Storefront Report: Silver Lake pizza parlor closing up

Nicky D’s Wood Fired Pizza is closing its Silver Lake location after the owners sold the Rowena Avenue property to a buyer who plans to open another eatery.

“It was not an easy decision to make,” said Bunny DeMarinis, who opened the restaurant 11 years ago with her husband Nicky. “We will miss them,” she said of her customers.

The couple will close the Silver Lake restaurant after Thursday but keep their Santa Barbara outlet open. DeMarinis said the new owners plan to open a new eatery  but she did not know what type of food will be served.


    • I am Ral Partha's complete lack of surprise.

      Gotta concur with Mssr. Cross up there. Boooooooo!
      Great pizza, one of the the few that would deliver to EP back in 2002.

      That said location was a hassle to park at, and the indignant teens that they employed were about about as dense as their crust.

  1. Oh no! Where will people get pizza on the Eastside? There are like no pizza places anywhere around here!

    • Tomato Pie or DiCarlo are both fantastic. Although not bad, I haven’t ordered Nicky D’s in years.

    • Jeremy, you can’t be serious. Hard Times and Tomato Pie are right around the corner. And for my money, Mother Dough and Garage Pizza make the best pizzas in Los Angeles in their respective styles.

    • Silverlake Is Not The Eastside Its Central Los Angeles’

      • Since we’re on that one again, this is worth a read, no matter what you may think of the limitations of Jill Stewart:


        • Note, it’s from *1994*, so it is quite interesting — that was 20 years ago — modems and Starbucks were hip references.

      • +1 Frank.

        I was ready to let the issue drop, but the dismissive and insulting replies are only making me pick sides again. These new east Hollywood people are as arrogant as the old westsiders.

        And by westsiders, I mean the rich, powerful, and racist who turned 2/3 of Los Angeles into ghettos with their bigoted development strategies from the 20s to the 70s. I can only imagine these new residents dreaming of bringing back the old CCRs.

    • Silverlake Is Not The Eastside Its In Central Los Angeles

      • Sorry, but your 1910 version of LA no longer exists. Silver Lake is Eastside nowadays. Get over it.

        • hahaha Lady Feliz, you are funny. 1910? Try since the beginning of the city until just about 6-7 years ago when realtors tried to cash in on the term “Eastside.”

          Sorry, but Silver Lake is not the Eastside, never has been, never will be. Get over it. You need to come up with your own term for the area in which you reside. North Central has a kind of nice ring to it.

          • Things change. Nobody calls LA “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula” anymore. Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park et al are now squarely Eastside, and it seems to be what EVERYBODY but you is calling it. Maybe you should go down to Santa Monica and try holding back the tide; let us know how that works for you, el abuelo.

          • Your LA has grown and SL/EP is now the eastiside makes no logical or empirical sense.
            Being that El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula is where Los angeles started and olvera street, el pueblo was the center then 200 years ago, westlake was west LA, echo park was the north LA, USC was the south LA and Lincoln Heights was the East LA. Just like a drop into water as the area grew it went outward from the center in all directions West LA moved further west out to the sea, North LA went further north to the foothills and the valley, South LA expanded further south all the way to the bay, and East LA went further EAST. To say that now the East side of LA has moved further west is geographically and historically incorrect.

        • All NEWBEES Say That Echo Park And Silverlake Is East Side . Here In The Real East Los Angeles 90032 Will Allways Be The Real East SIDE. Not No Phoney Wannabee Silver Lake East Side’

          • I agree, and I live in Silver Lake. This is NOT Eastside. Closest to Eastisde we are is eastside of Hollywood. 90063, 90022, etc., are Eastside, not 90026, 90027, 90029.

          • Nobody cares about your tired and irrelevant argument over some ambiguous term.
            You know how you’ll be able to tell? It will not change.

            That you believe there is a “cashing in” is where you are wrong. As if “east side” has more “cred”. What do you think we all want to be associated with trash on the streets abandoned sofas and toilets on the front lawn? Or is it the gang culture you think we are so in love with that we MUST re-brand our area to “east side”!

            Get over yourselves. Nobody over here cares…

          • Grahm Wellington, thank you! If nobody cares then nobody will mind when we correct those people who wrongly think Silver Lake is the eastside.

            Please make sure to pass along your sentiment to your neighbors so they can give up the argument that they live on the eastside.


          • I already do and they roll their eyes. We don’t give two shits mate… You don’t seem to get that.

            In your head east side represents something you would (obviously) defend because it means something to you.

            In our head east side is just an identifier (incorrect or not) and it has already stuck as such. You simply will not change that because people over here DON’T CARE!! So move on already!

          • Cool. I’m glad that you don’t care and that you know you’re not on the eastside when you’re in Silver Lake.

            When I post, I’m not speaking directly to you (minus these last 2), I’m speaking to all the others on this site who still don’t understand.

            The real eastside does represent a lot to many people that had to go through some shit to get where they are today. You’re not from here so you don’t know about the moratorium, walkouts and art movements of the 60’s/70’s. I and we do. That’s the history of the eastside of Los Angeles. My history is worth defending.

            I will happily move on as soon as people stop saying anything west of the L.A. River is the eastside.

          • What? Is Mr. Wellington the guardian of this lame “Eastside” catch phrase? Is it tattooed on his lower back or something? He needs to get over it, its old, outdated…sooo 2008!

          • Rick, you obviously don’t know how to read. My point is that people in Silver lake and Echo park aren’t defending or trying to hold on to “east side” as defining where they live because it doesn’t mean anything to us. If you look at “Angeleno’s” post, east-side means battling oppression and fighting back against “the man”. Us echo parkians have never struggled against gang violence and things like the police rampart division scandal, so obviously we can’t identify with struggle in our neighborhood. And since our streets are Beverly Hills-tidy and we have no graffiti to speak of, I’m sure that doesn’t help our cause either. HAHA

            By the way Angeleno, I grew up in echo park. Just because my last name isn’t Hernandez or Sanchez doesn’t mean I don’t know Echo Park. You shouldn’t assume…

          • Ah the debates from us white folks on who’s area is the real Eastside has begun. I will throw my 2 cents in. I have you all beat. I live in 90063 (City Terrace) and you cannot get more Eastside then that before you get to Monterey Park or Ahambra

          • haha David, not everyone who reads this site is white.

            Grahm, I assumed you weren’t from around here not because your last name isn’t Hernandez or Sanchez, but because you called me MATE. I have NEVER heard anyone from Los Angeles use the term mate.

          • Yes Angeleno, I can’t imagine anyone from the UK, south Africa, Australia or New Zealand wanting to visit EAST LA. No wonder you don’t hear the term…mate.

          • Yeah, East Los Angeles isn’t in the city of Los Angeles. You are from the Eastside of Los Angeles, County, but you are east of the Los Angeles city limits. By your reasoning, Florida would be more eastside than you. :p

            There is a difference between the Eastside of the city of Los Angeles and East Los Angeles.

      • I’m just gonna say it. Los Feliz, Silverlake and Echo Park are the eastside of where white yuppies are willing to live. Hollywood is considered “central” in their minds. The valley is “north” and Downtown used to be “no man’s land”. These borders are starting to change now that the artsy types are moving further south and east. As gentrification continues to bleed into the areas beyond the LA river, the term “east side” will too for those people.

        If you’re used to going no further east than Hollywood, Echo Park seems pretty “eastside”.

        It’s all about where the money is, really. East LA was off their map because they didn’t know anyone that lived there. Except for maybe their gardener or cleaning lady.

    • If you’re looking for pizza on the Eastside, Bollini’s Pizzeria is probably the best and closest option.

    • ogs still order Pizza Buona
      dem breadsticks… nomnom

  2. Eat there a few times after moving to SL and have to say it wasn’t all that. The restaurant (and the food) has a somewhat musty smell to it. The crew that works there are very nice, but the food is a solid 5 on a 1-10 scale.

  3. Hopefully another urban taco fabricator is on the way!

  4. Not a fan. Service was slow and the food’s nothing more than run of the mill Italian. Good luck to you all but I hope something better takes the spot!

  5. seriously?? I really like this place. haters.

  6. That’s a bummer!

  7. I would have been fine with that sign taking a hike, but okay.

  8. Crispy Crust on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater is really good. Quick delivery too.

  9. Tried Nicky D’s when they opened up a good 10 years ago.

    In fact, I haven’t really liked any of the pizza around here (or anywhere–1 exception, but not in this country).
    Tomato Pie, Crispy Crust, Hard times, are all different levels of meh-to-bad. Recently had a Tomato Pie that was super salty, like they dropped the salt bag on it. Had to drink a gallon of water to compensate. It was awful. I may never go back there.

    Mother Dough and DiCarlo are better, but not awesome, especially for the price.
    Haven’t tried Garage yet.

    I actually miss Luigi’s on Hyperion/Rowena. That’s a litmus test if you think you’ve been here before it was ‘hip’.

    And Frank 90032, Angeleno and 90032 (same as ‘Frank’?)> We locals have been referring to our area as ‘eastside’ since I can remember my days at Marshall in the early/mid-80’s. ‘90032’ is what we call ‘East LA’, especially south of the 10 fwy. It was Cheech and Chong’s ‘Born in East L.A.’, not ‘Born in East Side’.

    • Many of you have a hard time seeing that East LA, while part of the Real Eastside, is its own neighborhood. Yes things change, and those things are mostly people who aren’t from here listening to other people who aren’t from here trying to change a term that has history. East of the Los Angeles river is the Real Eastside. Downtown LA hasn’t changed locations. Echo park and Silver Lake are north west from it. When the river moves we can change where the Eastside is. Regardless of how many newcomers comment incorrectly on a blog, the Eastside remains East of downtown and east of the river.

      The term upper manhattan didn’t change because more land was developed above it. Stop trying to destroy the history of Los Angeles, there’s already enough of that.


    • The real Eastside has also been called the eastside since at least the 1930s when the old Pabst brewery was bottling some swill called Eastside.

      The problem with calling Silver Lake and Echo Park the Eastside is that there’s a name clash. You can’t tell what people are talking about. When you read historic newspaper articles about “the eastside” it won’t be clear what area is being discussed.

      The reason why this fight has to be fought is because the real Eastside is poor. If it were rich, there would never have been a problem – because the east Hollywood people would never have thought to use the term “eastside”, because they wouldn’t be seeing themselves in relation to the Westside. They would see themselves as halfway between the people near the beach, and the people living near Eastern Ave

      Instead, they saw everything in the poor and working class neighborhoods as nonexistent. They didn’t even consider the middle class suburbs east of East LA as existing, because their reality was bounded by a growing consensus that LA was really the San Diego Freeway.

  10. Re: Eastside/Westside: The LAPD’s “Northeast Division” is closer to Silver Lake than it is to Boyle Heights, if I’m not mistaken…

  11. anyone who thinks Silver Lake isn’t “east side” needs to look at a map:


    • It’s adjacent to Westlake.

      The larger eastside include East LA and City Terrace, in the unincorporated area. That area was being developed in the 1920s.

  12. since no one wants to cross east of the 5 fwy if they live in LA, silverlake and echo park are eastside. get over it.

  13. 90032 is El Sereno, not East LA. El Sereno is as far east as you can get within Los Angeles city limits.

  14. It’s probably worth pointing out that you are all reading “The Eastsider” which covers Echo Park Silver Lake etc you know, the east side. So i guess it’s house rules around here.

  15. We have ordered many, many pizzas from them over the years but the place never really inspired affection, like a successful neighborhood pizza joint should. They’d mess up deliveries, hire indifferent staff and for the last few years the place looked very forlorn; a lick of paint and a facelift would have worked wonders, it’s an interesting space, or at least it could be. I think the writing on the wall was supplied by Tomato Pie. Whether or not you like their pizza — is can be very salty — their staff is young and energetic, the service is efficient and it’s a destination for schoolkids, local hipsters and families. Nicky D’s was attempting to be “old school” without enough care being taken in either the kitchen or front of house.

  16. Can’t help but think that those so passionate about defending East LA as ‘the REAL eastside’ have only been more vocal in the decades that SL, EP, LF (etc.) have become noticeably more ‘hip’ and desirable to the rest of LA and the nation in general, and want to be part of that ‘hip’ and desirable niche.

    Oh yeah, y’all can deny it, but the truth is you all don’t want to be called ‘EAST LA’ anymore. You want to be called ‘Eastside’, or ‘The real Eastside’ if you will.

    Whatever. We don’t really care if you want to be called ‘Eastside’, that’s actually fine by us. But apparently it’s not fine by the posters from 90032 (or boyle heights) here. This hints to jealousy of all the attention SL/EP/LF gets, and a ‘Look at me’, ‘I’m special too’ attitude. That’s fine, but you don’t have to do it at the expense of an area that we’ve been calling ‘Eastside’ for many decades.

    NO one who grew up and/or went to school in SL/EP/LF referred to our area as ‘Central LA’, period. Whether it’s geographically accurate is irrelevant as that is NOT what is truly being argued, it’s what area we all think about when the term ‘Eastside’ is muttered. When we hear the term ‘Central LA’ we think of downtown and slightly north/south of downtown. When we hear ‘West LA’ we think West Hollywood and west of that. ‘East LA’, Boyle Heights, El Sereno, etc. And ‘Eastside’ = SL, EP, LF.

    • Pretty sure you nailed it fleaman!

    • “Can’t help but think that those so passionate about defending East LA as ‘the REAL eastside’ have only been more vocal in the decades that SL, EP, LF (etc.) have become noticeably more ‘hip’ and desirable to the rest of LA and the nation in general, and want to be part of that ‘hip’ and desirable niche.”

      ‘The Real Eastside’ never had to be vocal about what was actually Eastside. Becucase no posers tried to claim the term. It wasn’t until SL/EP’s gentrification that people started to use the term “Eastside” incorrectly.

      “Oh yeah, y’all can deny it, but the truth is you all don’t want to be called ‘EAST LA’ anymore. You want to be called ‘Eastside’, or ‘The real Eastside’ if you will.”

      You obviously have no clue about the Eastside and East LA. The Eastside has always taken pride in being the Eastside and East LA has always taken pride in being East LA. Neither area is trying to change their status, all they are doing to correcting people misuse of the terms. Just go to an East LA classic football game, Roosevelt and Garfield don’t chant the same thing! Garfield clearly chants East LA and Roosevelt chants Boyle Heights, Even the children know its not exactly the same thing. The Eastside/East LA culture, identity and rivalry is long standing, thats something that SL/EP know nothing about, because they are not, have not been, nor will ever be included in the Eastside/East LA culture. The fact is that the only neighborhood trying to change what people refer to it is SL/EP, not BH or ELA.

      • “The Eastside/East LA culture, identity and rivalry is long standing, thats something that SL/EP know nothing about, because they are not, have not been, nor will ever be included in the Eastside/East LA culture. The fact is that the only neighborhood trying to change what people refer to it is SL/EP, not BH or ELA.”

        “Just go to an East LA classic football game, Roosevelt and Garfield don’t chant the same thing! Garfield clearly chants East LA and Roosevelt chants Boyle Heights,”

        Exactly. They don’t chant ‘EastSIDE’.
        Nor do SL/EP claim to be ‘East LA’.

        You’ve made my point.

        • They do claim eastside, That was the point. Your reading comprehension is poor. East LA claims East, LA Boyle Height does not, BH’s is not the only area that is the eastside. By your broken logic because Lincoln Heights is not included in the East LA classic does that not make them a eastside neighborhood? Of course not.

          If you live in Boyle Heights you have a mayor, you get water and power from the city, you are patrolled by LAPD, if you live in east LA you have no mayor, you are a MWD, So cal edison, and LA Sherriff customer. They are different. You obviously have no experience with Eastside/EastLA.

          Theres a difference

          • “They do claim eastside, That was the point. Your reading comprehension is poor.”


            “Garfield clearly chants East LA and Roosevelt chants Boyle Heights,”

            Your words.

            Answer this>> What do you call the area of SL/EP??

          • And I’ve been in this area since the ’70’s.

            How about you?

          • Answer this>> What do you call the area of SL/EP??
            You call it the Silver Lake and Echo Park area (Period), no need for it to also fall under some Eastside/Westside umbrella that its not. Silver lake and echo park is the area North, North West of DTLA, thats it.

            Ive been in the Eastside (CT, El Sereno, BH’s) just as long, Eastside born, raised and living.

          • You can cry all you want elbatmanuel, but the term ‘eastside’ has been around for SL/EP for many decades and it’s not going anywhere.

            It’s not exclusive to CT/ES/BH. Perhaps to you guys it IS, but not to everyone ELSE.

  17. Really, when you get down to it, it is the newer people to this city who support the ‘Eastside’ term for ‘hoods on the west side of the LA River.

    LA natives know better. The Eastside is across the river. Will always be.

    • Ok DarrellKuni, then what is the SL/EP called then?

      And what’s ‘newer people’? 20-30 years back I remember us SL/EP locals calling our area ‘Eastside’.

      Bottom line is this> NONE of you guys who want to take the ‘Eastside’ nomenclature away from SL/EP areas can come up with what we would call this area in return. Why? Because we’ve always called it ‘eastside’, whether you like it or not. And there’s nothing else you can call it. You can’t call it westside, you can’t call it central…nor northside/southside. Besides that, no one has ever called it any of those options for the 30+ years I’ve been an adult here.

      You might not like the truth, but it doesn’t change the truth.

      Tell us what ‘LA natives’ call the area of SL/EP, please.

      • That’s for you guys to figure out!

        Newspapers from the early 1900s were calling the area East of the L.A. River the Eastside. Don’t know what they called Echo Park or Silver Lake, isn’t my home so I don’t know the history. That’s the issue here, you guys, or maybe a historian, need to come up with a new name. Those areas (to my knowledge) were always just referred to as their neighborhood names: Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, etc.

        The naming from publications 100 years ago trumps you and your friends’ opinions from the 70’s.

        • Look, I clearly stated that east of LA River can call themselves ‘Eastside’.

          But we’ve been calling SL/EP (etc.) ‘eastside’ for at LEAST 30+ years. Perhaps longer, but I was too young to know before that.

          You guys east of the LA River want to be called ‘eastside’ Exclusive of SL/EP. Yet y’all never made a stink about it until SL/EP became more ‘on the map’ in regards to pop culture. And pop culture refers to your area as ‘East LA’, sorry, but it does.

          And yes, you’re correct, those who didn’t grow up in SL/EP did NOT know what we were calling our area. We’ve been calling it ‘Eastside’ for at LEAST 30+ years and a publication from 100 years ago isn’t gonna trump that, unless you wanna call yourself “El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles”, which trumped ‘Eastside’ even for your area. Nor is the posts from Jealous East LA posters posting on a ‘theeastsiderla.com’ blog that clearly covers SL and EP, lol.

          There’s no need to “come up with a new name”. You’re already posting on a eastsiderLA blog that clearly covers SL/EP and even Los Feliz. We’ve already been calling ourselves ‘eastside’ for many decades (at least).

          Get over it. Or come up with a new name for our area and promote that—-and let me know how that works out for you.

  18. No, I’ve lived here my whole life and the Eastside term was always for what lay east of the river. “…And what’s ‘newer people’? 20-30 years back I remember us SL/EP locals calling our area ‘Eastside’….”.

    No, think you’re way wrong there, no one I know or grew up with, whether they moved out of town or remain here refers to anything on this side (west) of the river as part of the Eastside. I absolutely never heard Eastside used for this side ’20 — 30 years ago.’

    Echo Park and Silver Lake are what they are, Echo Park and Silver Lake. As are El Sereno, Monterey Hills, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Mt. Washington, Pico-Union, Lincoln Hts., Rampart-Temple, the Normandie and Wilshire districts.

    They are what they are. Though changed they are what they have always been and should remain so. They have a name, no need to change historic names.

    You knew where someone was from and which schools they possibly attended back in the day, simply by hearing them say, “I live in El Sereno. I’m from Chinatown. I live near Temple and Bonnie Brae.”

  19. Sure, went to LAUSD schools in central areas and still live in the ‘hood, up in the lomas. Google is screwy on places, you should know that.

    I repeat, and am done here, nobody I know, friends and fam, all of whom know LA intimately — and went to all the local schools, Commonwealth, Berendo, Nightingale, Belmont, Marshall, Lincoln, Alexandria, Union Ave. — and who know this city have called EP and SL the eastside ’20 — 30 years ago.’

    We have said, and continue to say: Echo Park. Silver Lake. Etcetera. When we go to Manuel’s for a Hollenbeck we know we are going across the river to the Eastside. Bye.

    • Correcting, and gone:

      “and who know this city never called EP and SL the eastside ’20 — 30 years ago.’

      • you all need to get a life. arguing about what the eastside really is on a website called the eastsiderla…. pathetic. most of the stories are about silver lake or echo park. Seriously. you guys are hopeless

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