Storefront Report: Domino’s “pizza theater” store prepares for its Echo Park debut

Sorry, there will be no movies or reclining seats at the new Domino’s pizza outlet in Echo Park.  Instead, the star attraction of Domino’s  “pizza theater”-style store  will be the “pizza-making artists” who will be tossing and stretching pizza dough in front of an open kitchen.  Domino’s, which is touting the  “pizza theater” as  its “store of the future,”  and its franchisees are rolling out the concept as part of an effort to upgrade the chain and create more inviting stores.

In Echo Park, the Domino’s pizza-theater is currently under construction in a Sunset Boulevard minimall at Douglas Street. The new store, which is expected to open by the end of the month, will replace the company’s outlet on Glendale Boulevard, according to employees and construction workers.

It may seem odd as to why anyone would want to go to a Domino’s store since the chain with nearly 10,000 outlets plays up home delivery. But, according to the company, about one-third of its customers pick up their order in stores that are often, like the current Echo Park location, cramped, bare-bones boxes.

The new Echo Park Domino’s, in contrast, seems to be taking its interior design cues from Starbucks and other restaurant chains by using dark colors and earth tones. There’s a simulated, dark-wood floor underneath and walls and ceilings painted shades of brown and beige. In addition to an open kitchen, there will be a raised platform so kids can get up close to watch those pizza-making artists in action.

Will the Domino’s pizza-theater generate rave reviews and new customers or will it fall flat? Stay tuned.


  1. Wow. This is horrible. Ceasear’s pizza, now Domino’s next to Taco Bell, Mc Donalds and Burger King? Domino’s also contributes a lot of money to anti-abortion, anti-gay, and anti-healthcare causes. I nor my family and friends will not patron this place.

    • Are you serious? None of that about Domino’s is true! Domino’s has one goal and that’s to sell pizza’s and grow the business.. Quit making false allegations.

  2. Just one suggestion … after you buy the pizza, discard it and eat the box. It is both healthier and tastier. Arf.

  3. What’s going in the current Domino’s store?

  4. Seems like a good location to fall flat.

    Pizza theater as a new concept? When I was a kid they did the dough-tossing thing in all the pizza places.

  5. Domino’s = anti choice = no way.

  6. I’d rather go to LA Pizza Co! I’m not a fan of these fast food chains popping up in the neighborhood.

  7. Definitely a lame development on Sunset Ave., but better than a vacant store, right? Their food tastes none too good, and their unabashed backing of right-wing initiatives will make this local steer clear of the new “theater” location. However, their prices are cheap enough (and the brand is plenty familiar) to draw customers who just don’t give a fuck about any of the above. I imagine it will be there for years to come, especially considering the corporation will absorb losses to establish a new sales concept that will stretch well beyond Los Angeles. Maza and Pizza Bueno offer way better pies! I’d love to like Two Boots, but they don’t quite measure up to what they do in NY. Oh, I’ll refrain from going on about how superior East Coast pizza is to West Coast offerings, for reasons I’ll never fully understand.

  8. I’m bummed. I thought this whole strip mall was amounting vacancies just so that it could be ripped down and developed.

  9. I don’t get it.

  10. we should picket this place out of Echo Park

  11. I won’t ever eat at this place and hope it and the new Walmart down the street are only visited by homeless people looking for A/C. I really wish Echo Park could have stayed a place with less chains but it is just too hard to stop these nasty corporations from taking up residence in every town in the USA.

  12. The new Dominos image is fantastic and Echo Park is lucky to have this in their neighborhood

  13. You get Dominos cuz you aint got no Italians.

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