Eric Garcetti to leave Silver Lake behind

Mayor Eric Garcetti with wife Amy Wakeland/Facebook

Mayor Eric Garcetti and his family have decided to move out of their their million-dollar, contemporary-style home in the hills of Silver Lake for the  92-year-old,  Tudor-style mansion in Hancock Park that serves as the city’s official mayoral home, the Daily News reports today.

Why did Garcetti, who was elected mayor in May, and wife Amy Wakeland decide to move west into the Getty House? The Daily News said:

The decision was based on the Hancock Park property’s convenience, its central location and its size that allows it to be used for official events.

Garcetti and Wakeland said they will keep their Silver Lake home that was purchased for $1.425 million in 2011, according to online property records.  The couple moved to Silver Lake after living for several years in another contemporary-style home in the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park.

Who will be Silver Lake most prominent resident after Garcetti leaves?  American Apparel’s Dov Charney?  Councilman Tom Labonge?  Cast your votes now.


  1. Flea! always and forever….

  2. Calvin and Cleopatra Coyote and lil’Cal Coyote Jr.

  3. Bonus points to Eric if he tears down the six-foot perimeter fencing Villaraigosa put up around the front of Getty House in 2011 despite protest from neighbors.

  4. Good riddance. Take your smart ecofriendly walkable neighborhood bs & try imposing small lot subdivision on Hancock Park. Oh wait. Those rich people come with lawyers & know how how to use them. Thanks for ruining the hillsides Eric. Run away! Run away!

    • Darn right, Jaded. Hope he takes one last drive on Allesandro and realizes what he did to the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Tract….the coward he truly is.

  5. I love that Garcetti and LaBonge are lumped in with the American Apparel sex fiend. There are a bunch of celebs living in Silver Lake. It is good that Garcetti is so upwardly mobile; soon it’s bye bye 🙂

  6. I’m glad to see a Los Angeles mayor living in the mayor’s house again.

  7. Karen Centerfold

  8. How does a councilman turned mayor afford a $1.4 million house?

    • Garcetti was born extremely rich, is a trust fund baby. He got his money the old fashioned way, the entitled little boy way — he sure didn’t earn it.

      Related to his latest move, I think Los Angeles should have some kind of law about elected officials renting out properties. Eric has various properties he is renting out — to whom, for how much, who is paying those rents? He didn’t sell his Echo Park house, rented it out when he moved — for something on the order of $4,600 a month then (only more now), a surprisingly high amount for that. Prior to his carpet-bagging move into Echo Park so he could run for a vacant office that was coming up, he lived in the Wilshire area — what has come of that house? And he rents out other properties he owns too.

      While I don’t know the answers, and do not know of any corruption, this makes for at least the serious appearance of impropriety. After all, if a corrupt politician were to want to hide bribes, what better a way than by taking them via overpriced rent at every turn on any number of properties — endless bribes, building month in and month out, and all legal on paper as rent and be as high as someone will pay.

  9. Wow the guy was born with money.
    Stop being jealous and try and earn some money for yourselves.
    The reason some people are upset with rich people is because they cant figure out how to make money.
    Well this guy own property and gets to rent it out. So he shouldn’t have the right to do what he wants with his property?
    Where were you guys when communism was alive.
    Go start your own country somewhere and live in tents together,

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