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Bikes & Gold Line, Highland Park | Martha Benedict


  1. I have to crack up about the Eagle Rock resident warning people about a coyote spotting. The coyotes have always been there – at most, they’ve gotten more ballsy about being out and about during daylight hours. Here on Benton Way above Sunset, we see them every day. They tend to sleep in the grasses I’ve planted above my garage, which is elevated from and has a great view of the street. I’ve caught them napping on our patio furniture at night. And they keep coming back, no matter how I discourage them.

    So, yes, it’s a very good idea to not leave your small pets outside unattended. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean the coyotes aren’t there. Because they are.

  2. Here’s the petition to save the bridge over the LA river and turn it into a park:
    Maybe with enough support they’ll give it another look; its sad that the decision to move forward with demolition rather than conversion seems to be driven by inertia, rather than any real thought.

    • I understand the desire to reuse the bridge, but even if it wont be used by cars, won’t it still be a seismic hazard to the bikers & pedestrians using it as well as to the Metrolink tracks below?

  3. As Kama Rowley points out – how much will it cost to demolish the bridge? The LA Bureau of Engineering ineeds to be reigned in, flipped over and spat out – they are such an obstacle to getting anything creative done in our city.
    And has the council not heard the Bike Coalition describe the problem that the LA river path simply Stops at the bridge? Certainly the new bridge has a bike lane, althoughwe will see that the bridge’s design is to make cars go fast and bikes get out of the way, wouldn’t it be great (and practically free) to allow bikes and peds to use the old bridge?

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