El Sereno sidewalk is no longer an obstacle course

Before and after photos of Cudhay sidewalk/Courtesy Council District 14

Last August Billy Branch of El Sereno set up a Facebook page as part of his one-man campaign to get a buckled and broken section of sidewalk on Cudahy Street near Locke Avenue  fixed up.  After Branch was contacted by a  representative from Councilman Jose  Huizar’s office,  city engineers came out to take a look at the problem and come up with a solution.  Several weeks later, city crews came to repair the concrete sidewalk, which serves as one of the paths to nearby El Sereno Elementary, with a strip of asphalt.   Why asphalt instead of concrete?

Julio Torres, Huizar’s El Sereno field deputy, explained via email:

Concrete is more expensive so the choice was asphalt for this repair but kept some concrete foundation. Asphalt is also easier to repair unlike concrete. An ADA ramp was also installed. More dirt was trucked in to pack and support the buckling sidewalk.
 Branch, who said he thought it would take at least six months to even get a response from the city,  is pleased with the repairs. But don’t be surprised if he sets up more Facebook pages to deal with neighborhood problems.  “There are some other issues I will be highlighting that need attention in the near future,” he said on his Facebook page.


  1. Why did they move the sidewalk to the other side of the street?

    • You mean: Why was the picture taken looking at the other side of the street? right?

      • There is only sidewalk on one side of the street. The photos were simply taken from different locations — the first shot looking east down the sidewalk, the second looking west.

  2. Asphalt is easier to repair, but it also less sturdy and requires more maintenance. Looks nice now, but come back in a year or two. Concrete will last you 10-15 years with no maintenance needed. Just saying.

    • I live in HLP. When we had that huge windstorm a couple of years ago the wind knocked down a street tree in front of my house which completely uprooted the concrete sidewalk.

      When the city came out to repair it, they replaced the concrete with asphalt and when I asked why they didn’t lay down concrete they told me that concrete is too expensive so all sidewalk repairs they do use asphalt. They told me that they could come back later and use something to make it look more gray but now over time the asphalt has sort of faded.

      It sucks because it looks really ugly to have concrete and then a patch of asphalt.

  3. So what have we learned here? The only way to get anything done in LA is to shame the politician into action.

    Whatever works I guess.

  4. Remember El Sereno recidents election time is on its way. Time for us to make our councilman work and work hard for votes!

  5. Materials wise, if the sidewalk is being destroyed because of a failing hillside or tree roots. Asphalt is better suited to handle the movement, it has some ability to move and stretch before cracking and breaking, concrete does not. But I will concede that concrete does looks better.

  6. No offense, but I am 100% that the City won’t even dare to put asphalt in Beverly Hills, Westwood, or any upper City, the concrete around my house has been installed more than 95 years and still there in perfect condition. Asphalt was the easy way, ridiculous

    • Property tax revenue is a percentage of a home’s value. Westwood average price around 1M or more. El Sereno is much much less. One can conclude fewer services and lower quality service in the lesser valued neighborhoods.

      Of course the politicians won’t tell you that…

  7. Unless they’re going to post a guard while the concrete sets, it will be vandalized.

    Asphalt doesn’t have that problem.

  8. $2 square foot cheaper than concrete. That being said, concrete will last twice as long. Typical LA government mindset. Streets crumbling, schools are terrible and yet my taxes keep going up…

  9. The area looks like south central LA . It’s frightening at night

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