Pirate ship in the driveway? Must be Halloween in Atwater

Forget about pumpkins. Think pirates. That’s what Tony Neskovski did when he began planning this year’s Halloween theme for his Atwater Village home, which is almost hidden behind a 25-foot wide facade of a pirate ship made from sheets of plywood, PVC pipe cannons, hand-painted sails and a crows nest about as tall as his two-story Gardenside Lane home.

A skeleton crew (sorry, could not avoid that) of pirates steer the ship’s wheel and greet visitors from the gangplank that stretches above the entry. Off to the side, another pirate sits in a dingy filled with shiny coins.

It took Neskovski, a 33-year-old carpenter and contractor, about two days to build and assemble most of the pirate ship, which sits in the driveway and is braced to the garage. He’s had experience building pirate ships before, having worked on the “Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida.

The Neskovski driveway has become known in the neighborhood for serving as a stage for elaborate Halloween fantasies that attract 300 to 400 trick-or-treaters. One year it was a castle with a dragon. Another year it was a circus. There was also a space ship.

Why does Neskovski go to all the trouble? The answer is very simple and straightforward. “I like building stuff,” he said. “My son likes pirates.”


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  1. Tony! It’s been SUCH fun to see what you’ll come up with each year. I’m so pleased you got this blurb in Eastsider. I still have a smile on my face thinking of Bumble up there (was that just last year?). THANK you for doing this. Each year I become a kid again when I see your creations. Will be walking by in a few hours with the pups to have a view of this year’s effort, in all it’s final glory.

  2. Can’t resist the urge to type a corny joke…….What’s a pirates favorite letter?

  3. Twelve Words or Less

    This. Is. So. DOPE!

  4. I love how every year is a different theme. My family and i enjoy looking at his great work.

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