Customer beaten in Echo Park 7-Eleven store robbery

7-Eleven robbery suspect

7-Eleven robbery suspect

A customer who confronted a man stealing beer at an Echo Park 7-Eleven store was punched several times by the suspect, according to police. The Rampart Division is now asking for the public’s help to find the suspect involved in the robbery that took place on the evening of Oct. 20 at the 7-Eleven store on Sunset Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue.

The suspect, described as  a 170-pound, 6-foot tall  male Latino with a tattoo on the top of his left hand,  was walking out of the store without paying for two, 18-can packs of beer  when he was confronted by a customer, according to a notice posted on the Rampart Division’s Facebook page.  The customer fell to the floor after being punched two to three times in the face by the suspect, who then fled across Sunset and headed north on Waterloo Street.

During August, the same convenience store was robbed five times during a week.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Rampart Detective  F. Prieto at (213) 484-3627.


  1. Isn’t that the police officer hangout one? That’s pretty ballsy. Or just really stupid.

    Considering that he’s got his pick of the liquor cabinet, yet he grabs Bud Lite, most likely the latter.

  2. It certainly is possible that he is not part of any known gang in Echo Park, but if he is a gang member, then that is more evidence that the gang injunction is not a bad idea.

    • “. . . but if he is a gang member . . .” why even raise the possibility of “if” other than to reinforce suspicion towards a certain ethnic profile? You are “Exhibit A” of the argument opposed to the gang injunction, i.e., we are NOT all “gang members”(?!).

      • why even raise the possibility? Dude, that’s a stupid question. There are gang members. Gang members commit crimes. Of all the gangs in EP, how many of them are Latino? How many non-Latino?

        • True “Freedom”(?), you are perhaps the most clueless poster on this site and Exhbit B of why bigots like you should NOT be trusted with identifying “gang members”. You are also a busy-body from Pasadena who has ZERO knowledge of our community or its residents. Please console yourself with Old Town and mind your own business.

          • Well, since EP is not an island, and is actually connected to the rest of LA.. and since people are free to move about (ie I can visit EP, and you may visit Pasadena).. it is my business.

            Also, of the six gangs named in the injunction, how many are hispanic gangs? This is not a bigoted comment, or a racist comment. These are cold hard facts. There’s no opinion, here. Also, the possibility brought up by another poster, that the perp might be in a gang is also a very real possibility. This possibility arises not from bigotry, but simply from logic and statistics.

        • There are racial supremacist groups. Racial supremacists commit hate crimes of prejudice and discrimination. Of all the supremacist groups in L.A. County, how many of them are WHITE? How many Latino? . . . NEXT?

          • racial supremacist groups that carry out violence against other races occupy the bottom of the barrel. They are as much a threat to me (being in an interracial marriage) as anyone. Yes, there are white supremacist groups. Yes, I’m white, but that’s where the connection ends. I can’t speak for white people as a group, because we are not a monolithic group.. just as Latinos are not a monolithic group.
            Bringing white supremacists into this conversation is a red herring.

          • I think that beer stealer is a white politician. In fact I’m pretty sure he is in a political gang. He commits acts of theft and graft and this is evidence! There should be a politician injunction, and this is evidence of why. He cannot be hispanic because no hispanic person would wear a baseball hat backwards. His back pocket may contain a pork pie!

  3. Isn’t this the one that started selling alcohol recently? I remember this used to be a dry store for a long time.

  4. What a loser. How hard up are you that you have to steal beer?
    Props to the customer who called him out. We need more people in society to speak up when others do wrong. There are certain cultures that subscribe to the “mind your own business” or “no snitchin'”; however, when people don’t behave in public.. that IS our business. I’ll mind my own business about what you do in your bedroom.. but not out in the streets.

  5. So, do-good hipster tries to stop beer thief in Echo Park and get’s knocked the f%* out. Not sure whether to laugh or laugh harder.

  6. You would think 7-11 would have a better camera system (Higher/clearer res. pictures) . I really hope they catch this animal.

  7. How do you sucker punch someone carrying two cases of beer? The perp would have had to put one down first, giving our good samaritan plenty of time to take flight. That he didn’t speaks volumes about his courage and tenacity in the face of crime. Hats off!

    • Why risk your own safety for 7-11’s property though? Or any possession? If the assailant had a weapon, it could have been worse. I understand if you have to defend yourself if attacked but why try to intervene for beer? Hope they catch the thief.

  8. Stop snitchin stop lying .. its that simple

  9. I’m sorry but is two cases of beer worth dying over? That’s what the customer was risking. It seems silly to me.

    We have to choose our battles. If he was beating a child, hey, I’d jump in really fast but for some cheap beer… Go ahead buddy, keep it classy….Steel your crappy beer.

    Maybe shouting something productive would work: “Your mother is my friend!” “Su madre es mi amiga!”

  10. I think this article highlights one simple point, which is nothing more than an idiot risking his life to stop someone from stealing booze, of all things. OMG, you’re so brave, you risked your life and did what was right. Idiot. And all these gang member comments on this board are just so ignorant. Assumptions run rampant in this blog.

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