Gang-related stabbing leaves one man dead in Eagle Rock*

eaglerockstabPolice are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect who fatally stabbed a 19-year-old man on an Eagle Rock street Monday afternoon.

Andrew Michael Stittiams was stabbed multiple times at about 4:30 p.m. on  Figueroa Street  near Yosemite Drive, according to the LAPD’s Northeast Division. Stittiams and another person were walking on Figueroa when two males drove up in a car and “questioned their gang affiliation,” according to a posting on the division’s Facebook page. Stittiams was stabbed during an altercation with one of the suspects and died about 90 minutes later later at a hospital. “The motive for the murder appears to be gang related,” said the press release.

The man who stabbed Stittiams is described as a male Latino, 5-feet-8-inches tall, age 20 to 25. The driver is described as a male Latino, 6-feet tall, age 20 to 25. The suspects’ vehicle is described as a light to dark gray, four-door, mid-size sedan.

Anyone with information about the stabbing is asked to call Detective DiCroce and Officer Watterson at (323) 344-5744, during normal business hours or the Northeast Watch Commander at (323) 344-5701. Tipsters may also submit information anonymously on the LAPD website: www.lapdonline.org.

* Correction: A previous version of this post said the stabbing took place in Highland Park based on the LAPD press release. However, the location on Figueroa Street near Yosemite Drive falls withing the boundaries of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.

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  1. The deceased appears to be African-American. This is a troubling murder, especially due to the ongoing racial targeting done by northeast LA gangs.

  2. I drove by this area last night and was wondering what was going on with all the police presence. Now I know…It’s really troubling that this can happen in broad daylight in a very busy street. Somebody must have seen something!

  3. I knew the victim well. He was a wonderful young man with a beautiful heart. An old-soul. Passionate about life and his dream filled future. He was excited about an upcoming camping trip for his b-day on Friday. He was as far as you can get from being a gang member. Simply heartbreaking. A beautiful being was taken much too soon. My deepest sympathy for his parents and family.

  4. I know andrew , He isn’t Gang Affiliated !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s Murder!!!!!!!

    • It is murder whether gang or no gang affiliation. Jus so u no

    • thats right my boy had his head on his shoulders going to school and working my best friend my brother intelligent and funny im going to miss him dearly i wish i was there things would have turned out differently Gregory Tett
      R.I.P ANDREW 11/15/93 11/11/13 REST IN PARADISE!!!!!!!

  5. Here’s more (a bit too long) about the connection between Aves. gang members and targeting of young black men who have no gang connections: http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2006/winter/la-blackout

    The nut:

    “In Highland Park […] there have been at least three racially motivated “green light” murders committed by members of the Avenues since 1999.

    Besides Anthony Prudhomme, the victims included Christopher Bowser, a black man who was bullied and sporadically assaulted for years by Avenues members, then gunned down in broad daylight at a bus stop, and Kenneth Kurry Wilson, who didn’t even live in the vicinity. Wilson was simply parking his car to drop off his nephew after a late night at a bar when he crossed paths with Avenues gang members riding in a stolen van.”

    • Ok now… Who opposes the gang injunction? Still trying to figure out who would.

      • Isn’t the area where the murder happened right at the border of an existing gang injunction? So, theres already a gang injunction there, but it failed to prevent this incident. I’m not sure that it matters if a person is for or against an injunction to see that an injunction itself doesn’t prevent incidents like this. An injunction is just words on paper, it takes more than that to stop crime. Eastsidearts has the right idea when mentioning a need for better community policing.

        • i don’t know of any gang injunctions in Eagle Rock.

        • Nothing can “prevent” incidents like this completely. But injunctions help to cull these incidents.

          Your argument is like saying “We’re all going to die some day anyway, why lead a healthy life?”

        • I agree we need more community policing.
          With respect to the injunction, what we don’t know is how many crimes the injunction has prevented!! Additionally, I can’t think of anything that would be 100% effective in fighting crime … so doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

          • @ Grahm Wellington:
            I don’t think you understood what I wrote. I never said that I was against injunctions or that we shouldn’t have them. What I stated was that an injunction alone does nothing to stop crime. We have laws against murder on the books, but does that stop murders from occurring, or am I against murder laws? No.
            To me it seems that all the buzz and debate about gang crime on this site instantly gets boiled down to pro/con gang injunction. It reminds me of the joke sketch from Portlandia “Put a bird on it”. Want to make art, put a bird on it, instant art, want a safe neighborhood put an injunction on it instantly safer. An injunction is a tool for crime fighting not an instant solution.
            IMO what we should be talking about is better community policing. It doesn’t matter how many gang injunction laws you pass, if the foundation of a strong community policing program isn’t there first the injunction won’t work. I’m not against injunctions, I’m against the assumption that all we need to do to stop gang crime is get an injunction. IMO it’s giving people the wrong impression that a simple gang injunction law is the answer to gang crime.
            @True Freedom, I’m not saying lets not have injunctions, I’m saying lets discuss improving community policing strategies first, then if needed, we can add a gang injunction as a tool to assist crime fighting but an injunction itself is not a solution to the problem.

  6. Now that they are targeting another minority, I suspect some of the anti-injunction people may be in a moral tizzy. The people that did this need to be executed. Anyone who saw something and is silent is guilty as well.

  7. Clearly we need more low level community policing in Eagle Rock/Highland Park. When was that last time you saw LAPD pull someone over for a traffic violation? Our parks and public spaces are filled with gang tagging. The back of Yosemite rec center has been totally given over to taggers and gangs by the LAPD and Huizar’s office. This has to stop. People aggressively run stop signs all over our area, speed, litter and tag. Where are the cops?
    Bike lanes on Colorado aren’t gonna fix it, we need everyday policing.

  8. Hey you know what they say, just a product of their environment. I feel bad for the victim but he is just a victim now. Maybe if we had jobs we wouldn’t have to ask people where they are from.

    • @YJC

      Maybe if you worked hard and actually tried to get a job you “wouldn’t have to ask people where they are from.” You have to take responsibility for your actions. You are a pathetic child. “Poor me, poor me, there are no jobs for me! I’ll just kill innocent people and steal then!” Your mother and father raised a poor excuse for a man.

      Do you expect someone to just walk up to you and offer you a job? Nobody owes you one; you have to earn it. I understand earning something through diligent work is a foreign concept for someone that would rather continue their family’s tradition of stealing and killing to barely scrape by. However, there are jobs out there if you actually look. Don’t be afraid to try to be a real man and get a legitimate job that can actually support a family.

      Until then, you’ll continue to desperately try to make ends meet like the rest, and end up one of two places. I’m sure even someone of your intellect can infer which two places I’m referring to 😀

    • “Maybe if we had jobs we wouldn’t have to ask people where they are from.”

      um…care to explain that logic to the class?

      • the great corn-JULIO!

        The account named YJC is fake account.

        • the great corn-JULIO!

          Not a fake account. but an account made to mislead people’s view of the YJC.

          • It’s a parody account. But like all parodies, it’s based on a bit of truth.

          • the great corn-JULIO!

            While i find it a somewhat funny because I know it’s not true.

            It’s confusing the shiz out of some people.
            And when I tried doing something similar for the new comers the Eastsider didn’t post it.

            So, yeah everytime I see this fake YJC account I’m going to have to call it out as a fake.

    • Maybe if you didn’t sneak in here we wouldn’t have to kill you because you won’t leave willingly and I don’t see any other way to get rid of a cockroach, do you???

  9. This is heartbreaking!! I hope those cowards get theirs soon. I hate gangs. They are cowards. That is why they are gangs, because they gang up on innocent people. Words can’t put them down enough. They don’t know how to fight by themselves using only their fists! Dispicable Cowards I hope they all die soon!

  10. The news media, including The Eastsider continue to refer to this as a “gang-related” stabbing, which makes it sound like a dispute between gang members I believe this would be better described as a hate crime, or simply a murder. An innocent young man, who was not a gang member, was targeted by strangers and killed. The fact that the criminals are gang-members does not make it gang-related anymore than a bank robbery or a home-invasion perpetrated by gang members would be described as gang-related.

    While a young person dying in gang warfare is tragic, this description allows readers (including myself, before I read the details of the incident and talked to people who knew the deceased) to feel somewhat insulated from the crime. I think this has kept this horribly sad and deeply disturbing incident from having the impact it should on our community.

    • I walked by the sidewalk memorial to Andrew today, very sad and poignant. Again, we need more policing and zero tolerance for gang activity, including tagging. Where is the LAPD and our esteemed city councilman in this?

    • Hey Stupid, when a gang member commits a crime it IS gang-related. What part of that doesn’t make sense to you?

      “The fact that the criminals are gang-members does not make it gang-related anymore than a bank robbery or a home-invasion perpetrated by gang members would be described as gang-related.”

  11. By that same token, just because the victim was African American it doesn’t automatically make it a hate crime, we have had 2 or 3 attacks on Black people in the past but the African American population has also increased in the area. Don’t create a hate crime frenzy irresponsibly.

    • “The following acts are examples of hate crimes under California law when they are motivated by the victim’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or disability:

      Using force or threatening to use force to injure, intimidate, or interfere with another person who is exercising his or her constitutional rights.”

      • There is no evidence of any of these criteria in this crime! An innocent kid got stabbed, don’t create a race war or raise tensions if we don’t know all the facts! The reprecautions of such actions could result in further people getting hurt from retaliation attacks!

        • Your reasoning seems really suspect. Just because there are African American folks in the area does not mean that hate crimes cannot occur. “we have had 2 or 3 attacks on Black people in the past but the African American population has also increased in the area”, makes no sense.

  12. May he be in peace andrew was a very bright person he didnt desvre to die that why , tomarro isnt always promised to us we shouldnt take life lightly god bless him and his family ;/

  13. You could not have said it better Eagle Rock Guy. The young man that was killed was not in a gang! He was an innocent kid walking on the street and he was murdered whether it was the color of his skin or just standing up for himself.

  14. Andrew Michael Stitiams was far from being a gang member and or affiliated. I was fortunate to know Andrew well. He was a wonderful well-mannered young man with a beautiful heart and caring parents. He was a college student working on his dream of being a chef. Passionate about life and his goal filled future. Only 19 but truly an old soul. He was excited about an upcoming camping trip to celebrate his 20th B-day this Friday, November 15th. People in his community knew him as the young man with a huge smile that always stopped to say hello. My deepest sympathy to his parents and family and all whose lives were touched by Andrew.

  15. “The victim was African American. We are not currently investigating this as a hate crime. We are investigating the incident as a Homicide with Gang Enhancement — which carries a stiff penalty.” Northeast LAPD.

    When you catch the scumbags, please charge them with the stiffer penalty. These two a**holes need to be locked away forever. 

    Horrible, horrible, horrible!

  16. Please follow the link below to share a memory or thought about Andrew: http://projects.latimes.com/homicide/post/andrew-michael-stittiams/

  17. if they catch the bastards, they’ll give them a few years. they’ll be back on the streets killing again in no time. cops don’t care in highland park, all they care about is protecting the movie making bastards, giving parking tickets, pulling over hard working people and eating at troy’s or cocos. catch a guy smoking weed and they’ll give him more time than a murderer and rapist put together. I guess that’s called “justice”.

  18. Disrespectful Title!!!!!!

    The author should apologize and repost this article. I know Andrew’s brother personally. He prays for these ignorant young men who killed Andrew. Andrew was a honest hard working young man. To name the title of this article “Gang related stabbing leaves one man dead in Eagle Rock” is incredibly disrespectful to Andrew! He was with his girlfriend. Now she has to live with the horrible experience of seeing Andrew killed! This author should profusely apologize to Andrew and his family. This was murder of an innocent black man!!!!! It makes me sad as an African American that as a society we still struggle with negative and extremely disrespectful belief systems of minorities in this country. One would think that a young man who died protecting his girlfriend would merit an honorable title. I could understand that the author might be strapped for time and wanted to post something quickly, but at least make sure that you keep it simple and get your facts straight. Instead the author brought his preconceived belief systems into this article. The god to honest truth is that four people lost their lives. Jake, these were kids, not bastards. This is a time that calls for compassion. They are being held accountable! They were caught on Friday. Enough blood has been spilt. What is needed is compassion, education. These young men are just gonna come out hardened angry criminals with no chance for real jobs. Now you tell me, is that a bastard?

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