Zombies take a stand against Echo Park gang injunction

Gang injunction protestors gather at Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard/Kim Pesenti

A large group of protestors, some dressed up as zombies, took to the streets of Echo Park early Saturday night as part of a demonstration against the Echo Park area gang injunction.

The demonstration, dubbed the Zombie Takeover, was organized by the Youth Justice Coalition, the Inglewood-based organization that has challenged gang injunctions across Echo Park and other parts of Los Angeles. After first gathering at the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, the protests walked and biked down to Echo Park Lake to hear speeches and presentations.

The Echo Park injunction, which also includes Elysian Valley and a portion of Silver Lake, has been approved by a judge but has been challenged in court by the Youth Justice Coalition.


  1. A Homeless Gentleman

    WHy do the want more gangs? Are they in the market for drugs?

    • I don’t think that this stunt has helped their cause.

    • hey read this -> http://togetherwestay.org/echo-park-gang-injunction-fact-sheet/
      might help to be slightly educated… ‘gang’ injunctions do not END violence. keep eating all the lies politicians and the media feed you OR wake up and educate yrself.

      we SAY NO to the injunctions

      • This so called “fact sheet” has no creditability, just rambling by an unknown author with unknown credentials! Beware of non-profit scams that prey on the ignorance of youth using cult-like tactics! Any time you see a “DONATE” button you have to question their overall objective. Here’s another fact sheet written by a creditable news source! New York Times report on non-profit fraud

        • What ‘Donate’ button? Did you look at the fact sheet? STAY is a community group, YJC is providing technical support including strong, data-driven research. It’s fine to critique but at least know what you’re talking about.

      • Of course, you don’t mention that fighting against “gangs” themselves is what CAN and DOES stop violence.

        So YOUR issue is that you don’t want to deny the freedom for CRIMINALS (ya know…gang members) to be able to hang out with each other.

        So these gang injuctions are wrong, yet vandalism, drug sales, protection rackets, gun sales, drug sales and production, street robbery, victimization of innocent people, etc, (ya know, all the things that gang members do)…THAT stuff isn’t a problem for you?

  2. YJC, please STFU and go home!

  3. Zombie theme is very fitting. They are bodies moving around but dead on the inside with no soul.

  4. These previous comments are clearly from the SAME PERSON. DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS people. They are meant to be divisive and antagonizing. If anyone really cares about the neighborhood they would want a civil conversation and not a battle of wits that ignores the real and complex issues surrounding this issue.

    • I would not be surprised if all the previous comments are made by THE EASTSIDER LA stuff. Although I must say this is the first and ONLY non-biased article and semi informative article about the injunctions.

  5. Honest question here: I noticed when I passed them that their signs said “JOBS not INJUNCTION” and was wondering how they came up with that? When was lack of jobs ever a part of this conversation? I can understand people protesting being unable to associate with their friends, what I don’t understand is attempting to transform the issue of gang activity into an issue about lack of jobs -pretty sure gangs exist despite the economic climate. I couldn’t even take the protesters seriously because of their distorted message.

    • Jobs NOT Injunctions

      We need to start connecting the dots. When we look at the history of “gangs” or neighborhoods, we see how lack of resources, police suppression and over incarceration impact communities. We need to talk about jobs as solutions to the problems in our communities. Everything is interconnected.

      We have money for jail expansion and more police but no money for more schools and programs for the community. This needs to change. We all want our communities safe and this can only happen by bringing people together not criminalizing a whole community.

      Thank you for your honest question. We hope to build with you as a community.

      • What nonsense. Echo Park has a wealth of community resources and outreach and to suggest otherwise makes me think you aren’t looking close enough. There’s free tutoring for kids at 826 LA, a community involved social services center at El Centro del Pueblo that offers free after school activities to neighborhood kids as well as family counseling, that big church on EP blvd by the lake gives away food in the mornings. Did you know this? I’ve volunteered with some of them. Have you? You want jobs? Hop on the 4 or 704 bus for ten minutes and go to LACC to take a class that would teach you an actual skill. LATCC in downtown, same deal. They have about the cheapest tuition in the country. I’m all for keeping kids out of the prison system, but don’t act like there aren’t real options available. Stop making excuses and start making improvements.

        • Well Said laveta.

        • Thanks for the sense, Laveta.

        • Thanks for the condescending reply Laveta. Unfortunately social dynamics are not that simple. You’re entitled to your emotional opinion but lets at least acknowledge that so-called gang injunction are an overly aggressive tool to using when there are plenty of proven strategies to curb youth & community violence that city officials and are not even trying to consider.

          • It’s not the municipal authorities’ responsibility to keep kids from becoming criminals, it is the parents’. it IS the municipal authorities responsibility to protect the law-abiding, tax-paying, respectful citizens who would be terrorized by these idiot kids and their irresponsible parents.

        • haaa! burn

    • It’s short-sighted to not see those two things as connected. Joblessness is the most consistent indicator (more so than poverty) of crime rates. Increased unemployment has a direct impact on public safety as a result. Gang injunctions, by contrast, do not result in decreased crime rates and, despite the recent burglaries, the crime rates overall in Echo Park have been declining for years.

      If you care about community and public safety, you invest in measures that create jobs, that create infrastructure and social support for community. You don’t invest in increased police presence. You don’t make it easier for cops to jump directly from reasonable suspicion to probable cause based on the fact that you know a person in a gang, based on your genealogy, based on your appearance. Gang injunctions subrogate actual due process rights for whatever racist whims law enforcement may (knowingly or unknowingly) be harboring.

  6. I grew up in EchoPark...

    Interesting…I don’t see a single sureno in these pictures or part of this “protest”? Makes me wonder if it’s just a bunch of hipster douchebags that seem to have taken over echo park. Hey guero, that same gangbanger that you’re trying to be an advocate for will still be slangin dope and doing his thing and will eventually rob you on the street. Get a clue and move back to whatever dumpwater suburb you came from.

  7. Are these people for real? Zombies? More like dummies.

  8. Matthew Castellanos

    hahahaha! you guys are mad that inner city youth are at work ^^

  9. Zombies! (Pretty cool)

    Personally, since I’m a handsome Chicano male with a shaved dome (because the ladies love it and my slightly fading hairline) it sucks to know that the Popo can find me suspect when ever I walk to the House of Spirits or Angelo’s Donut Shop. Thankfully the Halloween face paint will be on sale very soon.

    Oh well . . .

  10. Losers…Do something for society….Evaporate..

  11. Clearly, these morons–I mean, zombies–don’t own property or have kids. They wouldn’t romanticize gang shootings, dope-selling, robbery & graffiti if they did.

    • Tired of ignorant comments like yours . Born and raised here and was never ever in a gang ! Nor were my family members , friends or anyone i knew that grew up here for that matter ! To assume that all who grew up here were/are gang bangers just puts your bias and ignorance in technicolor ! Just like people are sick of the hipster comments, im sick of the b.s assumption that people who grew up here are losers !

      • The comment you replied to does not say what you think it did. Suggest re-reading.

        • The comment that was originally written also didn’t respond to the actual message of the protest.

          1. Opposing gang injunctions does not mean supporting gangs. If I say that I don’t think rapists should get the death penalty, that does not mean that I support rape.
          We oppose injunctions because they don’t increase public safety, decrease individuals’ security in their rights, and tend to have pretty clearly racist results. No one is romanticizing gangs, and I’m not sure how anyone could reasonably think that based on the protest.

          2. Owning property and having children is not the only indication that people care about their communities or care about public safety. Implying otherwise is classist, exclusionary garbage.

  12. Echo Park resident

    I wonder if the increased anti-junction activity and YJC-sponsored “rallies” have anything to do with the fact that tagging as mysteriously increased in the weeks following the injunction. It’s almost like YJC is motivating the teenagers gang members to “step up” their game, as it were. In the last two weeks alone, my fence has been tagged up by CYS four times, including last night.

    YJC needs to go try and do some positive work in their own neighborhood. We didn’t ask for their “help,” and they’re doing more harm than good in the situation

  13. Bunch of morons.

  14. It is quite clear that a lot of you who are apposed with the gang Injunction have never been harassed by northeast division. Have you ever been pulled over for wearing a dodger hat and a white tee? Have you ever been detained for walking down the Echo Park Ave for the color of your skin and wearing a plain tee. Have you ever been rolled up on for wearing a ECKO shirt? Has your family gathering ever been shut down in your own property for the being brown on the outside? Being a Chicano/Latino? Have your kids been through any of this???? Or let me ask you a question? Have you ever been harassed or been intimidated my any Chicano described as a bald individual wearing a plain white tee??? If Sao please tell me. But I doubt that. Because we have respect towards human beings! If you are a hipster or someone who hangs out at the coffee shops then you have nothing to worry about being harassed by the LAPD. I DO!!! Yes I am a Latino. Yes I wear a plain white tee. Yes I wear my dodger hat with plain white shoes and my levy’s. But I am not a gang member. So would you judge me without knowing me.? I think yes!!!! But I am the one being harassed and my kids and my friends kids. FOR WALKING TO THE STORE. So that means that after you get tired of living here and get scared and move out. I am still going to be here. Entiendes. Now put yourself in my shoes and see how tired you get from being harassed. It’s not about gangs!!! It’s about our Latin youth being labelled as a gangster for the color of their skin and the clothes they decide to wear. So with that said. I AM HERE TO S.T.A.Y

    • Where’s the applause button? Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sorry. I wish you didn’t have to.

    • Why would you dress like a hispanic gang banger (dodger cap, white tee, baggy pants, white sneaks), but get upset because you’re profiled as one? This makes no sense, and i have a hard time believing you. Case in point… Im a black male that has grown up and lived in east highland park my entire life. Ive never been pulled over by the LAPD, and i dont give them a reason to (i dont dress a certain way). In fact, the only issues ive ever had in this area, have been by racist cholos/hispanics. Anyways, my point is, if you want to be perceived a certain way and not profiled,, stop dressing like a gang banger.

      • Markus – I applaud you on your comment! Actually what’s funny is that so many of these people are far too ignorant to understand what you are saying. 🙂 If you are a “minority” and you choose to dress like a gang member or act like one in any matter. All hoodish and GHETTO then you are damaging your OWN PEOPLE. WHY? Because you are playing into a stereotype dummies! Everyone who does this is SHEEP and are following A STEREOTYPE that has allready been picked out for YOU. If you truly seek change then be anything other than what is EXPECTED of you.

    • parque your comment reeks of ignorance. I wear white tees and dodger hats all the time. I’m a mexican male also, and NE has never harassed me. Then again, I never hang out with a bunch of ignorant pelones who run around slashing tires and selling dope on the corners.

  15. Do any of you posting anti-youth commments have a CLUE what an injunction actually does? It criminalizes ordinary, completely legal activity when a person is deemed “gang affiliated.” In theory the injunction only applies to actual current gang members who have been served according to due process. However, in practice, anyone sitting the perceived profile (which in Echo Park is functionally any Latino young person) can be profiled and stopped as someone with an “affiliation.” Arrests can be (and are) challenged in court but in the meantime that kid loses a job, time in school, and possibly their housing. Causes for arrest under injunction? Having a cell phone or being seen with someone also deemed as “associated” (including a family member) in public. As a non-Latino parent of a small child currently buying a home in the area, I for one am not willing to participate in creating apartheid in the Eastside.

  16. Many of the comments here are uninformed and disheartening. Educate yourselves! A gang injunction gives the police sweeping powers to criminalize everyday activities like hanging out with your friends or looking a certain way. Try googling “racial profiling” and think about what it means. EVEN IF you (naively) think a gang injunction is going to solve problems rather than create more, why flame a bunch of people who are standing up for themselves and their community?

    • Whats your solution to the gang problem? Do you have one?

      • That is the point Jose. The YJC and these zombies don’t have a solution to the gang problem, because they don’t see gangs as problems. They embrace the gang culture and if you have a problem with organized crime, then you are just a hipster gentrifier.

  17. So let me understand this. These people are protesting the police and the justice system violating the rights of gang members???? They want gang members and criminals to operate freely in their neighborhood? The police need to become more aggressive against these gangs. The federal government should authorize the police to arrest them and detain them indefinately. These gang members are domestic terrorists and should be arrested and jailed on sight. If they are found not to be natural born American citizens then they should be sent back to the country of origin. The same gentrification that has reborn Echo Park into a livable neighborhood is now in its infancy stages here in East Los Angeles. Here in City Terrace the sheriff launched a gang crackdown 4 years ago and the result is that law abiding decent hardworking people have their neighborhood back. This is the kind of community that we want. Not criminals terrorizing law abiding people while they are just trying to raise their families.

    • Do the anti-youth posters here have any idea what a ‘gang injunction’ actually does? In theory, an injunction only applies to active gang members. In practice, injunctions are applied to groups of people, gang involved or not, who appear to be ‘gang associated.’ In Echo Park and Silverlake, that means young and Latino (and God forbid you have some body art). It criminalizes everyday activity, including having a cell phone and being seen with other people in public. Residents can be profiled based on appearance, stopped, harassed, and arrested for ‘violating’ the injunction even if legally it doesn’t apply to them. Most often, these arrests are nullified in court but, in the meantime, ordinary residents miss work and school time and lose jobs, scholarship opportunities, even their homes. If more people in these communities who, like me, are not at risk of profiling really understood what the injunctions do, they would not support them.

    • “So let me understand this. These people are protesting the police and the justice system violating the rights of gang members????” NO. You’ve completely (intentionally?) misunderstood the entire purpose behind the protests. People (NOT gang members) are protesting the anticipated violation of innocent civilians who might be targeted as fitting a broad and general profile, e.g., a big, dark, but educated and law-abiding Chicano strolling hard down the avenue because it’s NOT against the law nor is it a capital offense. Unfortunately, based on the LAPD’s own violent past, it’s a very real fear among young but non-white or shaggy-haired hipsters in OUR community. Get It?

  18. So i thin an idiot is someone who looks and then comes up with their own moronic conclusions. making most of you idiots. Did you engage, in dialogue or snag a pamphlet from any of these youth doing more than you’ve ever done from your keyboard? Gang Injunctions DO NOT only affect gangs, they’re the drones of the hood. My neighbor who was an old gang member that could barely walk anymore and said hi to me everyday, was shot by the cops and later died because he “fit a description” and it was a mistaken identity. This will happen even more so as the gang injunction increases. Gang violence is at an ALL TIME LOW in the city…so why the gang injunction? Because you have people gentrifying the fuck out of the neighborhood and they don’t want to feel the least bit threatened by someone that chooses to wear baggy jeans rather than skinny or a shaved head rather than an ironic slicked to the side look. The youth need opportunities not jail bars morons. Why do gangs exist in poor urban neighborhoods? Why do they want cops NOW monitoring gangs? These kids know because theyve lived this life, YJC is from areas such as South Gate, Inglewood, Watts, and East LA, they grew up with this shit, their family members are involved in gangs and theyre not going to stand by idly as their brothers and sisters be victimized twice. You don’t like tagging? then set up an art wall, theyre kids creating art and in the process recognition, something they’d never achieve in this fucked up society.

    • Set up an art wall for the taggers? You crack me up. Gang-affiliated taggers don’t have the slightest interest in creating “art” of any kind. Certainly there are truly creative people in the graf and street art worlds, but let’s not pretend chicken-scratch “EXP” scribbles are expressions of someone’s ideas, emotions, or experiences.

      And calling anyone who disagrees with you “morons” and “idiots” probably isn’t the best way to advance your argument.

      • So a group of people who literally risk life and limb to write their name somewhere, or insert a drawing onto a wall or sign, have “no interest” in creating art? You really nailed it there, dumbass.

    • Just admit it Justan, you have a problem with hipsters. You want to blame all of your problems on someone else. It is time the gangs pack up and move away, or go to jail.

      • I think you nailed it my friend. Create a space in the desert for these “kids” (thugs) and just let them “create art” and kill themselves.

  19. Please read and educate yourselves or at least find a way to investigate things beyond the captions used by media (including the blogs) on issues that are multi-dimmensional. The use of a “benign” terms like “gang injunction” do not mean that the police are going to target gang members alone. In fact, it has very little to do with gangs. The use of socially cleansing terminology does only one thing – it confirms that we as a society have not progressed as it comes to race and how we address issues of race (and class). It is why people comment on blogs such as these in a very ignorant manner. A manner that is not new to any of us who are of color and whom throughout history have suffered at the hand of “well meaning” (read racist) folks. It is the same reason most people who comment about the “whiny” residents who complain about gentrifying areas – a quick trip to the library will teach you that not too long ago, people deemed inferior (usually people who were not white) were not allowed to own property – it was a very effective way to keep “the other” from gaining financial power/representation in society – something that was not an accident. Also something that used equally racist rhetoric like “gang injunction” as a means to get the uneducated/uninformed (yes, YOU) to support benign sounding terminology used to further marginalize people of color. Don’t you people learn? (maybe you don’t want to learn) It has nothing to do with putting gangs away, but has everything to do with the fact that these areas are now so gentrified, that politics are being used to perpetuate the interests of those who dominate society and continue to benefit from their undeserved privilege.

    If interested in opening you mind a little and informing yourself about race/class in California and how agencies such as the police department and the health department of this state have used these very tactics in trying to eradicate people of color from this state, I would recommend “Fit to be citizens” which is a book that illustrates how this has happened in the state of California for a very long time and why it is not new to us.

    These blogs (and the comments on them) are a good example and clear indication that not much has changed – no matter how well meaning or “progressive” people believe themselves to be. Living in the “east side” of Los Angeles does nothing to dispel the privilege that most of these people have had and continue to have. I have a questions for these “well meaning” folks: Why is this acceptable to you and why should these same measures not be used to target people of your kind? Do you really believe crimes are committed only by people who don’t wear fedoras and skinny jeans?

    • The problem with what you’ve written is that it’s not specific about the injunction. You could say the same things about any measures directed at street gangs, because in the neighborhoods we’re talking about, the street gangs are mostly Latino. Any measure that targets gangs will end up targeting more Latinos than not. But I don’t think they’re being targeted because they’re Latino, more because they chose to be in a gang.

      I assume you know that African-Americans have been targeted for beatings, up to and including racially-motivated murder, by street gangs, right here in LA, in multiple instances in recent years? Doing nothing about the power of these gangs is not really acceptable. I take it as a given that it’s worthwhile to single these gangs out for special scrutiny.

      There are ignorant people on every blog, because there are ignorant people in the world. But don’t make the mistake of assuming anyone who is in favor of the injunction is also ignorant of the history of redlining and other racially-exclusionary housing rules/laws.

      For instance, here’s a blog post (http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/05/the-ghetto-is-public-policy/275456/) by an excellent writer on these issues, that documents a practice where the only home-purchase option available to blacks was to buy “on contract” at inflated prices. If you missed a payment (at these inflated prices), your home was repossessed. Hence, the title of the piece, “The Ghetto is Public Policy”. It’s no accident that there are “black neighborhoods”, etc. It was the law that got us here.

      But here we are, and these gangs are keeping all residents of neighborhoods down.

      • Problem is that you’re missing his reference of the euphemistic wording and law making that is being employed by the “Gang Injunction.” So yes, it not specific to it but still very relevant to truly understanding the subject. If one was truly educated and aware of the history of redlining and other racially-exclusionary housing rules/laws, I dont see how in their right conscience they could support the injunction..unless they are some new booty heartless gentrifier who’s self or family will not be affected. To infer that because someone is against gang injunctions that it equates to “doing nothing” about gang violence is pretty lame.

      • I think a good place to start, is to ask ones self why now? Why are the priorities of those whom recently moved into the area above the priorities of the existing community of mostly Mexican American residents? That will at least help you begin to try to understand why this tactic clearly has no real aim other than to make those who will be targeted (Mexican American residents – not because they are all in gangs, but because they are the undesired “other” of these places, which they have considered their homes/communities) feel uncomfortable – because their every move will be subject to inspection – to the point that they will have no choice but to uproot and find a community that does not target them in such an overtly racist manner.

        To not question and worst to support this without question is, in my opinion, a hostile act by people who believe themselves to be superior than those who this gang injunction will target, and this warrants the anger and opposition that people express about the issue.

        This is a point of contention for many people that have grown up in these now gentrified areas. They have lived in these previously ignored communities and now because white people have invested in and have financial interests in these communities – the law is used to oust the undesired other.

        It’s actually the same tactic that has been used since the days of Columbus. Now it’s happening on the micro-scale. That is how imperialists and those who support imperialism think and function. Worth investigating for comparison is how Hawaii came to be a state of the US and how their monarchy was overthrown in the interest of a handful of white landowners. That’s on a different scale clearly but the similarities are present and sad to say very effective. So much that you have representatives of this community representing only the interests of white residents and people assuming that those who oppose their views/interest must be supportive of gangs. I support neither gangs nor the idiotic mob mentality that supports this injunction. I appreciate your article, by the way. I had not read it previously.

        • We disagree, but I appreciate your position.

          “Why now?” — I think you’re reading too much into it. This has been in planning and legal review for a long time. And wealthier non-Latino whites have been moving in to EP for a long time too, I’d say 10 years and more.

          If you’re looking for interesting analogies to the present situation, here’s a suggestion — the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the 1980s — http://www.abcnorio.org/about/history/fine_art.html

          I don’t entirely agree with the opinions there, but the author has a point. There’s some rhetoric at the start (which you might want to skip), but beginning with “Although the new East Village art scene and its legitimators in the press ignore the workings of gentrification, they have, in fact, allowed themselves to become enmeshed in its mechanism. …” it gets interesting.

          Basically, the city of NY provided incentives for artists to move into the LES, in essence underwriting the displacement of the existing community there, and additionally providing savvy land developers with a pointer for which land to acquire.

          Just to be clear, I’m not wringing my hands at the free market system in which rents rise when residents clean up a neighborhood. The problem is when a city pushes it too hard and in consequence displaces the existing community. As you can tell, I don’t think that’s happening with the EP injunction. I think you could argue that it *is* happening with some of the along-transit-line construction in east Hollywood.

  20. Keep busy with a real job and don’t act like a moron and no cop will “harass” you. In any case, protesting against an anti-gang initiative is like the dumbest possible way to get your point across.

    • Gang injunction or no gang injunction, your comment is so stupid I have to reply. Lots and lots of people in this city have jobs or school they attend and perform well in and these same people are routinely harassed by a police force with a long history of the suppression of poor non-white ethnic groups. Heck, you don’t even have to be poor – just non-white.

  21. It was never a question of jobs or the gang injunction. The gang injunction is a tool to curb gang activity in an area that has problems with gang-related crimes. Gangs are a terrible thing and area a form of terrorism as they terrorize the community. I believe that we should use any tools we have to decrease gang activity. I also believe in jobs creation to combat poverty, but the gang injunction is not taking any jobs away. The protesters are confused or at least sending a confusing message.

  22. Hmm gang taggings are on the up and up and there was just a gang shooting (at cops) in Highland Park last week. Does the Youth Justice Coalition know the meaning of “tact”? I don’t think this was the best weekend to champion your gang friends. You did not win any new sympathizers.

    • 1. Highland Park is not in the Injunction 2. That chicken scratch tagging is usually done by the youth not the older heads 3. Gang activity is at an ALL TIME LOW 4. you are going to allow cops to racially profile kids because of one shooting at cops or some writing on a wall? The cops shoot people over mistaken identity all the time like my neighbor and this only validates that. 5. Get educated on the matter and get out there. This is like the war on terror where there is no defined end and we can define anyone we want at any point as being a terrorist send in drones and ill more innocents than actual targets 6. spend efforts on resources not prison cells. we live in a country that criminalizes the poor. cross culturally these very things predominantly amongst the poor. Its not rocket science to see this and realize its the system that is being the criminal not the kids that are like kids all around the world and forced into these life styles because of the lack of opportunities they have and if you try and claim that this or that person didn’t and they did this and that your not looking at the bigger picture that this issue is universal amongst urban poor youth and THAT is the problem.

      • The only thing I agreed with you on is comparing gang members to terrorists. We need a war on gangs. We should not cease this gang injunction until every single gang member, their family members, and their sympathizers such as yourself and YJC are banished forever from the Eastside.

  23. Also, I think it is time we add YJC to the gang injunction list.

    • That sounds kind of creepy and Big Brother-y, don’t you think? They should be added to the gang injunction for thought-crimes?

      • Being in a gang or supporting gang rights, what is the difference? If it were up to me, I would add gang member’s families, YJC, and all of these zombies to the injunction list. They bear part of the blame for the gang problem as well.

  24. Is the zombie thing like a critique of people walking around without connection or something?

  25. Yes! This action was AWESOME. We say NO to the injunctions! It seems that a LOT of people reading THE EASTSIDER LA have NO idea about what the injunctions are…. I guess the comments reflect the level of biased and mediocre reporting the EASTSIDER does. Anyway, this is the first semi informative article about the injunctions. WE SAY NO TO THE INJUNCTIONS!

  26. I grew up poor… brown… never had a job… also never joined a gang. Get rid of the gangs and all of these zombie supporters. I am tired of painting my garage door. You are monsters.

    • Palabra, word, si, hai, right on, perfect:

      Quiddi says: “…I grew up poor… brown… never had a job… also never joined a gang. Get rid of the gangs and all of these zombie supporters. I am tired of painting my garage door. You are monsters.”

  27. First, I wanted to thank everyone for coming out on Saturday. It was inspiring, empowering, and informative. Soo many people from the neighborhood that we talked to were extremely thankful that we were there working to end the criminalization of their families.

    For the folks who are posting hateful anti-youth rants, the language yall use to demonize youth organizers about issues you don’t fully understand or have had personal experience with, its nothing new to us. This is the same language the mainstream media uses, the newspapers, politicians, police bureaucrats, and most of society. Its not even original, but its still oppressive.
    Did you talk any organizers there? Did we hear people’s stories at the Speak Out at the Park afterwards?
    Do you know how an injunction works? Do you know who writes it?
    Did you know that people are put onto a GANG DATABASE whether they are affiliated or not and have no chance to be notified or appeal it??
    Did you know gang injunctions are used as a tool for gentrification and more of a business deal than a tool for public safety?


    My homie was served with a gang injunction and put onto this secret database because of who they thought he looked like and who his friends are. They put him on lockdown in his own neighborhood.
    He was a Straight A student in high school, and because of this useless injunction he couldn’t even move freely and hang out with his friends.

    Get educated before you pass judgement on young people of color who ALREADY get labeled as criminals on a DAILY BASIS.

    Also, everyone talking about the Zombies need to go away, the zombies were Zombie Police Officers harassing the community members. So it sounds like you’re with us! 😀


  28. Your time in Echo Park and the Eastside is coming to an end. Pack up and move now before you are forced out. There are plenty of youth orgs and youth centers out there. You are failing to hold any personal responsibility. The world will be a much better place without you and your criminal organizations. I look forward to the day I don’t have to spend so much time and money on white paint for my garage.

  29. GENTRIFICATION !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. A Homeless Gentleman

    I am homeless, so I see what happens on these streets. Let me tell you what happens – the police stop gangbangers and wannabe gangbangers.

    Prove to me that the police will stop random people because of the injunction. Until then, STFU.

  31. Whats worse people a few cases of police profiling or gang violence?

  32. I’d much rather have a police officer ask you where you are from than a gang member. It’s almost 2014 people, get with the times. Gangs shall be gone for good.

  33. I’ve read tons of articles , and the bill from front to back. Honestly I see nothing wrong with the injunction. With robberies , graffiti , and home invasions going on why not ? Why push something back for the better of the neighborhood ? Either we sit back , and let “gang members” cause problems OR we let the police take care of it. If WE as a community worked together since the start we wouldn’t of had the police step in and take action. If WE as a community started reporting things we wouldn’t have these idiots robbing homes and writing walls. The “YJC” is a joke.

    All people that are agains’t the gang injunction are playing with fire. One day you’ll lose someone to a random drive by or get your home robbed. Then what ? What happened to fighting agains’t the “injunction”? . If these kids dress like gang members & hang around with them then they deserve to be in the database.

    • Interesting that many short sighted folks are assuming that being opposed to the “gang injunction” equates to “sitting back and letting gang member cause problems.” Any one with minimal education on the injunctions, their context and their historical forms would easily know that implementing an injunction is nowhere near the prudent or effective way to combat the problem. Also an ignorant assumption that many of the injunction opposition have had no negative experiences due to gang violence. In fact most of us have, and in turn become educated on the social attitudes and mechanisms that perpetuate incarceration and thus gang violence. You obviously have no clue. All good tho, we are in a new age of integration, understanding, unity, and positive realization of self and the world. Attitudes and Ignorance like yours won’t be lasting long. Peace in the NorthEast!

  34. Here’s a link to a great report and analysis of the day’s events.
    I want to say how much I appreciate many of the thoughtful and informative comments in this thread…our goals must be community building, coalition building and educating ourselves about these issues affecting us. Righteous indignation is great. But building power relationships will achieve justice! This even goes for city officials, press (including Eastsider), and even the haters…some of whom may become enlightened!

  35. Love all the comments by the haters! Thanks for letting us know we’re doing a great job! Keep it coming.

  36. I do not support the injunction solely based on police harassing our community based on their outfit selection/overall appearance/skin color. I do however want to speak to the people involved…. I have been living in Echo Park for years now, before the “hipsters” started to gentrify the area. My only issue here is a friend of mine, who is a white female, who also supports the protests and has ZERO fear of the neighborhood was harassed by the protestors because of her skin color. Is this not just as bad as what the Police are doing to your families/friends? Let’s look at the community as a whole and team up as one. Let’s Not exclude because of the color of our skin. Best of luck to anyone involved, let’s UNITE, not discriminate.

    • Wait, the anti-injunction folks have a problem with white people and hipsters? Noooo, that is not true. This injunction is not about that at all. Don’t you understand, your friend is racist because she is white. Only white people can be racists no matter what. Reverse racism is a lie and if you are white you need to feel bad on the inside.

      • A white lady who loves living in Echo Park


        I am white, sorry I’m not sorry.
        Bummer you’re so mad.

        A white lady who loves living in Echo Park

  37. I honestly don’t know what’s funnier. A bunch of people from the “YJC” parading around in zombie costumes while protesting the gang injunctions


    The fact that the majority of these “GangBangers” are actually laughing at the protestors , and waiting for you fools to get the gang injunction lifted just to get back on the streets. LOL !!!!

    I guess you can say it’s a bitter/sweet deal. Quick question . Does the YJC protect the rights of gang members ?Also , if the protestors are all about “Rights” why we’re they calling my white friends names that day ? . Why did they tell us “Go back to where we came from?”. LOLZ.

    • According to the person above you, your friend is racist because they are white. They should feel bad for the color of their skin. Pass this along to all white people in the hood. Thanks for the morning comedic relief.

  38. The political significance of the creative and vocal actions in opposition extend far beyond the boundary lines
    covered by the injunction.

    The actual goal is to gain newspaper and tv news coverage which will be seen in the outer reaches of the city and county, thus laying a foundation of “tough” credibility necessary to solidify Feuer’s current and future electoral viability.

  39. josephine contreras

    If you get to know the gang members ,ask them their name.introduce yourself ,wave hello to them.buy them a meal..you will find out they are very much like everyone else.For Lent seek one out and befriend him or her.

    • Grahm Wellington

      Ahh. So that’s all we have to do? Introduce ourselves to a gang member and buy them a meal to have them stop terrorizing the neighborhoods they occupy? WOW! I’ve really been over thinking this problem!

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