Gunman shoots at officers in Highland Park*

Police have sealed off a section of Highland Park tonight as they search for a suspect who fired several shots at patrol officers.

No officers were hit during the shooting that took place at about 7:30 pm in the 200 block of N. Avenue 57,  said Lt. Richard Parks with the Northeast Division.  Parks said officers did not return fire after the suspect, described as a suspected gang member,  pulled out a handgun and shot five times at police.

The LAPD SWAT team and other officers are conducting a search on the ground as a police helicopter hovers overhead.

HLP90042  tweeted about the shooting and search that followed in a nearby alleyway and apartment buildings.

*Update: Police captured two suspects and recovered a 9mm handgun.


  1. Glad the police weren’t hurt. We thank them for all they do and hope they got the suspect.

  2. This Is Why We Need A Gang Injunction ASAP !!!!

    • As someone who lives within a block of where this picture was taken, I really like the sound of that.

    • The area has a gang injunction against 3 different gangs for the past 4 years!

    • or maybe this is proof that gang injunctions don’t work.

      • or maybe since they caught the two guys, either:
        a) gang injunction do work
        b) we should restrict members from congregating in groups of two or more instead of three or more.

        • his is not the only time officers have been shit at since the injunction. After 4 years the fact that this specific type of shooting still continues shows how little progress the injunction has made on stopping gang violence. Even with the assistance of an injunction the police do t have a handle on these gangs. If their willing to shoot at cops they’ll be willing to shoot at you and anyone else

          • *This is not the only time officers have been shot at…don’t…they’re…*

            Mucho typos, sorry, it’s hard to type well on a phone

          • Well, the gang injunction hasn’t brought gang violence to zero: that’s a fact.

            What we don’t know is if things would be any better or worse without the injunction. My guess is that things would be worse without it. Just a guess, tho

          • OR… maybe without the gang injunction things could be worse and there would be more shootings. That is the flaw in your logic. Without knowing how bad it would be without the gang injunction, it is hard to say what the effect was. If you could statistically compare the way things were before and after, that’s a start, but then you could probably argue that things are better/worse for different reasons unrelated but correlating to the injunction, but you get the point.

          • Whoa true freedom, Jinx!

          • Your points are pointless. Arguing the what ifs of a situation that never occurred solves and proves nothing. I would make the argument that the rise in Real estate and rent values has done more to displace and remove gang member from their gangland than any injunction has. There are 44 gang injunctions across LA. Every single gang listed on those injunctions still exist today. Every single neighborhood covered by an injunction still has gang activity. Facts. If these injunctions can’t measure their success rate, can’t remove the gangs or resolve the crimes then what good is it doing? If after you enact a gang injunction a sherif is murdered and cops are shot at how effective can the injunction really be if it can’t prevent cops from being victims of gang violence.

          • @Elbatmanuel

            You’ve made some great points on this site in the past but I have to disagree here.

            The injunction is what allowed the officers to approach the known gang members in the first place. Without it, at least two of the cretins would still be walking the streets packing. And what did they do when approached? They opened fire.

            And who would have they opened fire on next with their stellar marksmanship while protecting the laughable “honor” of their turf? A tree? A car?
            Perhaps a toddler?

            I would love the injunction to go away but the need for the injunction has to go away first.

            It’s ultimately the parent’s fault.

            People, please don’t have kids if you’re not going to show up to raise them.

  3. Attempted murder against officers of the law is gonna carry some serious time in State.

    And don’t those morons know that all the bullets they fired that (predictably) missed still keep going… and often go into things like…. houses where people live? Protectors of the neighborhood, my ass. I live just a few blocks from there and I can say from personal experience that those morons bring absolutely nothing positive to the area. Thankfully these types of incidents are happening much less.

    Glad they got the losers and no one was hurt. Good job LAPD!

  4. I Just look at it this way: 2 less scumbags in our streets!

  5. This story sure makes me want to ride the Gold Line.

  6. The parents should also be charged.

    • and their girlfriends and their brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles. heck lets lock up their preschool teachers and whoever sold them their shoes. lock everyone up! more money for jails! less money for schools!

  7. UP & COMING NEIGHBORHOOD!! shooting in broad daylight, shooting at cops. HOTTEST PROPERTY VALUES!

  8. I wonder what if person who tagged Ba Restaurant’s wall with “bad for the community” thinks if this instance is bad for the community as well? Where is the Youth Justice Coalition?

  9. We’ve had a junction and its worked wonders in north east….

  10. No wonder all the streets were closed glad no one got hurt.

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