; “going to get some tattoos so I look like an edgy kind of guy and get a few piercings. Also, I am going to go take pictures in the neighborhood and post it on my social website. I am such a bad as*. Going to make some crappy art but it’s going to look cool and most likely sell because the gallery will be in HLP so it must be good.” (wrong, most of your art sucks dirty std infested balls.) “Then I will buy a five dollar doughnut.”

      Truth is, these newbies are sausages! They complain about everything! lol

      • the great cornJULIO

        That’s right, vote me down. It’s the truth. You guys are only dressed that way because you want to fit in!
        Lame-o’s your tattoos don’t mean anything.

  5. Looking forward to the graffiti.

  6. Oh come on, I look at those people in the line and maybe, *maybe* the last guy in line is a hipster. The rest are just normal citizens. When will you people get over your hate of “hipsters”? We all know when you say “hipster” you really just mean “white people who moved into the neighborhood”. Get over it and step out of your comfort zone a bit, there are different types of people in the world! You all sound like racist cry babies when you say “hipsters” and claim to be “anti-gentrification”!

    • the great corn-JULIO!

      There are three hipsters there; the guy at the end, the guy with the hat, and the girl with the combat boots. The guy with the flannel might be too but possibly not.

      How about we all get comfortable? White people stop trying to change the neighborhood so much and Mexicans, or whatever, will chill too. We can have pupusas and IPA,or whatever you guys like to drink. Or scoops after dollar tacos. 🙂 We can sign a treaty or some shiz lol.

      What I love about Los Angeles is the different feels you get from going through the different neighborhoods. Like no where else, that I know of, can someone get some authentic gimpap, tacos, sushi, gyros, and all other ethnic food. LA is beautiful the way it is. Don’t try to change it too much. Do you really want a hip bar every two other stores or a hip coffee shop next to another hip coffee store? Or how about five galleries filled with bad art? Nah, right?

      • “White people stop trying to change the neighborhood so much and Mexicans, or whatever, will chill too.”

        But it was ok when the Mexican’s changed it from when the neighborhood was mostly white? Nice xenophobic double standard.

        People are free to open up what ever business they want. Economics will determine if a business has longevity.

        I’m glad that people are opening up new businesses and investing in the area. You haters can either open up your own businesses and show us how it’s done or GTFO.

        • Right? What was in the space prior to a trendy donut shop and an upscale ice cream bar? A “massage” joint, that had been there for years, not some displaced Latino business. I’d rather see creative food choices than a place for pervs to get parts rubbed.

  7. Oh no! *tasted* almonds shouldn’t really drive up the price of a doughnut, should they?

  8. Scott you sound so bitter. Get your donuts at California doughnuts and stop shitting on the doughnut parade.

    • Where is the doughnut parade being held? I can’t wait to see all the doughnuts rolling by. I have a few other questions: How will you keep the sprinkles from falling off the doughnuts in the parade? Also, will apple fritters and doughnut holes be allowed to participate? Will the announcer be bilingual (English-Khmer)?

  9. Screw Salesian! Hail Cathedral Hail! 😛

    • the great corn-JULIO!

      Of course. Only a guy that went to Cathedral would have the name of El Dandy. You guys are so metro. Getting your eyebrows done more than my girlfriend. LOL
      Just kidding bro.
      Much love from the saltiest mustang 🙂

  10. I am dying to try this place! As someone who grew up around the music scene in San Diego in the 90’s, I am loving the punny names for all the doughnuts – brings back memories.

  11. Cronuts? No. Bye then.

  12. To all the “gentrification” haters, do you remember what used to be in this space? A rub n’tug massage parlor. Would you rather have that or this?

  13. Lol they had a Simpson’s episode about this very thing.

  14. Monterrey Donuts on Monterrey and Ave 60 is where it’s at. Traditional flavors and lots of people hanging around buying Scratchers but they make the BEST donuts.

  15. Why do we have to put a name or label to everything? “Gentrification, really?”
    I see neighbors. Friends and neighbors who embrace the beauty and benefits of living in HP. Most of us see the practicality of living minutes from Downtown LA, Pasadena, and Glendale. To all the newcomers, HP is a great place to live, WELCOME! Like our current neighbors and friends, you will compliment the community of HP.

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