Echo Park being invaded?

Sounds like it from the drone of some giant military helicopters sweeping across the skies today. Robin Blackman shot the video above as a trio of choppers swooped over Elysian Heights while Jeanne Wyshak snapped some photos (below) as they made a pass near Dodger Stadium. What’s going on? The choppers have apparently been flying across Los Angeles, attracting attention and generating commentary and speculation on Twitter. There’s talk it could be in connection with President Obama’s upcoming trip to Southern California.

Photo by Jeanne Wyshak

Photo by Jeanne Wyshak

Photo by Jeanne Wyshak


  1. There were two more as well, equally large, loud & scary looking but not in military color:, they were black & white, possibly red too.

  2. Actually, what seems like every day for the last few years a few large military helicopters seem to fly north over the 101 between 11am and 3pm. I have often wondered where they are coming from and where they are going. I actually thought of emailing the Eastsider to see if you guys knew!

  3. The New World Order.

  4. Nothing to see.

    Continue spending, eating and drinking.

    Never mind the military maneuvers.

  5. We live in an area where we have major military installations. These copters fly over San Diego, Riverside, Ventura and more everyday. Most likely this is nothing more than the military flying from one base to another.

  6. Not even close to the first time military helicopters have flown over Echo Park. They practice exercises at the Police Academy in Elysian Park. Stop trying to drum up fear.

  7. Dry run for the Obama visit on Tuesday morning. They (all 5 of these behemoths) landed on the school play fields of Hoover and Toll middle school in Glendale. The route is clearly mapped out from there to Dreamworks for a motorcade. The choppers are taxis and backup from LAX and Air Force One I suspect.

  8. It’s for Obama. We get the same thing here in Chicago every time he comes home.

  9. It was the PRESIDENT today probably fling over his Alma Matter Occidental College. Marine 1 ,2 and 3 which one he is in?Classified! Be glad he flew rather than drove for traffic’s sake. David and Kama in Los Feliz

  10. i always see them here in south central headed towards hungtinton park its scary because ive always wondered :0 thought it was alien invasion lol

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