Fatal shooting reported in Glassell Park


LAPD officers at shooting scene/Matt Hartman

Screenshot 2013-11-27 at 11One man was killed and a woman left in critical condition  in what police say may have been a possibly gang-related shooting that took place this morning in the 2900 block of Sagamore Way, according to a preliminary report from the LAPD Northeast Division.

The shooting was reported at about 10:50 a.m., according to an LAPD spokesman Richard French, who said police responded to calls of gunfire and a woman screaming.  Both victims were African-American and appear to be in their early 30s, according to French.

The male victim was pronounced dead at the scene near the 2 Freeway; the female was transported to a hospital.

Police are looking for two African-Americans men in their 20s who were seen driving away from the shooting seen in a dark-colored vehicle, according to an LAPD spokesman. No other details about the suspects was available.

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  1. I think the police should be investigating the fact there might be a race related trend here. Last week an African Americsan was stabbed in Eagle Rock and this week two more African Americans were targeted. It doesn’t bode well.

    • It says they are looking for 2 african american males who were SEEN driving away from the scene… key words AFRICAN AMERICAN. Probably not a race thing.

  2. Believe ‘they,’ meaning law enforcement, are already aware of poss race angle.

  3. That’s the problem. The police said the shooting last week was not considered a race crime, but rather a gang crime, but today’s shooting would indicate there needs to be more investigating, but I am not the police, so I don’t know what they look at regarding these matters.

  4. Alex; the suspects today are African American.

  5. Additionaly; Glassell Park has a history of being a hotbed for drugs and gangs.

  6. Did you not read. The article? . Victims. African Americans. Suspects African American.. how is that a race crime!

  7. Both the victims and suspects seem to be the same race. I think above comments did not take that into consideration. Does not look like a racial crime.

  8. Black-on-black crime is pretty rare in Northeast L.A. In fact, I can’t think of another such case that I’ve ever heard about. Other parts of the city, yes, but not in Northeast L.A.

  9. This story needs to be updated. On the news, it was said that the victims are husband and wife and they have a young son that say everything. The victims moved in the neighborhood 4 months ago, were renting a nice spanish style house and had no gang ties. The police officer said that it appears to have been random! Scary!

  10. I own a house 4 houses away. I’ve been in that house for 6 years and have never seen anything “gang” related. I walk my baby in his stroller any time day and night and have never been scared on our street. This is totally crazy. The thought that its random is scarier than if it was gang related. We are a quiet street with many people that have lived in their houses for 30+ years. Their house was a lovely home and I’m shocked. There has to be more to it than someone just knocking on the door and shooting. I’m sure we will hear more as they investigate.

  11. I too live very close, 6 houses from the house in subject. There is no way this can be gang related! Random acts of violence, I highly doubt it, even if was a random robbery….The wife’s car is was parked just outside the house at around 10:50am doesn’t add up. If was going to commit a random crime this would not be the time or place, especially a house on the corner. I’ve chatted with the husband several times, a very nice and easy going man. I’m very sadden and concerned with this tragedy. I drove by the house probably around 10:40am -10:45am the day of the crime and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary other than a few neighbors outside a few houses down. Once I walked in the house out came the LAPD chopper followed by sirens. Prayers to the family.

  12. I know this family and it is tragic because they are great people with a young son. I think everyone’s first instinct is to deny it could be random and it couldn’t happen in their neighborhood, that somehow there must be some sort of nefarious connection to such a violent act. It seems like the neighbors were unaware of the Oct. 3rd incident around the corner house at Ave 40/41 with 2 suspects matching a similar description and m.o. (knocking at the door posing as donation seekers, then kicking in the door-not in the police report but from the neighbors who were there that day). I think it goes without saying being vigilant and looking out for suspicious activity is about all one can do to help our neighborhoods mitigate risk.

    • What was the Oct. 3 incident? Also a murder? I can’t find anything on this site.

      Do we have serial killers in the neighborhood right now?

      • The Oct 3rd incident also happened in the morning at a corner house. According to a neighbor I spoke to the door was kicked in by two African American males in their 20s which was a similar profile to last week’s suspects. It was listed as a burglary in the LA Times crime report. Not saying there was a definitive link but to rule out random crime in our otherwise quiet neighborhood would be a mistake.


  13. I know this couple personally. I work in the same industry as the deceased. Our children are friends. I am white and live in Pasadena. This could have been a race issue but I don’t think its black on black and I can’t believe knowing them that this had anything to do with anything illegal. They were the kindest people. Beloved within our children’s community and in the professional community I shared with the man who was murdered. I lived in Highland Park for years and Latino gangs have a long history of not wanting black people in the vicinity of Highland Park. If this was race related, that is the most likely scenario but I don’t believe that either. Its easier to try to explain it away but I truly believe it was a senseless act of violence. Not race, drug or crime related.

  14. Days before the murder I saw a Black man parked in front of the house that had been robbed in October. I immediately knew he wasn’t someone from the neighborhood but since lots of people seem to park and sit on these streets I wasn’t going to call the police and look like I was being racist. Again, so many people like to park and sit on these streets.

    Minutes later he left but returned and was trying to parallel park in front of a different house. I had just gotten into my car and maybe because he saw me he left. But he gave up trying to park. Minutes later I saw him on Verdugo road, this time with a female black passenger. Were they up to no good? Did they have something to do with the shootings the following week?

    I wish I had jotted down the license number. I only remember part of it. I’m thinking of going to the police, but what can I really tell them? I don’t have a full plate number and I wouldn’t recognize the people. I didn’t get a good enough look.

    What frustrates me is that so many people during the day just stop and park on these streets, to read email, or in some cases have sex or do drugs in their cars, that when I do see somebody that could be a potential criminal it doesn’t seem all that worrisome. Am I to call the police every time I see a stranger sitting in a car? I’d be calling the police every day!

    But now that this shooting happened and the suspects were Black, I’m wondering if the man and woman I saw that day in the car had something to do with this.

    • Richard – Thank you. I really think you (as well as anyone else who has relevant information) should contact Detective Steve Aguilar at the LAPD Northeast Division. His number at the station is 323-344-5744. There have been other neighbors who have come forward with sightings of the suspects so it is very important that we as a neighborhood we help them piece this together quickly.

    • Where exactly is this place? Where people just park to have sex and do drugs? That is too funny.

      • I always park to have sex and do drugs; it’s too difficult to balance a syringe, a condom, and the steering wheel while I’m driving. Can’t wait for those automatic cars. 🙂

      • Ted The Dog Walker

        I can tell you that people park under the trees on Micheltorena in Silverlake adjacent to the Paramour Mansion wall and do those exact things. I’ve come across Pot Smokers and couples while walking my dog at night plenty of times.
        It was quite rare to see a patrol car in our neighborhood but they frequently drive up the hill and u-turn at the Paramour to check out such things.
        Back on topic sympathies to the family, this sounds like random act of home invasion, good luck to the PD in solving this, frightening.

  15. Richard, perhaps it was the victims you saw driving around and trying to parallel park. They hadn’t been in the area more than a few months, so they may not have looked familiar.

    The day before the murder, a young man came to my door soliciting as a carpet cleaning service. I didn’t recognize him at all, but thought nothing of it.

    I heard that the victims may have answered the door to a similar atmed “solicitor”, posing as a charitable carpet cleaning service long enough to breach the entrance. This sounds like armed robbery gone terribly wrong.

    Neighbors have said to have noticed a young black male and female, on separate occasions, matching the description of the assailants, just before the homicide.

  16. Today in Covina there was a home invasion and yesterday in Long Beach. Both involved shootings. Crime is out of control. I hope they catch them all.

  17. The female attacker could have went to the door soliciting solo, which most people would answer. Once she leaves and reports back to the other 2 attackers that it’s just a middle aged lady, they go back as group. Maybe on the 2nd visit the husband decided to answer, assuming it was her again pushing the sale, only to be confronted by the larger group.

    I live in a patrolled neighborhood in Ventura and we have a similar thing going on, Female comes up solo, guy waits in van around corner. Could be standard soliciting, could be casing. When I reported it, I was told it’s been reported over the past few days and was being monitored.

    Regardless if you see something suspicious note it down, if it doesn’t prevent something, it might be able to assist in bring someone to justice.

  18. I used to live there and I still have family that lives there and when I lived there I would pay attention to who my neighbors are. when I saw somebody that didn’t look like they lived in the area and just “parked” I would call the police. Trent way is notorious for people always “parking” there either having sex, doing drugs or there tagging. the proof is what they leave on the street after tossing it out the window. look, if you see anyone regadless or race you should call in or aleast payattention to the car or people. this is our neighbor hood and we should pay attention to strangers no mater what race.

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