Police investigate reports of shots fired in Echo Park

epshootPolice received reports of shots fired in Echo Park tonight but no victims or evidence of a shooting could be found.  Sgt. Teresa Anderson with the Northeast Division said that residents called in saying they had seen and heard shots fired near Echo Park Avenue and Avalon Street at about 8:30 p.m. but officers found no bullet holes in vehicles or other signs of a shooting.


  1. Can’t say for sure, but i thought I heard what sounded like a fire cracker. I live right there…….

  2. Eagle Rock 311 ‏@EagleRock311 29m

    U/D resident in area 1900 block of Echo Park Blvd reporting person may be hiding in rear yard regarding shooting #Echo Park #GangCops at loc

  3. I thought I heard fireworks or fire crackers around 8pm/8:10- I had left the house and when I came back there was cops all over echo park ave.
    So strange.

  4. Second time in less than a month on the same block of EPA.

  5. Keep it coming! We will rally the community to ensure that these gunshots will always be heard in Echo Park!

    • I am against the gang injunction, but I am also against gun shots. Please don’t shoot up the neighborhood. It scares me. It makes me fear for the safety of my kids. Thank you.

      • You were the one who moved into Echo Park— you did it yourself! If you can’t handle the heat of the kitchen in the big scary urban city, you better get out! Gunshots are just part of the culture and quality of life of living in such a diverse and colorful city.

        • Twelve Words or Less

          Terrible attitude, YJC. Neighborhoods improve with EFFORT. I choose Action over Acceptance.

        • I’ve lived in bigger, scarier cities. In fact this is the safest city I’ve lived in, in 25 years. This place is a vacation. I got out of the heat and here I am. I like this place. And still I’m hoping for less shooting.

          And you, True Freedom, scare me more than YJC does. And you live is Pasadena.

        • My read of YJC’s comment: Why would you expect anything less from a predominantly latino neighborhood? There were always gunshots here. Just because people that like a neighborhood without gunshots move in why should that matter? HAHA so ridiculous!
          It amazes me how easy humans can be conditioned to an environment. Go down to alvarado and wilshire. Look at the trash in the gutters on the sidewalk, EVERYWHERE really. it’s because the people that live there came from a place where that is the norm, so they re-create it. Does that mean they are bad? No, I don’t think so. Assimilation. Thats what new cultures coming into this country need. I’m I saying you need to forget your home culture? No. But adopting some of the habits of the existing culture you chose to move in to would be appropriate. Then we could learn interesting things from each other. I could learn how to make an enchilada or a pupusa. You could learn that throwing trash on the ground and firing a pistol in the air at 4am is well lets say frowned upon… Assimilation. Get out of your bubble.

      • just a hunch, but I don’t think idiots shooting in crowded neighborhoods with utter disregard for potentially innocent victims are going to respond to “please” and “thank-you”.

  6. Yeah olomo, you should respect the diverse and colorful cultural experience of living with attempted murder. Bullets flying around willy nilly are awesome and do nothing but contribute to the quality of life in this urban city. If you don’t like it, the only logical response is to move to an area where the metaphors are un-mixed. Do not, I repeat DO NOT express any displeasure with the attempted murder, as it will only draw scorn from the truly internet hardcore.

  7. It’s pretty obvious that the comment by “YJC” is fake. They would not post something that.

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